Xumo TV – The best way to stream premium TV channels

As a reputable and free television service with a variety of channels and subscription plans, Xumo TV has been delivering the experience with modern features and top-notch interfaces that are hard to catch up with by other providers.

When you download and install Xumo, you have just opened up a world of 24/7 entertainment with over 190 up-to-the-minute online channels and a library of on-demand content featuring thousands of films, series, and TV shows, reality shows, and sports. Xumo has a standalone application for installation on streaming devices. In this article, MOIPTV will guide you on how to install Xumo TV applications and start exploring the engaging programs that Xumo has to offer within a few taps.

1. What is Xumo IPTV?

Xumo is the online TV platform to replace cable and satellite TV subscriptions, at a much cheaper cost. Users can tune in to 190+ channels and exciting programs through top-notch live streaming offered by Xumo. If you are busy and only have a limited amount of time for entertainment, Xumo offers a movie series available on your devices. So let’s see specifically what channels in Xumo TV.

what is Xumo TV

1.1 Xumo TV Availability

Currently, Xumo IPTV app supports the following locations

  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Mexico
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

If you live outside the US, LG Channel List is available in Canada on LG smart TVs using webOS 3.5 (2017) or higher. In the UK, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Brazil and Mexico, LG Channel List is available for LG Smart TVs using webOS 4.5 (2019) or later.

1.2 Features of Xumo TV

Perfect adaptation to all devices and platforms

Xumo now has standalone app versions for integration with Android and iOS smartphones. Besides, if users have Android Smart TV, they will also easily be able to download apps on the Amazon Store.

If you are a computer’s frequent user, then Xumo is directly accessible in your browser. This would mean users can watch live on web-based platforms. You can follow some simple steps to watch hundreds of channels now on Xumo.

  • Step 1: visit Xumo’s website https://corp.xumo.com/
  • Step 2: On the header bar menu select Available Channels
  • Step 3: Select a channel list, users choose channels from Canada, US, Mobile Channels, Stream Free channels
  • Step 4: A list of channels appears, click on the icon of the channel you want to watch.

Currently, Xumo is only available in the US, so if you live outside the US, you will need to use a virtual private network, then set the location to The United State and select Region, and choose an American state. Then you are all set to use Xumo.

Fast transmission speed – Quality image

Users can enjoy stunning picture quality with Xumo TV, even when the internet speed is limited. Xumo TV works fine at 10mbps. There will be no buffering issue and the streaming experience is smooth and hassle-free.

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2. Xumo Channels list

Currently, Xumo has over 160 premium live channels. Most of them are US and Canadian channels to users so that they would have access to 24/7 news, sport, and entertaining IPTV content. Xumo has no subscription plans at all because it is totally free. So let jump right to see the channels included.

With Xumo you have many choices of TV channels. Look up your favorite channels closely to see Xumo is a real treat. Users can watch catch-up news from the most popular news agencies. These are AMC, BBC America, Bloomberg News, Time, CBS, and CNN. Besides, users will also enjoy entertainment channels such as Comedy Central, Food Network. Hollywood Movies… Children will find it exciting to have all films and fantasy worlds from Cartoon Network, Disney Channel. Users also enjoy ESPN sports channels and well-to-do entertainment content.

Xumo TV Channels list

With Xumo TV, users can have the top TV channels, it is similar to your cable TV but it is an extended version, and free of charge. You even get ESPN, Fox Sports, Disney, and some local channels. These channels have been updated and added frequently.

Xumo TV Channels list - image 2

I can guarantee that there are no other free IPTV services that you can have FOX News, NBC Sports, Discovery, and NFL Network, but with Xumo you do not have to pay a penny… which is clearly an advantage for tv fans. It’s also easy to see that the biggest and most reputable news agencies are also included, and users won’t miss a big hit with FOX and NBC, Newsmax or CBS.


3. Pros and Cons of Xumo IPTV

3.1 The Advantages of Xumo

Xumo TV brings undeniable benefits to users.

  • Xumo has a number of quality channels, the most sought-out channels you possibly hope.
  • The layout is very user friendly.
  • All channels can be viewed for free, with the best picture quality.

3.2 The Disadvantages of Xumo

  • Compared to other providers, the number of channels Xumo offers is limited.
  • Only available in the US. Non-American citizens have to use VPN to watch Xumo.
  • Do not have a record function.

4. How to watch Xumo TV on your device

4.1 Download and install Xumo on Android devices

  • Android phones and tablets: Users of devices running the Android operating system can instantly download and install the Xumo TV app by going to the Google Play Store. You use the keyword Xumo to search.
  • Android TVs: With Android TVs, Xumo App is completely free from the Amazon Store. Users will have no difficulty finding and installing.

4.2 Download and install Xumo on other devices

Install Xumo on iOS device

iPhone and iPad users in the US can access Apple App Stores and immediately download and install the Xumo TV app. Users can access the link to download the iOS app version.  

For users outside the US, please change the Region in your Apple account to America, and you need to use a virtual private network when streaming content.

Install on Fire TV Stick/Firestick

Before downloading Xumo, go to your device’s settings and allow the device to download apps from known sources and enable ADB Debugging.

Step 1: Open the Downloader application

Download and install Xumo TV on other devices - step 1

Step 2: Enter the following URL: http://letcrackon.org

Download and install Xumo TV on other devices - step 2

Step 3: Wait for the connection to go through, you select the button with these 3 horizontal lines.

Download and install Xumo TV on other devices - step 3

Step 4: Select Downloads

Download and install Xumo TV on other devices - step 5

Step 5: Scroll down to the bottom of the page and find Xumo TV, click to download

Step 6: Scroll down again to see the download button, click to download Xumo TV

Download and install Xumo TV on other devices - step 6

Step 7: Choose Install

Download and install Xumo TV on other devices - step 7

Step 8: Delete the installation file, confirm twice to delete

Download and install Xumo TV on other devices - step 8

So you have completed the steps to install the application on your Firestick device

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5. Frequently Asked Questions about Xumo TV

5.1 How to use a VPN to use Xumo outside of The US?

After installing and launching the VPN if users still get the error that content is available, you’ll want to take the following steps to quickly resolve the issue:

Step 1: Go to Settings => Select Applications

Frequently Asked Questions about Xumo TV

Step 2: Select Manage Installed Applications

Step 3: Select Xumo

Step 4: Force stop the app

Step 5: Launch Application again

5.2 How to customize the Xumo TV app?

Users can add a channel to their favorites list for quick access. This can be done with some steps. To begin with, on the home screen, users would select the star icon, choose to add a channel to favorites. By doing this, every time a user logs into the app they will see their favorite channels and resume in one click.

5.3 How to update the channels?

Some channels are regularly updated on a daily basis, even more frequently for news channels. Users are always guaranteed of the updating features and quality of the content

5.4 How to code access Channel Plus?

All channels on Xumo are free, if the user is asked to provide a pin to access a channel, please enter 0000. You will be immediately transferred to the channel you want.

5.5 What is all the information about Parental Control?

Currently, Xumo does not have the Parental Control feature, but users can completely manage channels using the webOS channel manager. You can restrict and even remove unwanted channels from the channel list.

5.6 What is the information about Multiple-language channels?

Currently, Xumo has several Spanish-speaking channels. We also have a French channel, which can be viewed.

5.7 What is all the information about advertisement?

Xumo runs ads on the channels and ad breaks. Please understand and accept that advertisement is an undeniable income source for us to ensure the maintenance of the service. Ads are minimal and do not affect the user experience. Users are guaranteed the best free services with us.

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6. Final Thoughts

We believe that a fair amount of TV content should be made free so that a larger number of audiences are capable of reaching out for the modern IPTV option. With this belief, Xumo TV is bringing free TV channels and great benefits to its users. Xumo TV is a place to entertain, get information, and stay updated with news and interesting ideas every day. Unique and valuable media experiences are being streamed at zero cost to all users on all devices and applications. Let’s try out the free and quality streaming services with Xumo TV.

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