Is Xtream codes IPTV legit? An unbiased review

What role do “Xtream codes” play in IPTV and how do you use them? Will users be involved in issues of illegality and TV piracy? MOIPTV expert will answer your questions.

1. What is Xtream codes IPTV?

Xtream codes IPTV is a tool for user management and content management. IPTV providers or IPTV resellers use Xtream codes to set up, broadcast, and manage the network of users efficiently.

Xtream codes play a very important role in IPTV. Providers use Xtream codes in the streaming, which converts the streaming data from the supplier into readable and streamable formats (the most common format is the M3U format). Xtream codes are a Content Management System and Customer Management System (aka CRM). As for customer management, each user is listed with a separate Personal Identification and convenient for automatic management.

1.1 Xtream codes IPTV benefits

Xtream codes have the power to transmit and maintain high and consistent speeds for a large number of users. Also known as the largest and best quality CRM on the market, almost all IPTV providers use Xtream codes.

1.2 A revolutionary television: IPTV

If you are not familiar with the concept of IPTV, I will get you a bit of info about this type of television.

IPTV stands for Internet protocol television. It offers TV services similar to cable and satellite TV. The difference is how it is broadcast. First of all, cable TV uses fiber optic cable systems, underground cable as means of transport, and satellite TV uses its transceivers to send TV signals to users’ televisions. Thus, in order for these forms to work, users will need to buy cable, wire systems, signal receivers, signal decoders, which explains the high price of the services.

IPTV content data is transmitted over the Internet, which helps users to register, use and stream IPTV services instantly as long as they are connected. Since most electronic devices such as cell phones, computers, televisions, or tablets support high-speed Internet, users need to invest next to nothing to become IPTV users.

2. Xtream codes IPTV usage

2.1 Who uses Xtream codes?

2.1.1 IPTV providers

To manage millions of users, IPTV providers need a powerful tool like Xtream codes. Since providers are not the main object covered in this post, I’ll be quick to go through the role of Xtream codes. It helps providers manage each user and their account under a unique ID. Most steps in the management process are automated, from successful payment confirmation, account activation, user data storage, playlists supply, changes in IPTV subscription plan…to users’ accounts deactivation.

2.1.2 IPTV resellers

Most IPTV providers develop IPTV networks via resellers, who are technically a user sharing his/her plan to others. They can be called the retailers of the IPTV service to the end-users. Usually, IPTV providers will wholesale at agent prices to resellers and support them with a CRM system so that resellers manage their customers themselves. If you are a reseller and want to know how Xtream codes work for user management.

2.1.3 IPTV users

IPTV users do not use Xtream codes directly, but rather use converted forms of information called M3U links to stream content. And this method is also much simpler and widely used by users, as M3U links are supported in most media players and IPTV streaming apps.

2.2 Compatible devices to use with Xtream codes

Xtream codes are not used commonly among end-users. They are for managers or resellers to set up and hold control of IPTV subscription plans. However, users can still use Xtream codes directly via a number of tools such as IPTV Smarters/IPTV Smarters Pro (the most popular media player application for Xtream codes) and XCIPTV.

2.3 How to use Xtream codes IPTV

To use Xtream codes to stream IPTV content, you first need to register your IPTV subscription. Without it, you are left with no content to stream. By the way, there are many IPTV providers out there, and if you want to save time choosing, please refer to our top-picked IPTV providers lists here.

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The next step is for the user to download the IPTV Smarters application. The guideline to use Xtream codes on IPTV Smarters are as follows:

Step 1: Open IPTV Smarter application, select “Login with Xtream Codes API”

Xtream Codes IPTV image 1

Step 2: Fill in Login Details

Xtream Codes IPTV image 2

  • Any name: any user named
  • Username: After users successfully register and pay for the IPTV subscription package, customers receive login information including username and password.
  • Password: received with username
  • Provider server link (ask your provider or IPTV reseller)

After completing the information, select Add user

Step 3: After Adding a user is successfully complete, you can see a list of users, you can log in, edit or delete a user if you like. These functions are frequently used by IPTV resellers to manage their customers. Or as a user, you can edit the information, change the provider, change the name if you want to.

Xtream Codes IPTV image 3


Step 4: This is the main/home screen of IPTV Smarter. It is a very user-friendly interface. You already use Xtream codes successfully to log in to an IPTV account, now choose Live TV, Movies… and other IPTV services to use.

Xtream Codes IPTV image 4

For the detailed guide to use IPTV Smarter on each device, please check out the article on IPTV smarters

3. Is Xtream codes IPTV legit?

Given all information related, MOIPTV has presented users with an understanding of the context of IPTV and the role of Xtream codes in the big picture. From this knowledge and context, users will make their own assessment of the legitimacy of Xtream codes.

It is well established that Xtream codes are an absolutely legitimate flatform. Standing alone, Xtream codes don’t involve any illegal problems. And it is perfectly valid to provide a user management system, and administration platform. In fact,  Xtream codes are the most powerful and reliable tool out there.

3.1 When Xtream codes are illegal?

In a nutshell, Xtream codes is a user management tool used by providers and IPTV resellers to convert data, stream, and manage user networks. When providers operate illegally, use Xtream codes to perform the misbehavior, it would, in that case, violate the law.

Once again, Xtream codes when used by illegal providers to commit TV piracy, will be not legit.

As for legitimate service providers, they pay for the content copyright to broadcast, the use of Xtream codes is completely straightforward and in accordance with the provisions of the law.

Take Hulu TV, for example, which is a big and trusted provider in the IPTV market, is a legitimate and mainstream one with IPTV subscription plans starting at just 5.99 US dollars a month. It also uses Xtream codes like CRM to deliver the best streaming experience to users.

You may want to check out more information regarding Legal IPTV providers and resellers introduced and ways to ensure stream safety in the following articles:

3.2 Advice for customers

When registering with problematic providers, users run the risk of disclosing personal information, and payment information. Therefore, you should choose a legit IPTV subscription so as not to worry about security or privacy issues.

A valuable tip is to use a virtual private network ̣VPN to secure online activities and information.

Final Thoughts

After careful consideration, we still need to give praise to Xtream codes for being the best platform for online streaming. Through this article, MOIPTV has answered when Xtream codes IPTV legit and hopes users find a solution for their internet TV needs.

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