Knowing about Venom IPTV and Guide to Install it on KODI

A guide only takes minutes to install Venom IPTV on KODI. Check the link out to learn more about this IPTV service via the article of MOIPTV. So now, let’s get started!

1. Venom IPTV overview

What is the Venom IPTV and how can you install it on compatible devices? In this article, we will provide you with a lot of helpful knowledge of this online product.

The Venom IPTV came to the market as a new KODI video add-on which is a cut-down version of Exodus. The great build can support well, especially when combining with the Amazon Firestick as well as the low-RAM devices cutting down add-on to work optimally.

This IPTV gives you a chance of watching a 4K collection of movies, series, and TV shows. It includes categories like Top Rated, Popular, Trending, On TV, and so forth. Hence, one of its most popular features is the high-quality source of streaming that you will never get disappointed.

Besides, the frequent updates enable the Venom IPTV to work on all KODI Krypton and Leia compatible devices. You can watch streaming contents on Amazon Firestick, Linux, Mac, Window PC, or Android TV Boxes. For the better experience, we also suggest you try it with the Real-Debrid.

1.1 Some features of Venom

Like many other IPTV providers, the Venom IPTV services so outstanding features of its own. And here they are.

Quick speed for loading and searching:

  • Easy-to-navigate menu.
  • TV shows, movies, music, and Fringe TV included.
  • Recommended sections.
  • Responsiveness.
  • Real Debrid compatibility.
  • Live TV experience.
  • Access to the Open Scrapers to find the best links.
  • Kids TV included.
  • Additional features for the bloat reduction.

1.2 Safe-watching experience

An encrypted VPN is always the best suggestion to use with the Venom IPTV.

In fact, when enjoying live streaming contents, you let your online activities, IP, and location trackable. This, it is a must to hide them all so that risks like hackers cannot do anything with your online private information.

Moreover, with the purpose of supporting effectively, the IPTV provider has a 24/7 live chat system. It ensures to provide you with the guide in need as fast as possible.

2. Install Venom IPTV on KODI add-ons

Before learning about the way to install the Venom IPTV on KODI add-on, we should not ignore some information about KODI and add-ons.

2.1 What is KODI?

Created in 2002, KODI is a free software by hobbyist coders. It allows users to play the media on the original Xbox. For years, the number of times downloading the software reaches millions.

The legal KODI can play a wide range of media types. Furthermore, it also features an unofficial library of thousands of add-ons which allow users to access the latest music, films, TV shows and live TV for free.

2.2 What are add-ons?

Add-ons are additional applications of JODI for the added functionality. They can be to access movies, TV shows, live TV, or streaming music. Through the unofficial library of KODI, it is nor difficult to find thousands of add-ons. Each media type that you access will have an add-on for it.

2.3 Install the Venom IPTV on KODI

To help you install the Venom IPTV on KODI, we have a detailed instruction with screenshots.

Step 1: Go to the “Settings”.

Install the Venom IPTV on KODI step 1

Step 2: Click on the “File manager”.

Install the Venom IPTV on KODI step 2

Step 3: Click on the “Add source” and a box for “Add file source” will appear on the screen.

Install the Venom IPTV on KODI step 3

Install the Venom IPTV on KODI step 4

Step 4: Enter the paths or browse for the media locations into the box and click on the “OK”.

Install the Venom IPTV on KODI step 5

Step 5: Enter the name “venom” for example into the box which is below the one to add a link and click on the “OK”.

Install the Venom IPTV on KODI step 6

Step 6: Click on the “OK”.

Install the Venom IPTV on KODI step 7

Step 7: Get the “venom” option on the screen.

Install the Venom IPTV on KODI step 8

Step 8: Turn back to the screen with the “Settings” and choose the “Add-ons”.

Install the Venom IPTV on KODI step 9

Install the Venom IPTV on KODI step 20

Step 9: Click on the box icon at the top left of the screen.

Step 10: Click on the “Install from zip file”.

Step 11: Click on the “Settings”, next “Unknown sources”, and then “Yes”.

Step 12: Go back to the “Add-ons”, choose the “Install from zip file” again, and click on the file insides.

Step 13: Click on the “Install from repository” and then the “Venom Repo”.

Step 14: Go down to the “Video add-ons” and choose the “Venom”.

Step 15: Click on the “Install”.

Step 16: Click on the “Ok” for the downloading and the installing to get started.

Step 17: Click on the “No” for YouTube.

Step 18: Enjoy the Venom IPTV on KODI.

3. Features of the Venom IPTV on KODI add-ons

After installation, there are two ways for you to get the Venom KODI add-ons. But first, we suggest to ensure that the VPN app is running without error.

  • Option 1: You hover over the “Add-ons” standing in the left column on the screen. Then, you will see the add-ons that you have already installed on the right side.
  • Option 2: You click on the “Add-ons”. Next, you hover over the “Video add-ons” in the left to find the Venom in the right section.

Once opening the KODI add-ons, the changelog prompt will appear on the screen. You press on the “Back” or click outside the option box to dismiss it.

Plus, to gain the fuss-free feature, the Venom add-ons offer simple ways to access the great movies and TV shows. You only need to click a category and explore the new streaming contents. The “Search” option will help in this case.

4. Error Fixed: No streams or few streams

It is not that the Venom IPTV can work without any error. Hence, we love to share a case with your video contents. How should we do when the video content does not pull many IPTV streams?

The way to fix this error includes three simple steps.

  • Step 1: You find the “Tools” on the homepage of the Venom IPTV add-on for KODI 18 for example by scrolling down.
  • Step 2: You click on the “Scrapers Settings”.
  • Step 3: In the left column on the screen, you click on the “General”, then the “Enable All Providers” on the right side.

5. FAQs regarding the Venom IPTV

5.1 Is the Venom IPTV safe to use?

In fact, Venom is a quite new IPTV on the market. However, it has attracted much attention from users all over the world quickly. And we consider it as a good sign for the service. In terms of safety and stability of the Venom IPTV, it is likely to be at an acceptable level.

Instead of choosing the IPTV subscription from the third-party like the IPTV reseller, you should think about services from the official library. Honestly, it can help to reduce risks such as malware and viruses when you enjoy the streaming content online.

Sometimes, you are not sure whether the download source you choose is safe or not. At that time, we suggested using programs like Malwarebytes.

5.2 Is the Venom IPTV legal or grey?

It is definitely a grey area. By acting as a platform between users and torrent platforms, many add-ons can avoid getting banned forever. Hence, the IPTV does not host the content. And most of the content of this service does not come legally.

5.3 Should we use the Venom IPTV with a VPN?  

Not only for the Venom IPTV, you had better apply the VPN with every IPTV service. We have heard about the issue that many popular add-ons do not work smoothly due to the absence of VPN.

The KODI add-ons always get an important position on the target list used for big media businesses. It is the reason why their IP will get blocked all the time. So, if you use an unencrypted request, it will be impossible to access the content.

What can a VPN or Virtual Private Network do?

By encrypting your request of accessing the content via your ISP or DNS server, the VPN can work effectively.

Normally, the ISP can track your traffic. However, with an unbreakable 256-bit AES encryption VPN, it can only know the endpoint at the DSN server. Once the ISP cannot check your traffic’s way, it can never block. Then, your data will become a normal secured packet.

Generally, the VPN helps to keep your online data in privacy. Plus, it ensures that you can enjoy even restricted streaming content with the Venom IPTV.

5.4 Does the Venom IPTV offer a free subscription?

Yes, it does. The Venom IPTV offer many free subscriptions.


6. Final Thoughts

With a wide range of great add-ons available, Venom IPTV becomes one of the best alternatives to enjoy free movies as well as TV shows. To get excellent watching experience, you should get it on Android Firestick/ TV or Real-Debrid servers.

And as always, do not forget to prepare a good Internet connection first. Besides, if you have any questions, feel free to ask us right in this article. We are always ready to give you answers.

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