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What Troypoint IPTV has to offer? What information about IPTV can you get on Troypoint? Is Troypoint IPTV review reliable? Let’s look for answers to these questions in this article of MOIPTV

1. Troypoint IPTV reviews

Troypoint has become a reference site for all fans of IPTV, it supplies users with all needed information that is related to IPTV services. Playing a larger role than a mere review site, Troypoint IPTV is also a middleman providing services like VPNs, jailbreaking Firestick TVs so that users can be able to watch IPTV services on their smart devices.

troypoint iptv reviews

Troypoint IPTV was founded by an expert known as Troy. This guy is a specialist on IPTV services, he often produces video tutorials that feature detailed instructions to use IPTV services on Youtube, and he also has in-depth articles on how to register and recommend IPTV providers that he has been experiencing. This is a great source of information for IPTV users to take a Troypoint look before they subscribe to the service or to keep up with new trends in the world of streaming technology and IPTV.

1.1 IPTV overview

The most comprehensive part of the Troypoint site is IPTV overview information, which is the most thoroughgoing and reliable knowledge of IPTV. Viewers will be explained what IPTV is. After reviewing this landing page, you can have a good-enough-to-use knowledge of IPTV.

To access this category, you need first go to Troypoint main web, then on the header, you want to click on the IPTV category. You will find a bunch of informative news on recommended providers, criteria to choose suppliers, what to know about IPTV’s legality, how to protect your online and streaming activities, basic instructions on installing IPTV service on your equipment.

All the headlines and info are super easy to understand. There is also a glossary on IPTV to get you to the corner of the IPTV field, Troy is thoughtful enough to answer the most frequently asked questions. What’s more, users can also vote for the best IPTV service provider according to their opinion here.

1.2 IPTV service provider reviews

Troypoint IPTV is the most complete and trustworthy website to feature IPTV providers’ reviews. More than 120 articles on IPTV providers and applications are covered and analyzed in detail here. Troypoint IPTV commits to only introduce and talk about the providers that he has used and experienced. In addition, you also see detailed review articles that provide step-by-step installation instructions with pictures to illustrate. Therefore, users can consider these useful tutorial articles as guidance for more convenience when using and installing their services.

Of course, Troypoint IPTV also receives a small commission from providers for featuring posts about their services on this page. However, given the huge number of providers mentioned, it is difficult to bias any IPTV provider over others. By the way, you can also double-check information online, so it is still considered the most reputable and complete source of information to get started with IPTV.

2. Troypoint IPTV information

2.1 IPTV tutorials

Manual content is divided into 2 large sections: instructional articles and tutorial videos.

  • IPTV tutorials articles

The tutorial articles include general service reviews, outstanding features, and a description of the subscription packages for each IPTV provider. You are also updated with information about the current availability of the services. However, the main content of these articles is step-by-step instructions on how to download and install IPTV applications on different devices and media players. More importantly, you will be given directions on how to install all versions on IPTV app-compatible devices. Safety tips and precautions are also included. You can refer to the tutorial articles here.

  • IPTV video tutorials

Established in 2009, this is one of the earliest IPTV reviews and guidance channels on Youtube. Troy has received more than 21 million views and nearly 300,000 subscribers to his channel. These impressive numbers are attributed to detailed instructional videos on IPTV services and applications. Some of the most-watched playlists are about KODI and Android TV boxes. This channel focuses on the quality of the video, not driven by quantity. It features practical instructional videos on real devices for users to follow each step to perform the task, if you want to know how to set up, record video, upgrade IPTV services … then you should refer to this page.

2.2 IPTV devices

Troypoint also provides information about the devices to use IPTV service. Content news is concentrated on specific and informative displays of most useful IPTV devices such as Fire TV 3, Fire TV Stick 4k, Fire TV Cube, Android Box, media player KODI for use on Firestick, IPVanish’s VPN service.

Troypoint often introduces the Amazon Firestick product as the most popular and recommended streaming device on the market today because they are cheap and allow unlimited streaming of any content. Users with this device can watch the most popular TV channels for free.

2.3 IPTV blog

Blog posts are freely shared information about all things IPTV-related. The user will find the techy talks yet explained easily to understand here. Blogs have so many different categories and tags, standing out among these are 4 main parts of the content

  • Latest TROYPOINT Posts

This part includes the most recent posts in all categories and all topics. The articles are here to quickly notice important news or special events/occasions promotion info. Readers can grab IPTV associated content in general, how to use IPTV service and IPTV equipment in particular. The most comprehensive content is about the installation of streaming applications using the Amazon Firestick device.

  • KODI

KODI is the most popular media player today, subjects about KODI range from KODI integration with other applications, how to add m3u Link from IPTV providers to KODI, and other means to perform the streaming activity. Troy also recommends using KODI as a multifunctional solution for managing your entertainment. You can freely learn and answer your questions with more than 350 in-depth articles on KODI written by Troypoint there.

  • Streaming apps info

There are about 120 IPTV streaming apps articles spread across a range of content such as reviews, installation and usage instructions, assessment and ranking, top lists … You will have the most updated information, latest news on recently-entered IPTV service providers. Viewers always want to stay tuned with service availability, compare services across applications and show how to use and get the most out of IPTV

  • Fire TV and IPTV

Smart TV devices and how to use the smart TV to watch IPTV content are presented here. Users can operate relatively easily with their mobile phone devices. However, Fire smart TVs are a bit more difficult to use and require specific instructions with pictures for the user to perform the exact steps. You will appreciate these posts as an extended version of the manual using the Fire smart TV device to stream IPTV content.

3. IPTV services

3.1 VPN for Firestick

A virtual private network is an essential service for Internet users’ activities. With the development of technology and the Internet, the virtual world is growing and improving day by day. So do the online dangers. Users who perform any activity on the network leave a trace as their IP address.

This IP address can be tracked by bad guys, thereby they can steal the user’s personal information. What happens in worse cases is, users are being spied on, stolen credit card information, hackers can access users’ private and sensitive content and steal, leak, or use these for bad purposes. It is therefore recommended that Internet users use a virtual private network. The basis of a virtual private network is to hide your IP address by changing your real address for a different one in a different location.

For example, you are trying to access the Internet in Asia. But with the use of the virtual private network, your IP address will be masked and shown as IP from Europe. Therefore, hackers or bad people will not know real-location. Only when you will be safe.

troypoint iptv on firesticks

On the Troypoint site, the recommended virtual private network service is IP Vanish, it’s a great service to start. With simplicity and credibility, you should think about your safety and take action right away. When signing up for service via Troypoint, customers also get a very good discount price and a detailed guide to using the service as a real bargain.

3.2 Jailbreak Firestick

Amazon Firestick is the most popular and most recommended to use for IPTV streaming by users due to the convenience, integration, and affordable price of this product.

The Fire TV Stick 4k currently has Alexa voice control for only $49.99, which is very economical to have such a streaming option.

There are 3 types of equipment for you to consider:

  • FireStick 4K
  • Fire TV 3
  • Fire TV Cube

Currently, the FireStick 4K is showing its dominance in the market, it has the size of a flash drive, you can literally take the Fire TV Stick 4K anywhere. The Fire TV Stick 4K has an HDMI output port that is compatible with most TVs. The device will perform its tasks through the wifi connection.

After purchasing the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K product, you will not need to pay any other fees. After having Firestick you will want to jailbreak to make the fullest potential of Firestick and your smart TV device. Jailbreaking is to remove Amazon’s limitation imposed on applications, so as to download and install more applications from other providers, including IPTV service providers. By doing this, users would be able to stream content from these providers online. You can find details on how to perform jailbreaking your devices here.

troypoint iptv image

3.3 Media player KODI

KODI is the best media player platform available today. This open-source app contains no jamming ads, and it’s completely free. Too good to be true, but with KODI you will be completely satisfied. KODI is powerful with the aid of countless extensions also known as “add-ons”, which come from independent developers and are integrated with KODI thanks to the open-source code, so you can use them without any limits.

Users can use these add-ons to stream movies, premium sports, live TV channels, on-demand content, pay-per-view content … These additional resources help users to enjoy various IPTV services. They can even watch IPTV for free with some providers. Troypoint’s articles will help you as a beginner to easily use these services.

You will find instructions for installing KODI on different devices such as iPhone, iPad, Mac, Xbox One, Android TV Box, Firestick 4K, Fire TV, or Fire TV Cube, Chromecast with Google TV. All KODI-related issues such as buffering, VPN restriction, setting up subtitles, recording your favorite programs, and installing useful addons to KODI have informative articles to show answers.

4. Final Thoughts

Before getting started with IPTV, users should take a moment to learn about what IPTV is, what IPTV can bring about. And Troypoint is the right place to start. I believe Troy’s fair and in-depth knowledge shared on this site will supply users with the needed info to use IPTV. You will also find sales and promotional information here. Watch out for startling cheap promotions such as a 73% discount on VPN service, special offers from IPTV service providers. And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to connect with Troy via social media networks. Stay tuned and stay up to date with the changes of IPTV with Troypoint.

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