Titanium Build: Purpose, Specs, Alternatives, and Comparison.

Among Plex and other apk applications, KODI is still users’ favorite when it comes to IPTV streaming, and to make the most out of KODI, MOIPTV recommends using Titanium build to have better management and experience with your addons.

1. The overview of Titanium Build

It can take some extra steps to set up Titanium build on KODI, but the result is totally rewarding. You need to install another wizard to be able to have Titanium build installed in KODI. So let’s dive into this article to see how you can do it.

Titanium Build has gained a very popular status on KODI as it lets you install all add-ons. Besides, it adds your experience with KODI with a more colorful, appealing, and user-friendly look.

1.1 Purposes of Titanium build

Simplify installation process

Normally, users will need to perform many steps to install an add-on on KODI. But with Titanium build, the process of installing add-ons is within a touch of a button. Once a user is on Titanium build, they will never want to go back to an older version of KODI, that is for sure.

When users scroll through the categories, the introduced add-ons will appear right below and the user will click to install. Instead of having to perform a lot of steps like in the normal version, Titanium Build will save users a lot of time and certainly bring much more convenience.

Addition of new functions

Titanium build will also bring more options and functions to KODI.

  • TV shows: The most attractive programs, the most popular shows. This section is divided into subcategories, very user-friendly, superior in interface with the old version.
  • Free Live TV: Sports programs are being broadcast live, so users can instantly watch what is going on right now.
  • Music: Listen to the trending tunes here
  • Android Apps: A store of applications that can be easily installed
  • Sports replays: Watch your favorite matches here
  • Kids Zone
  • Combat zone…

And there are so many new functions with Titanium build, I just recommend getting it right away and you will never regret it.

Better user experience and visualization

Users will notice a significant visual upgrade when switching to Titanium build.

1.2 Specifications

Titanium build is currently running with version 1.0.0 at the time of this article. This add-on works on all versions of KODI and is compatible with the latest versions such as KODI 17 and 18.

1.3 Alternatives

It does have many KODI builds out there, but Titanium build is the most popular and convenient, and also has the best browser support on KODI.

Users can still use the normal Basic version of KODI, however, it won’t have many options for customization and poorer file management.

1.4 Comparison

With outstanding features, Titanium Build is recommended by experts KODI. In terms of features and performance, users will receive irrefutable benefits. As for the interface, Titanium Build is a revolution in user experience and design. With an easy-to-use interface, much more visualized and easy to use than the old KODI.

In terms of browsing and streaming speed, the new version gives streaming speed upgraded to at least 27% depending on the user’s device. Moreover, the management and browsing of utilities are also done much faster, because the Titanium build system is divided into many categories and sub-categories in a very logical and straightforward layout, from which users save time when browsing the applications. It is the best to have on KODI as the benefits of Titanium build are obvious and outstanding.

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2. Install Titanium Build on Amazon fire stick

2.1 Install and run a VPN

This is a necessary step to go through as it would greatly aid your streaming and using KODI. For those who don’t know about VPN, it is a Virtual Private Network, so basically what it does is mask your IP address so hackers can track your online activities or your online information. This would come very in handy as IPTV streaming has been legalized in some parts of the world.

I do recommend using VPN from a paid provider, such as IPVanish, ExpressVPN… There are some free providers out there for you to try, but at the end of the day, you would appreciate stable and trustworthy ones. And it costs only about 5 dollars a month or even much less than that when subscribing for longer plans. So if you do not have a VPN, you had better go for it now.

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2.2 Install KODI

This part is for someone who hasn’t got KODI yet, so if you do have the app, please skip and jump to the next to install Titanium build on your KODI.

But if you do not have KODI yet, here comes the source for your installation of KODI. Let’s start fresh.

Step 1: You want to go to the KODI official site and click on Download.

Titanium build - install kodi - 1

Step 2: Scroll down to choose your weapon, and click on the installation fife of the compatible device that you wish to have. By clicking on the button, the download will start automatically and you will have the file on your device.

Titanium build - install kodi - step 2

Step 3: Open the installation file, and follow normal steps to install KODI on your device

After that users need to perform these three stages to install Titanium Build.

  • First, allow Unknown sources in KODI settings to be able to install apps from third-party developers on the device
  • Second, users need to install Supreme Builds Wizard to be used as the tool for the installation of Titanium
  • Third, install Titanium Build via the Supreme Builds Wizard

Users need to perform the tasks above with the following specific steps:

2.3 How to enable Unknown sources in KODI

Third-party addons are not the official addons in the KODI repository so that users can not have them in the normal way. That is why you need to allow KODI to accept apps from Unknown sources by making a small change in the security settings.

Step 1: Open KODI, and go to Settings, it is the gear icon in the left menu.

Titanium build - install kodi - step 3

Step 2: Choose System settings

Titanium build - install kodi - step 4

Step 3: Next, you want to scroll down to and choose add-ons

Titanium build - install kodi - step 5

Step 4: And then, on the right, enable Unknown sources

Titanium build - install kodi - step 6

Step 5: Choose Yes to proceed. You do not need to worry about security issues and the app Titanium Build that you are about to install is totally safe and it does not harm your system in any way.

Titanium build - install kodi - step 7

Step 6: If users install KODI for the first time, it is good to go to the next stage which is to get Supreme Builds Wizard. However, if users already have KODI installed before and they use KODI to have add-ons and functions, they should clear cache before installing Titanium Build, so let’s open KODI, go to Settings => Applications

Titanium build - install kodi - step 8

Step 7: Scroll down and click on Manage Installed Applications, look for KODI

Titanium build - install kodi - step 9

Step 8: Click on Clear Data and Clear Cache to maximize the performance of KODI

Titanium build - install kodi - step 10

2.4 How to get 

Supreme Builds Wizard is where you can get Titanium Build. There are somewhere else you can get Titanium Build, but Supreme Builds Wizard is the most convenient and straightforward, and reliable also.

Step 1: Users need to open settings on the KODI main screen.

Step 2: Open file manager

Titanium build - install kodi - step 11

Step 3: When you are there, you need to scroll down to add sources, click on it to proceed.

Titanium build - step 12

Step 4: When this box pops up, users need to choose NONE, and then in the enter this link, please enter exactly as follow: http://repo.supremebuilds.com/

Titanium build - step 13

Titanium build - step 14

Then you choose OK.

Step 5: Next you can choose a name for this media source, just choose something that helps you remember by using a relevant name. I just enter Supreme, then choose OK.

Titanium build - step 15

Step 6: Click on OK again to proceed

Titanium build - step 16

Step 7: users now can go back to the KODI home screen and scroll down to the Add-ons option in the main menu on the left.

Titanium build - step 17

Step 8: you want to click on the icon of package install on the top left corner of the app.

Titanium build - step 18

Step 9: Users scroll down and click on install from Zip file

Titanium build - step 19

Step 10: scroll to the file which was just added earlier, click on it. In this case, I choose Supreme.

Titanium build - step 20

Step 11: Now wait for a second and then you will see a file with ZIP extension, move to it and click to initiate the installation.

Titanium build - step 21

Step 12: wait for the notification that Supreme Builds Wizard has been installed successfully.

Titanium build - step 22

Step 13: Then, you need to click on Install from the repository on the same screen.

Titanium build - step 23

Step 14: Scroll down to Supreme Builds Repository and click on it.

Step 15: Click on Program Add-ons

Step 16: Click Supreme Builds Wizard

Step 17: Click Install

Step 18: Wait for the installation to be complete after you have done this step, there might be some pop-ups, you just need to Dismiss them. I would click Dismiss to get rid of them.

Step 19: Now go back to the main screen and choose Add-ons, and Choose the installation add-ons by clicking on Program Add-ons, you will see the Supreme Builds Wizard is here. And you are ready to go for the next stage of Titanium Build installation.

2.5 How to install Titanium Build using Supreme Builds Wizard

Step 1: Users go to Kodi home screen and on the main menu choose Add-ons

Step 2: When you are there choose Program Add-ons, now click on Supreme Builds Wizard

Step 3: Next, users will see a lot of options, you need to scroll to Supreme Builds Builds, as shown in the picture. Click on it.

Step 4: When you come to this screen, let find a Titanium server to install, there are some servers. The fact is you can choose any server you like, it all works well. However, I still recommend the one that is closest to your location. If one server is not working when you click on it, please choose another.

Step 5: Now you can choose Fresh install or Standard install, Fresh install will wipe out all your extinct current-used add-ons, but you can reinstall add-ons later, and the new Titanium would have a better interface with easy-to-use new features, so it doesn’t really matter if you lose your current installed add-ons. For me, I would start Fresh.

Step 6: Choose Continue, as you do not need to restore the Wizard.

Step 7: The process would take a minute or so.

Step 8: Then when this message pops up, choose Force Close, and restart KODI

Step 9: When you restart KODI, it would look more colorful like this instead of the normal blue appearance as the basic KODI. It now has many more options and a better look of course.

3. Final Thoughts

It is not mandatory for you to upgrade to Titanium Build, basic KODI is just fine, but the user does not want “just enough” for streaming their favorite television programs. Titanium Build unlocks a variety of fun utilities and enhances the streaming experience dramatically. With MOIPTV’s detailed instructions and reviews, users will easily get Titanium Build on KODI.

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