Thunder IPTV: An overview, packages & a guide of installation

Knowing about the Thunder IPTV service is always a good way that helps you to have the right buying decision. What is the Thunder IPTV? Which packages can meet your demand? And how can you install the application? It is time to discuss on this article of MOIPTV!

1. An overview about Thunder IPTV

We have heard about tons of IPTV providers on the market. Each of them always has their own ways to satisfy users’ demands. And in this article, we would like to introduce you to one of the best IPTV providers which people have paid much attention to these days. It is the Thunder IPTV.

Before learning about the Thunder IPTV service, it will be better to review some knowledge about the IPTV in general.

Thunder IPTV overview

IPTV stands for the internet protocol television. Unlike the traditional TVs with cable and satellite, the IPTV uses the Internet to deliver video contents. So, the cable connection makes no sense in this case.

The IPTV service allows you to stream many channels at the same time with multiple-device connections. There are three major ways for IPTV to work. They include Live TV, VOD (video on demand, and Time-shifted media. Plus, the service is compatible with devices such as Android TV, Firestick, and so forth. Sometimes, it also comes as a standalone app.

Along with using the IPTV, there is a need to download and install NPN standing for the virtual private network. Its important role is to protect your IP from online risks when enjoying streaming contents. The VPN ensures that your private information will never get leaked.

2. Thunder IPTV service

Being a certified Internet Protocol television, Thunder TV IPTV supplies services regarding live HD contents. Its system is a group of more than 1,200 streaming channels of various topics from all over the world. You can enjoy from sports, music to news and many other programs.

For more detail, they are available in the USA with over 600 national and regional channels. Or if you are in the UK, there will be more than 500 regional and national channels to enjoy. When it comes to Canada as well as Europe, over 200 channels are always ready. Also, Thunder IPTV offers some international channels from places like the United Arab Emirates, Asia, Latin America, and Spain.

Experiencing the Thunder TV IPTV channels requires an installation into types of devices. They can be FireStick 4K, smartphones, tablets, Fire TV, NVIDIA SHIELD, Android TV Boxes, and so forth.

3. Thunder IPTV features

There are a lot of things to discuss when we talk about Thunder IPTV. Because we do not want to waste your time, we love to summarize outstanding features of this IPTV provider below.

  • It offers a free trial package up to 12 hours of experience.
  • A pack of more than 1,200 channels in the HD quantity is ready all the time.
  • The provider always has additional connections for the IPTV resellers.
  • You can also make a payment for the IPTV subscription via PayPal and Bitcoin.
  • The application comes with a user-friendly interface.
  • The pack includes the Electric Program Guide.
  • It is compatible with numerous types of devices such as iOS, Fire TV, Kodi, Android, and so forth.
  • If you want to record video contents, well, Thunder IPTV offers both catch-up and VOD.
  • Thunder IPTV service allows watching premium TV content, too.
  • Because of offering international streaming channels, the Thunder IPTV is also available with subtitles.

4. Thunder IPTV different packages

There are 6 packages that Thunder IPTV app offers in total. You can choose the trial package; USA Lite; USA package; Spanish and USA package; USA, UK and Canada package, or Pieces. Now, let’s take a look at each package. 

4.1 Trial package

It is not that everyone has had a chance of experiencing the Thunder IPTV service before. So, for new users, this provider offers a free trial package.

The option allows you to enjoy Thunder TV IPTV channel list of 2800+ HD channels within 12 hours. Besides, you can get up to 2 connections at the same time. And the trial package is available with Spanish channels, too.

4.2 USA Lite

The second package is the USA Lite which is only for the US residents. This plan contains over 500 channels from USA entertainment, USA News to USA sports, and so many more.

Thunder IPTV - usa life

The IPTV subscriptions cost differently based on the number of connections you want. For a couple of connections, you have to pay $5 monthly. But if you want to connect up to 4 devices at the same time, the payment will be $8 per month.

4.3 USA package

In case that you want more than an USA Lite package, Thunder IPTV offers a better deal called the USA package. It also includes the same number of channels as the USA Lite does. Moreover, there are some additional ones such as Major Sports packages, Local News, PPPV, and Adult channels.

Like the USA Lite, this USA package of Thunder IPTV comes with two different options of price. It costs $7 and $12 for 2 connections and 4 device connections, respectively.

4.4 Spanish & USA package

It is a combination between an USA package and a number of Spanish channels. In addition to more than 500 channels from the USA, you can get about 200 extra Spanish channels, 200 Mexico channels, and 150 Argentina channels for this package.

As for the fee, the package of 2 connections costs $10 per month. And the connection to 4 devices will be $18.

4.5 USA, UK & Canada package

The package contains over 1,000 channels of the USA package along with the UK and Canada one. It allows you to connect up to 2 devices simultaneously at the price of $10 per month. If you choose the total of 4 connections, it is a must to pay additional $8.

4.6 Pieces

The last option of the list is the Pieces. It offers channels for UK, USA, Canada, and Latino packages. Moreover, you also can find some local channels, PPV and so forth with this Thunder IPTV subscription. There is only one level of payment which costs $15 per month for 4 packs and 2 ports.

5. How to sign-up IPTV Thunder TV?

One note to bear in mind all the time is that you should use a VPN for the signup to protect your private information from online risks. In case that you cannot find the Thunder IPTV on places such as Amazon Store, and Google Play Store, let’s search it on Google. Then, you will get information as well as packages of this IPTV service.

6. How to download, install & set up Thunder IPTV

The process only takes a few minutes to get done. So, let’s follow the steps below.

  • Step 1: Registering for one of five Thunder IPTV packages mentioned above.
  • Step 2: Launching your Firestick and clicking on the “Settings”.
  • Step 3: Selecting the “My Fire TV” or the “Device”.
  • Step 4: Clicking on the “Developer options” on the next screen.
  • Step 5: Clicking on the “Apps from unknown sources” which is below the ADB debugging menu.
  • Step 6: Turning on the warning message on the screen.
  • Step 7: Coming back to the main screen and navigating to the “Search box”.
  • Step 8: Typing the “Downloader app” in the Search box and clicking to start searching.
  • Step 9: Choosing the Downloader app from the list of searching results.
  • Step 10: Clicking on the “Get” or “Download” to install the app.
  • Step 11: Clicking on the “Open” to launch the downloader.
  • Step 12: Clicking on the “Allow” and then “OK”.
  • Step 13: Adding the app URL into the URL box and clicking on the “Go”.
  • Step 14: Waiting for the file of Thunder IPTV to get downloaded.
  • Step 15: Clicking on the “Install”.
  • Step 16: Waiting for the app to get installed.
  • Step 17: Clicking on the “Open”
  • Step 18: Entering your login ID and password and clicking on the “Login”.
  • Step 19: Choosing your favorite channel and waiting for it to get loaded.
  • Step 20: Enjoying the streaming channel.

7. How to cancel IPTV Thunder TV?

Assuming that you no longer like the Thunder IPTV and want to switch to another IPTV service. Then, we will guide you how to cancel IPTV Thunder TV.

  • Step 1: Finding the “Settings” which is often next to the “Log out.”
  • Step 2: Navigating to the “Search” and typing “Preapproved Payments” or “Payment settings” in the box.
  • Step 3: Tabbing your merchant to cancel your subscriptions.
  • Step 4: Clicking on “Cancel”.

8. Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly, the Thunder IPTV comes with numerous package options for you to choose. Not only the wide range of live channels, but the IPTV service also offers its users the high-quality streaming contents.

With the help above, you will not get trouble during the process of installing the Thunder app anymore. While enjoying these IPTV channels, you can ask the help of Thunder IPTV service support staff whenever finding any issue for sure.

And thank you for spending your time with our post. We will be back soon with dozens of tips and tricks.!

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