Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for moiptv.net

MOIPTV provides customers with great experience through online video streaming services. Customers can browse through the various services at those programs via streaming videos. By using the services through our access to our website, you accept the terms as well as some clear conditions such as the following.

Changes to our Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions on MOIPTV may be changed at any time without notice to you. Any adjustments may not be notified to customers by compliance with our policies. Our terms and conditions are acknowledged by the customer. Therefore, when you use our services, it shows that you acknowledge these terms.

Minimum Age Requirement

At MOIPTV, our rules include the age of the members. When you join the MOIPT services, you must be 18 years or older to meet our requirements.

Usage and Service Terms

We respect copyright for content as well as online videos. Therefore, the content appearing on MOIPTV will not be distributed by other direct or indirect sources via any other software or website.

Third Party Purchases

You can see a lot of comparable services or programs at MOIPTV. Through these services, dealing with third party providers is easier and simpler than ever. This means this transaction is only related by you and the merchant/dealer.

Quality of streams

We always try to provide you with the best service at MOIPTV.net. However, the high quality video streaming as well as the viewer experience depends a lot on the device you use, its configuration, and its network access.

Besides, the number of devices connected to a network, your location, selected content, and internet capacity are important factors that affect your viewing experience. 

With the factors mentioned above, MOIPT will not guarantee video content is transmitted with the best quality. In addition, you should be aware that registering an account with multiple users or getting banned will result in your device being permanently suspended.


At our help center, you will find a list of devices that are compatible with our service. One of the requirements at MOIPTV is that your device needs to be compatible as well as meet the requirements from the system.

Internet Service and Data Usage

At MOIPTV, we only provide IPTV services. Therefore, all other expenses as well as network charges are not our responsibility. The charges are entirely your own responsibility.

Sharing a Subscription

Each account can only use only active stream at any time. When you share the service, you may be banned permanently. Because registration for sharing is prohibited with our services. However, you can still completely watch multiple devices at the same time just by buying more connections.

Purchase Details

The implementation of the order procedure is detailed for the buyer. We are not responsible for notifying in advance any changes in prices. Through the website, you can completely find specific prices for procedures as well as payment and delivery methods.

Suspension and Downtime 

We may completely suspend or end your use of the service if there is a violation of terms and conditions. Your account may be suspended or denied access to any of our services.

All trademarks, graphics or scripts are owned by MOIPTV. Any copy, download or use without our permission violates the copyright. Don’t forget to find out about, privacy policy and refund policy and please feel free to contact us.