SS IPTV: Review and Tutorial to setup for android smart TV

You are looking for the best IPTV server to watch your favorite channels. Try SS IPTV now with the experts of MOIPTV. This application integrates perfectly for Samsung TVs, LG, and many other smart TVs running on the Android platform. 

1. SS IPTV Reviews

1.1 Overview for SS IPTV

IPTV is nothing new to online TV service users, which is a form of broadcasting TV content over the internet protocol. To put it simply, you only need active links to connect you with service providers to be able to stream content to your device. Some companies or individual users provide free links, but the quality of service is not guaranteed and is very changeable. Some providers will have competitive subscription plans for much better quality and stability in the long run.

SS IPTV is an application commonly installed on smart TV devices to use these links to online content providers. Android mobile users can also download this application from the link below

Some outstanding highlights and features of SS are as follows:

it is a free multi-player to play videos and TV channels on your device over the Internet. SS is integrated with hundreds of IPTV operators, you can buy their subscription plan to get M3U links and add into SS to stream content with any limits. You can also download and add your own playlists which can be found and shared among IPTV users.

1.2 Main functions of SS

  • Easy access to partner providers’ content
  • Supports playlists in most popular formats: m3u, xspf, asx, pls
  • Parental Controls
  • Automatic channel switching
  • Flexible interface settings

SS IPTV has a forum for you to talk about as well as get your questions answered by the user community and service provider experts. You can access the forum by following the link below.

2. Getting started with SS IPTV

2.1 Download and install SS

You will not have the application version of SS on the application available on app stores, so to download SS you need to use a web browser on your TV or device and enter the link below.

install ss iptv image 1

  • Step 1: After waiting for the browser to load, the link takes you to the landing page where you can download SS, at the main screen of the TV, use your remote controls or function buttons on the Tivi to navigate and select Fork Store as shown in the image below.

install ss iptv image 2

  • Step 2: Then select SS IPTV, you can see the icon for SS in the picture.

install ss iptv image 3

  • Step 3: Choose Agree to get on with the installation

install ss iptv image 4

  • Step 4: These are the settings for you to get started with SS. The screen will show a list of countries and regions if you do not see your address, press Skip. You do not need to configure it anyway.

install ss iptv image 5

  • Step 5: On the toolbar in the upper right corner, select the Settings icon as shown in the image.

install ss iptv image 6

In the Settings section you can change a lot of options:

  • Change languages.
  • Change appearances.
  • Add connection by code to connect with other devices such as smartphones, iPad, tablets, computers..

2.2 Add SS IPTV to your TV’s Bookmarks

Now let’s see how to add SS to bookmarks on your smart TV to quickly see your favorite channels on SS with just one click.

  • Step 1: Use the remote control and select the function as shown.

install ss iptv image 7

  • Step 2: Enter a name for the bookmark to mark SS IPTV link and save

install ss iptv image 8

2.3 How to add content to SS IPTV

SS IPTV uses playlists created by the hosts or content providers. Many can gather links from various sources, they collect they playlist links and share among users, in fact, there is no limit to the number of channels or content you can watch, as long as you have active content links.

To add content links, you can follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Go to Settings, select Content

install ss iptv image 9

  • Step 2: You will see the content links that you have here

install ss iptv image 10

  • Step 3: To add a new link. Enter the link and the title you want and hit the Save button. You can add as many links as you have.
  • Step 4: Go back to the main screen, you will see the playlist you just added appear on the screen, continue to click on the Playlist to see the content channels in the playlist.

3. Instruction to import playlists into SS IPTV

SS TV is a popular software used on LG smart TV and Samsung Smart TV to watch TV service with premium quality, you can also use SS-IPTV on some LG and Samsung phones.

  • Step 1: Go to Settings => Get code.

  • Step 2: You will receive a code as shown on the picture below. This code is used to connect to your device.

You can add connections, please first disconnect all connections with the “Disconnect all” button

You then need to go to SS IPTV’s online site to purchase a subscription to access bundled playlists. Or you can look for free shared playlists on the internet or in some groups created by IPTV users, but these links are not secure, it can work for today and maybe inactive tomorrow. Therefore, I will show you how to purchase SS bundled playlists for stable service and a smoother streaming experience.

Once the playlist is uploaded, the playlists will appear in the My Playlist section. You click on My playlist, there will be lots of channels, click on each channel to see the content being played.

This is how you can buy a subscription plan with SS.

  • Step 3: Use the browser to go to the official website of SS via the link, enter the CODE code you have in Step 2, select ADD DEVICE

Now you need playlist links to add to your device. You can choose to buy at Best Service IPTV as instructed in the next step, or choose other providers, but make sure they have M3U LINK for you.

  • Step 4: Go to the IPTV server at the link

You will see a lot of subscription packages. Of course, you can also try it out within 24 hours for 2 euros.

  • Step 5: Buy a package that suits your needs, and complete the payment.

  • Step 6: Check email to enter login information. You will see a link: M3u LINK as shown below. Copy that link and return to the homepage of SS IPTV.

  • Step 7: Select External Playlists

  • Step 8: Select Add Item, enter the link in the Source field, hit OK button.

  • Step 9: Go back to the External Playlists page, select Save

  • Step 10: On your mobile device or smart TV, refresh to make the recently added playlist appear on the screen, select the Playlist, now you have thousands of TV channels and over 14000 content and videos on demand to enjoy.

4. Frequently Asked Questions about SS IPTV

4.1 What is SS IPTV?

SS IPTV is a media player used for many purposes, of which, users are familiar with using SS IPTV to stream thousand favorite IPTV content and channels via playlist links directly on their mobile devices and smart TVs.

4.2 Is SS IPTV free?

SS IPTV is an intermediary application that helps you connect with IPTV providers. If you can find free M3u links, which are shared freely among the IPTV community of users, you can watch them without paying any expense. However, the stability of the services and the link is not guaranteed so I still recommend using M3U Links purchased from reputable suppliers. In this tutorial article I also have some suggestions and instructions to buy M3U links, please follow the simple steps as described above.

4.3 I added playlists, but channels didn’t work, no content is shown?

Make sure that the playlist links you use are still active. Some free -shared links are very unstable, they can be inactive for a short period of time. The solution to this problem is to buy playlist links with suitable subscription packages from reputable providers.

4.4 Where to download SS IPTV setup file?

You can install SS IPTV on smart TV devices such as LG Smart TV, Samsung Smart TV, Philips Smart TV, Sony Smart TV. Detailed instructions on how to install on the respective TV device and the installation zip file can be accessed and downloaded at

4.5 How to upload a private playlist to SS IPTV?

To upload your own playlists, it’s very simple, you need to create a Connection Code. Go to the settings of your TV device, you will immediately see Generate Connection Code, click to create CODE, then go to, enter the CODE, and ADD DEVICE. See the setup instructions above for detailed step-by-step instructions with pictures.

4.6 What are the functions in the Setting of SS IPTV?

You can change language, appearances, parents’ control in case your family has kids, location settings, adding content. All the functions are very easy to use so you will not have any problem navigating with the TV remote control or with buttons on your smart TV device.

5. Final Thoughts

With the above article, we hope to have provided you with useful knowledge about ss iptv. MOIPTV is a useful synthesis channel on IPTV to help you and your family make the best choice. If you have any questions or concerns about SS IPTV, please email us as soon as possible!.

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