Best IPTV service in Canada: OK2 IPTV is taking over the world

OK2 IPTV offers all cable channels in Canada, even better it also has a selection of US and UK TV channels. OK2 IPTV is the most beneficial IPTV subscription package. Find out why in this article with MOIPTV.

Users will instantly have 2,500 channel selections from around the world with 4K streaming quality. Another advantage of OK2 IPTV is the perfect integration with any Android boxes, which is an advantage for users to use large screen TVs. Besides, OK2 IPTV can be combined with media players, this is an application for users to manage IPTV content in one app so the users will find it simpler and easier to navigate and control their streaming experience. If you want to use OK2 IPTV and another provider as a backup then media players will help you to simultaneously manage your IPTV streams.

This app has an Android version to install on the corresponding devices. Therefore, Android phones, tablets, and devices can immediately go to Google Play Store to download the OK2 IPTV version for Android to use.

1. OK2 IPTV review

1.1 Why choose OK2 IPTV?

  • Wide network, solid overseas servers: OK2 IPTV has servers in many parts of the world and can minimize the system’s ping time. Service latency is zero.
  • Excellent customer support policy: Users can contact their IPTV resellers 24/7 for support and answers with questions or instructions on how to get the most out of their IPTV subscription plans.
  • Multi-channel communication: Users can use instant chat, or email OK2, with email, users can describe their issues in a full and detailed way. All receipts are answered within 1 hour. They’ll also have specific instructions and illustrations or information attached via email.
  • European channel content is diversified: Besides the American market which is OK2’s advantage, content from European countries also brings diversity and gains a significant number of overseas customers.
  • On-demand content library with all categories: Blockbuster, on-demand films, episodes of TV series, reality shows, top sports matches and tournaments, foodie TV, lifestyle, kids, adults… everything you want is available for all-time access.
  • Completely anonymous: Users can use a virtual private network with OK2 IPTV. Therefore, customer information, billing information, and online activities will not become the targets of information exploiters.
  • 7-day rewind for Time-shifted media: Other providers also have catch-up channels, but they only allow users to rewind content for 24 hours or 2 days. But users will be surprised and delighted to learn that with OK2 IPTV, they can re-watch their favorite shows from last week. With a 7-day playback function, OK2 IPTV is beating out all the other competitors in the market.
  • In a subscription OK2 IPTV can offer so many things.
  • More than 2500 high quality live TV channels
  • Rich content repository including all local channels in Canada and international channels from UK, USA, Europe, Switzerland, Sweden, and Denmark and so on.
  • Uptime is always maximum at over 99.99%
  • Simple and easy payment.
  • Fast, stable, no ping, no buffer.
  • 4K streaming, Full HD picture quality.
  • With these highlights, OK2IPTV dominate the streaming market in Canada and is spreading strongly over the world.

1.2 OK2 IPTV best features

  • Solid and high-quality IPTV television service with over 2500 live channels.
  • Thousands of on-demand content, including blockbuster movies, movies, latest episodes of game shows, reality TV.
  • Server stability, ensuring service continuity and maximized uptime.
  • There’s no lag, no buffer, especially if you’re in Canada.
  • Secure customer information, payment information. Do not store customer data in any way or any form.

The channel list of OK2 IPTV can be accessed here

OK2 IPTV best features

Users can look up their favorite channel to see if OK2  offers what you like. Some of the most-watched channel categories are French, For Adult channels, Phillipino, Latino, Greek, English (Bloomberg, BBC, CBC, Fox, Sky, Discovery, CTV, HBO), Sports.

1.3 Packages and payment

OK2 IPTV is distributed mainly through IPTV resellers. It is a reasonable strategy because this supplier is not based in the main markets such as UK, USA… So for it to enter and thrive in the big and extensive markets and reach a larger customer base, OK2 IPTV has developed a network of professional retailers. In case users want to subscribe to OK2 IPTV services, you can be secure when registering from these IPTV resellers. They provide exactly what is in the IPTV subscription packages from OK2 IPTV.

OK2 IPTV has 4 types of IPTV plans:

  • Type 1: 24-hour trial of service

Users have access to full channels and on-demand content and functionality. However, this trial period is not free, users need to pay 2.5 USD.

  • Type 2: monthly plans

There are 4 packages for the user to get onboard with OK2 IPTV. With costs ranging from 15 dollars a month. Users will save a bit more if going with the longer-term plans. IPTV resellers can sell for a slightly higher price, however, the average will be as follows:

    • 1 Month: 15 dollars.
    • 3 Months: 27 dollars.
    • 6 Months: 66 dollars.
    • 12 Months: 144 dollars

Packages and payment of OK2 IPTV

  • Type 3: monthly PRO plans

With the Pro packages, you will not have a trial period but will have 4 corresponding monthly packages. The difference between the Pro package and the OK2 IPTV package is the number of channels that the user can access. For only 2 extra dollars, the number of live TV channels is surprisingly higher.

    • 1 Month: 17 dollars.
    • 3 Months: 45 dollars.
    • 6 Months: 85 dollars.
    • 12 Months: 165 dollars

Packages and payment of OK2 IPTV image 2

With the Pro package, users have more than 5000 HD TV channels, unlimited streaming of PPV events, huge content on demand. Users in foreign-language speaking countries will much appreciate Pro because OK2 IPTV supports all languages.

  • Type 4: OK2 IPTV resellers Plan

You want to make money with OK2, it’s so easy being a distributor and you can resell OK2 IPTV subscriptions and let the money flow into your pocket. OK2 IPTV has platforms and modes to assist you in this. The reseller package costs $250.

A reseller package has 25 credits, each credit is one activation. This is a monthly package, so when you sell 1 activation, the user will have the active account within 30 days. And the client’s activation package will be renewed each month.

This will be more convenient for resellers to manage and make transactions.

1.4 Payment method

Users access OK2 IPTV’s page to select the subscription and make payment at

With a flexible payment policy, OK2 IPTV will suit users regardless of their currency. After making the payment, the user will immediately receive login information via email that the user has registered.

1.5 Compatibility

OK2 IPTV’s subscriptions are suitable for all platforms, so it is convenient for users to use them. They also do not need to purchase additional equipment or adapters. Below is a list of the devices that integrate perfectly with OK2 IPTV.

  • MAG IPTV Box.
  • All Android IPTV Boxes.
  • Smart TVs (From Samsung, Android TV, LG Smart TV).
  • Your PC (run on web browsers).
  • MAC devices (using MAC addresses).
  • Mobiles and tablets.

2. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

2.1 What makes OK2 IPTV different from other providers?

Similar to other providers OK2 IPTV has a large number of channels coming from all over the world. However, OK2 focuses on North American channels. And as their reputation suggests, OK2 is the largest IPTV provider in Canada. Since then, OK2 has expanded its market to its neighboring regions such as the US and is going to prevail globally.

Furthermore, Ok2 IPTV will prioritize the quality of the content before adding more channels to its playlist. As users experience, the streaming quality of OK2 is always excellent, all of them are Full HD resolution. They even upgraded the quality to 4K streaming. The competitive advantages of OK2 IPTV can be summarized as:

  • High-quality channel for customers, the uptime of the system is always uptime guaranteed for users to access 24/7.
  • Eliminate invasive ads so users have a pure streaming experience, a streamlined system that saves users’ settings and preferences so they don’t waste valuable time when browsing through thousands of channels and content on-demand.

2.2 What is the server and system reliability of OK2 IPTV?

Many users will be interested in the host system of the IPTV provider. If the servers are located close to their locations, it will offer faster transmission speeds, minimizing ping times and problems such as buffering or freezing. OK2 has three main server locations: in the US, UK, and South America. Thus, the Americas are the dominant market of OK2. Countries like the US, Canada, and Latin America will have extremely good Ping times and no delay in transmission and reception.

With IPTV services usually users will choose a one-month package and renew it when the IPTV subscription expires. However, OK2 IPTV is reliable enough for you to choose longer-term packages to avoid having to make multiple payments.

See More:

3. Installation and setup guides

In this article, I will guide you to get started with OK2 IPTV. You will be very surprised because it is very simple, even users who do not have any contact or experience with Streaming service or OK2 IPTV can easily use it.

First of all, users need to download and install a Media Player. I recommend using IPTV Smarters. It’s free, it’s from the mainstream official developer, it’s available on all app stores like the Apple Store, Google Play Store, and the Amazone Store. Users go to these app stores to download for free installation on their devices. And now we’re ready to get started.

  • Step 1: Open IPTV Smarters, choose to Add a user with Xstream Codes API. This way users can download and set up thousands of live channels and EPG simultaneously without having to go through these two steps separately.

Installation and setup guides OK2 IPTV

  • Step 2: At this step, users need to ensure that you have successfully purchased and paid for their IPTV subscription plan to complete. Enter the following fields of information:

Installation and setup guides OK2 IPTV step 2

    • Any name: Enter a name, you can use any names you want, Use OK2-related names to distinguish it from other IPTV providers if you also subscribe to their plans.
    • Username: Enter the username you received in the registration email.
    • Password: Enter the password you received in your registration email.
    • Port URL of OK2 IPTV: Enter exactly as follows:
    • After entering the required fields, choose ADD USER
  • Step 3: Once you have added a user, double-click on your account name and wait a bit for the system to perform the initial settings.

  • Step 4: Select Install EPG to have the system download the schedule of TV programs and live channels

  • Step 5: After completing the EPG installation, users browse the categories and choose their favorite channel for streaming.

4. Final Thoughts

With the development of streaming technology, the emergence of IPTV has spread during the two past decades and will be the choice of the future. Users benefit from having access to TV content on any device like TVs and pocket phones, portable devices. OK2 IPTV has a stable development and the addition of many new live TV channels, moreover, it comes with no IP restriction or bandwidth limitation. Thus, users can enjoy unlimited entertainment. With an extensive solution, OK2 IPTV is available on web browsers, TVs, smartphones, and tablets. It is a good platform for all live TV channels, on-demand content, online entertainment, for both big screens and on-the-go streaming.

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