Next Level IPTV Reviews: The simplest and hassle-free IPTV service

Watch live streaming unlimited IPTV channels up to 6000 premium options with Next Level IPTV, all content that users wish to have. Confirmed quality from HD to 4K and the relentless and trouble-free services will take your experience to the Next Level. Let’s started with the article of MOIPTV

1. IPTV Overview

Watching TV shows via IPTV is becoming more and more popular. Compared with the non-IPTV mode, these new modes have many significant advantages. It uses Internet protocol to transmit content to a user’s device. This seems a bit technical, I will explain this thoroughly. With cable TV, people use cables to transmit information content. That is why we need to plug the cables into the audio and image input of the TV to be able to watch TV programs.

For satellite television, people use satellite signals to receive and transmit information, so users have to buy a transceiver. This is for receiving signals from satellites. With traditional television, you will need to pay a lot of money for cable installation, buying a transceiver, and costly monthly subscription fees.

With IPTV, people transmit information packets over internet protocol, in other words, you only need an Internet connection to be able to use it to watch all the TV channels you love. You need a connection that ensures a minimum speed of 20mbps to stream content smoothly. Because there is no need to pay fees for installation, transmitting, and content broadcasting, the cost of IPTV is much lower than that of traditional television.

Furthermore, streaming is a common playground where there are so many providers involved, this greatly increases the number of TV channels that users reach. IPTV subscription package has thousands of TV channels for users to enjoy, however, the price is much cheaper.


2. Three types of IPTV

2.1 Live TV channels

With live TV channels, users can access channels that are being broadcast in real-time. It is definitely attractive to the user to watch their favorite program while it is happening. If you are a sports enthusiast, make sure the plan you buy covers premium sports channels, so that you can emerge in watching exciting sports matches.

In addition, these direct channels also have many other attractive contents, which is the competitive advantage of IPTV providers. There are many providers with thousands of channels, even tens of thousands of channels from all over the world to attract users.

2.2 VODs or Video-On-Demand  

On-demand content programs, TV series shows that have already been aired or have just been aired. They are preferred by users, so the provider saves them as videos so that users can access and watch again at any time they want. For example, viewers who want to watch all seasons of a reality TV show or a music competition can go to the content on-demand for playback.

Therefore, this is also an indispensable part of IPTV. The providers of IPTV often bring tens of thousands of content on-demand to meet the needs of the audience. The good thing about this is that the user can view unlimitedly the content, the content is permanent and can be accessed at any time. 

2.3 Time-Shifted Media (catchup TV)

Content that can only be accessed for a specific period of time is called time-shifted media. Since they are only available at a certain timeframe, if the user misses it, it is difficult to watch it again because they have already been deleted from the server. Normally, with time-shifted media channels, you can only review the content within 2 days. Some providers may allow watching catch-up TV content within up to 5 or 7 days.

3. Why to choose Next Level IPTV?

3.1 Budget streaming platform and diversity of channels

Next Level IPTV was established in 2017, it is one of the most stable providers in the IPTV market. Next Level IPTV offers an affordable way to watch TV channels. Users will get access to more channels but only need to pay a lower price. This can only happen with IPTV. If users are looking for variety in the channels of choice you should check out Next Level IPTV.

Currently, Next Level IPTV provides more than 6400 live TV channels. The channels are of good quality, mostly up for HD and over, users are completely assured of service and quality. Besides, there are thousands of content on demand.

Plug and play technology makes the user experience easier than ever. Next Level IPTV wants users to be able to play and stream on the go.

3.2 Package prices and features of Next Level IPTV

Next Level IPTV offers a trial period before you buy longer plans. Once made the payment, it settles and is not refundable. You have access to thousands of live TV channels and all the content on-demand during the free trial. However, these will not be full options as premium sports channels will not be included in the trial package. This trial period allows users to test and see if this is exactly what they want to sign up for.

Next Level IPTV’s plans start at a low price of $15 a month.

With this package, users can access the following contents and features:

  • 1 Month 1 Connection.
  • US TV channels.
  • Sports IPTV channels, feature films, TV series.
  • App to install for free on Android, Windows, and MAC devices.

With the 3-month plan at 45$, in addition to the above features, users will have additional incentives such as

  • 24/7 Live Channels, broadcast TV series, and movies, reality TV shows broadcasting all-day.
  • Allow users to have Kodi IPTV Add-on & Android App.
  • Use with TV boxes such as Mag, Avov, Dreamlink, StbEmu.
  • Run smoothly on Web browsers.

The 6-month subscription will cost $90. Similar to the 3-monthly package, Next Level IPTV integrates well on these above devices and supports all Android devices. Users can watch on two devices at the same time. The content includes movies, sports, entertainment..

12-month with 1 Connection includes all features at $180.

Users can purchase more connections from 2 to 5 simultaneous connections to view across multiple devices. For multi-connection packages, the subscription prices are as follows:

  • 1 Month 2 Connections: $ 20.00 / month
  • 3 Months 2 connections: $ 60.00 / 3 months
  • 6 Months 2 connections: $ 120.00 / 6 months
  • 12 Months 2 connections: $ 240.00 / year
  • 1 Month 5 Connections: $ 30.00 / month
  • 3 Months 5 connections: $ 90.00 / 3 months
  • 6 Months 5 connections: $ 180.00 / 6 months
  • 12 Months 5 connections: $ 360.00 / year

With multiple simultaneous connections, Next Level IPTV features load balancing technology so that users stream smoothly on any device, or watch multiple screens simultaneously without experiencing freezing or buffering.

To register the package with Next Level IPTV, you sign up for an account and buy the package according to your needs. After payment, login information will be sent to the user according to the email enrolled by the user.

3.3 Customer Service of Next Level IPTV

Users can contact 24/7 support with Next Level IPTV’s customer care team. Technical specialists are always ready to answer customers’ questions. They are willing to give detailed manuals and listen to customer suggestions and complaints to improve service quality. The way users can contact the customer care department is through the ticket on the website of Next Level IPTV. You will quickly receive feedback and answers from the technical support staff. 

3.4 Next Level IPTV’s compatibility

Next Level IPTV integrates well on many devices. To avoid errors during the installation process, you can find the installation information on the devices here. Devices that can perfectly integrate with Next Level IPTV are:

  • Amazon TV.
  • Android BOX TV: all android TV boxes.
  • Android smartphones.
  • Fires TVs.
  • Firestick TVs.
  • iPad has an operating system from iOS 8 and above to ensure smooth streaming.
  • iPhones.
  • PlayStation 4 and newer models.
  • Tablets.

In addition, IPTV Next Level also integrates well with many other devices or runs very well on web browsers such as firefox, chrome

Users can download the Next Level IPTV application installation files for their respective devices according to the following links:

  • Android Devices including smart TVs and laptops.
  • Devices using windows operation system.
  • Macbooks and iOS devices.
  • Mobile Android Devices.

4. How to install Next Level IPTV

Installation of Next Level IPTV application is very simple.

  • Step 1: Select the device you want to use to stream, which can be Firestick TVs, Smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, iPhone, iPad, PC…
  • Step 2: Download the installation file from the links above
  • Step 3: Register and purchase the package as needed, receive login information via email

I will show you how to install Next Level IPTV on Fire TVs. Other devices would go for similar and much easier steps.

  • Step 4: Select Application => Appstore

Next Level IPTV image 1

Turn off the features in the settings as follows: turn off Automatic Updates, turn off the in-app purchase

Next Level IPTV image 2

  • Step 5: return to Preference => Privacy settings,

Next Level IPTV image 3

Turn off the following features Device Usage date, turn off collect app usage data, interest-based ads.

You should turn off the above features to avoid using too much bandwidth of the device, as well as avoid being bothered by ads.

Next Level IPTV image 4

  • Step 6: Go to My Fire TV => Developer Options

Enable the following features. Turn on ADB debugging, turn on Apps from Unknown Sources.

Next Level IPTV image 5

  • Step 7: Return to the main screen, use the search tool to find and download the Downloader application

Next Level IPTV image 6

  • Step 8: Install Downloader and launch the application

Next Level IPTV image 7

  • Step 9: Enter the link, then select GO to download Filelinked.

  • Step 10: Download and install Filelinked. Once installed you can delete the installation file, as you won’t use it anymore.

  • Step 11: Open Filelinked and enter the following code 78185491 select CONTINUE

  • Step 12: You will see the download icon of the Next Level Communication App, NLC legacy player, and some other players, you can either download all or choose only 1 media player, I am used to using VLC player, so I choose to download this player. Click on the icons to download.

  • Step 13: After the download completes. You select the open icon to install the application.

  • Step 14: After the installation, you return to the home page and go to the Apps section, the newly installed applications will be at the bottom of the page. You can move them to the top of the page for easy access.

  • Step 15: Open Next Level IPTV, use the login information you already have to log in, and start streaming thousands of your favorite TV content.

5. Final Thoughts

The advantages of Next Level IPTV are its flexibility, competitive prices. It also offers many options and customization features according to customers’ needs. Users are not limited in terms of devices, the application runs well on large screens, almost all smart TVs can be used to stream from Next level. It runs perfectly on portable devices such as phones, tablets, so users can watch TV content anytime, anywhere even when they are traveling. In terms of costs, IPTV next level also saves users a large amount of money. Compared with the expensive cost of cable and satellite TV, Next Level is so much cheaper, with a fee of only 15 dollars, users can watch thousands of live TV channels and tens of thousands of content on demand. Besides, users get to watch time-shifted channels and 24/7 programs.

Users can add favorite channels to the special or customized lists for quick access to install access to their favorites. On-demand content is available for users to view again and again. Users do not need to record or wait for the broadcast time. In case they are busy with work and miss a show, they can go to the VODs category and watch their favorite program there. These contents are regularly updated and added to meet the needs of users.

The 1-connection packages are suitable for individuals and multi-simultaneous connections are best for families. Next Level IPTV is a reputable provider for customers of different ages, everyone would find their favorable and premium shows with Next Level. It is worth trying to experience and Next Level IPTV is sure to be a good alternative to expensive traditional TV solutions.

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