Get Mobdro for firestick – Reviews and How to set up

You need instructions on how to install Mobdro firestick, you come to the right place because MOIPTV will give you all the information you need to have Mobdro easily on your firestick devices.

1. The overview of Mobdro

1.1 What is Mobdro?

Users of Android devices can easily access the IPTV service thanks to Mobdro. It is a very popular and easy-to-use streaming app for Android users, and it also can be installed on iOS and Windows devices, as guided in this article. Moreover, Mobdro has a free and paid version tailored to the needs of the user. While, users who want to know what IPTV like, can choose the free version. On the other hand, regular users can upgrade to the premium version, which costs only some extra dollars, to maximize their IPTV streaming experience.

1.2 Content diversity

Users can watch hundreds of live TV channels for free on Mobdro, including the largest networks from the UK, US, and Canada. While entertainment content covers many sports events, news, lifestyle, fashion…  Multimedia content supports audio, video, and images. Currently, Mobdro is providing content from more than 30 countries with 10 different languages ​​to meet the diverse needs of viewers.

With on-demand content services, Mobdro covers a range of movie series, reality TV, seasons, and top sports leagues. With on-demand content, users can download and save in the device’s internal memory for offline viewing at any time.

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1.3 Mobdro’s best features

Here are the features that users much appreciate about Mobdro for their online streaming experience.

  • Modern, awesome, easy-to-use interface for newcomers
  • Users can share videos within the app
  • Uptime of the IPTV service is maintained at 99%
  • The transmission speed and image quality are good
  • Multi-format support up to Full HD, some are in SD
  • Users have shareable links to share with other Mobdro users

1.4 Streaming experience

Mobdro users can choose the video quality when streaming. This maximizes the user experience. While streaming on TV screens and PC, which are large, users can switch to the best Full HD quality for great visual display. Or when the Internet connection is limited, users can switch the program quality to 720p or 480p format to limit buffering.

Additionally, users can always download their favorite shows and movies to watch offline when they have free time. As such, they will not be affected by the Internet connection speed and always have the best picture quality.

1.5 Pros and Cons

First of all, users need to get this about IPTV providers and services that no online streaming software is perfect. And Mobdro also has some cons sometimes. And as you can see in the cases below.

The free version has many ads, including ads before and during live streaming IPTV channels.

IOS users can’t install the app from the official site because it’s not available on the Apple App Store. Although, you still can use an emulator to install it, please check the FQAs below.

User experience has not been optimized to satisfy the utmost needs of users because it has not provided the ability to select episodes in on-demand content. So viewers have to do it manually.

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2. How to set up Mobdro firestick

Step 1: Select My Fire TV in Settings

How to set up Mobdro firestick image 1

Step 2: Scroll and select Developer Options, turn on ADB Debugging and Apps from unknown sources

How to set up Mobdro firestick image 3

Step 3: Return to the Home screen, search and download the Downloader application.

Step 4: Open the Downloader application, in the URL field, enter the link below: Then, select Go to download the Mobdro installation file.

How to set up Mobdro firestick image 4

Step 5: After the download is completed, select Install, the installation will take a little while

How to set up Mobdro firestick image 5

Step 6: Then select DONE

How to set up Mobdro firestick image 6

Step 7: Select Delete to exclude the installation file. This file is of no use once the app is installed on the device, by doing so you also spare space for your firestick device, which only has 8GB of internal memory.

How to set up Mobdro firestick image 7

Step 8: Confirm by selecting Delete again

How to set up Mobdro firestick image 8

Step 9: Go back to Home, scroll to YOUR APPS & CHANNELS

Step 10: scroll all way to the right and click on See All

Step 11: Look for your Mobdro app, it should be at the end. Click on the app to open.

Step 12: Select Agree with terms of use

Step 13: Select a category to view content, for the channel that the user wants to see

Step 14: The content will be streamed and you can watch the shows you like

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3. Frequently Asked Questions about Mobdro firestick

3.1 Is Mobdro on the iOS platform?

Currently, Mobdro does not have an official app for iOS devices, so users will not be able to find it on the Apple App Store. However, iPhone and iPad users can still download the app from external sources.

  • Step 1: Go to and install the vShare software on your iOS device, this is an emulator to install the Android APK app on iOS.
  • Step 2: Use your browser to find and download the Mobdro APK installation file.
  • Step 3: Install Mobdro APK using an emulator.
  • Step 4: Use Mobdro on iOS devices after installation is completed.

3.2 Is Mobdro on the Windows platform?

Similar to the above, currently Mobdro does not have an application version for Windows computers and devices, but users can still use emulators to install Mobdro APK files. In this section, I will take the example of installing Mobdro APK thanks to the BlueStacks emulator.

  • Step 1: Find and download emulator BlueStacks
  • Step 2: Install BlueStacks on Windows device
  • Step 3: Use the browser and search for the Mobdro apk file, download the installation file
  • Step 4: Open the Bluestacks emulator, select System Apps, and then choose Browser
  • Step 5: Find the Mobdro apk file and choose to install
  • Step 6: After the installation is complete, choose Open, and choose to Accept with the terms of use
  • Step 7: Select Allow with the requirements set up, so users can use Mobdro with Windows devices.

3.3 How much does Mobdro’s ad-free package cost?

Mobdro’s free plan has given customers many great utilities and features. However, if the user wants to watch all the IPTV services without ads, it is necessary to upgrade to a premium plan. In addition to removing ads to enjoy the hassle-free streaming experience, the ad-free version also supports many features such as the Sleep timer function, so you can schedule the app to shut down so that you can avoid letting your device on all night when you fall asleep while watching Mobdro IPTV content. Moreover, you also have a casting function, which supports Chromecast to broadcast on the big screen of almost any device.

If you want advice, I strongly recommend switching to the premium plan, as its cost is too cheap. It costs only 3 euros for an entire year of registration. You will easily convert the IPTV subscription package to a premium by clicking “Go Premium” in the application. Then you go through the easy steps of payment as usual.

3.4 Is Mobdro legit?

Mobdro has been in business for over ten years and is always updated with new live channels and on-demand content. It is a safe and convenient place for legal IPTV services. Some other providers ask users to pay unclear fees, but Mobdro allows users to free their services. Then there’s only a very little annual fee for removing ads. This is an experience worth the trust of IPTV users.

3.5 What to do with Mobdro buffering issues?

When Mobdro buffers are mostly due to limited Internet speed, users can use some of the following quick fixes:

  • It is recommended to use the latest version of Mobdro for the best experience.
  • Reconnect to the internet.
  • Use a VPN in case your IP address is restricted.
  • Users can temporarily switch the quality of the video to 720p or 480p format to limit. buffering issues, then when the Internet speed is good again you will adjust the quality to HD.

Final Thoughts

Mobdro is a very good IPTV service solution for you to get started with, and MOIPTV also gives you the practical and simple guide to install Mobdro on Firestick devices, users should start experiencing free high-quality TV service right away. 

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