Limitless IPTV: Best features, Packages, and installation details

Subscribe with Limitless IPTV to stream thousands of live TV channels, MOIPTV will provide an insightful complete guide for users to start using this international provider’s service.

1. Why choose Limitless IPTV?

  • VOD: A large amount of content on-demand and regularly updated
  • 100% anonymous: Free your worries about legal or copyright issues
  • 24/7 support: Chat with the technical team or get a reply via fast email
  • High Image Quality: Good resolution for large-screen images, mostly the channels are in HD
  • Catchup channels: Rewind and watch at your own pace all time-shifted channels for 7 days
  • Have IPTV reseller plans: Easy for viewers who want to start a business by selling Limitless package

Limitless IPTV - featuring all sports channels from the major US network

2. Limitless subscription packages

Limitless IPTV provider has two main offer plans for the user. The child-friendly package is popular because the price is very low, mainly focusing on VOD sections. It costs 5.5 dollars a month to get started. As the name suggests, packages do not include adult content. Adult channels are segregated to make sure the kids aren’t exposed to inappropriate channels. This IPTV subscription package also has advantages because of the various on-demand content. The prices of the packages are as follows:

  • Limitless child-friendly 2-hour trial – 1.3 US dollar
  • 1-month Limitless IPTV subscription – 5.5 US dollars
  • 3-month Limitless IPTV subscription – 11 US dollars
  • 6-month Limitless IPTV subscription – 20.5 US dollars
  • 12-month Limitless IPTV subscription – 41.5 US dollars

Users who love the variety and want to have adult content will choose the following monthly packages.

  • Limitless IPTV 2-day trial – 2.5 US dollars
  • 1-month Limitless Full-option IPTV subscription – 10 US dollars
  • 3-month Limitless Full-option IPTV subscription – 27 US dollars
  • 6-month Limitless Full-optionIPTV subscription – 50 US dollars
  • 12-month Limitless Full-option IPTV subscription – 80 US dollars

Objectively evaluating the service price, Limitless is very budget-friendly and it is affordable with all objects. All packages allow users to access all the features of the service. Comparing the selected number of TV channels and on-demand content to the price of the service, users will have more benefits than their money that they spend.

Users can save a bit when using the long-term package. Or, if you’re not an everyday user, and don’t require adult content, consider the first plan with videos on-demand mentioned above. All year watching television for just over 40 US dollars, I don’t think you can find a better deal than that.

Limitless IPTV - Many blockbuster movies updated regularly

3. Limitless Live TV channels and features

3.1 Live TV channels and content

Users have a large number of channels, in general. This benefits viewers a great deal, they also get more than that from their monthly subscription amount. Not only do the users have a variety of live TV shows. They can access an increasing number of movies, content on-demand, TV series, which are also make up a huge part of the package. However, to browse through thousands of content you should not have any difficulty. Because providers have invested a lot of work and effort to categorize and divide into categories. Moreover, with the support of EPG, users quickly find the content they want.

Limitless IPTV - premium sports channels with full EPG

Limitless has more than 2,000 live TV channels and has unlimited access to over 17,000 movies and TV series on demand. Rarely do users experience downtime in a channel. In that particular situation, maybe the network is offline or no longer available, if this happens you should check again the next day. In most cases, it is the fault of the network.

One of the outstanding points that make Limitless IPTV so engaging is that they provide almost all of the most attractive TV channels of major networks in the world from the UK, USA, Canada, and Europe. Besides, users get more local freshness thanks to TV channels from all regions and countries around the world such as New Zealand, Western Europe, Northern Europe. Limitless IPTV has become a global solution and localized to cater to the need for regional channels. With local and regional channels Limitless can deliver programs that users cannot seek on other platforms.

3.2 Well supported sports and adult content

Global sports content that exceeded user expectations. Watching top sports and premium matches are a favorite habit of many users. And it’s hard to find a better solution than Limitless provider to deliver sports content at a more budget-friendly price to users.

There are about 250 adults and regularly updated content, a huge amount and variety is a point worth mentioning. In addition, the contents of lifestyle, fitness, cuisine, concerts, comedy, TV shows will keep viewers entertained.

3.3 Solid stream and how to avoid buffer

In order to host thousands of live TV channels and a large amount of content on-demand, the IPTV provider server needs a huge processing capacity. And your first experience with Limitless is the smoothness and reassurance that the content is streamed with even the slightest disruption.

However, switching channels can cause some buffering when the system doesn’t immediately switch to new content in the blink of an eye. So you may need to be patient for a few seconds. And then soon the streams will again be adjusted and cleared of buffer status. In addition, users also need to make sure their Internet connection is upgraded and reach a minimum of 20 Mbps to maximize streaming from IPTV service.

3.4 Good integration via Add-on and M3U link

Limitless can be used on devices easily thanks to the M3U link or compatible app, add-on via KODI. The M3U link is suitable for almost all electronic devices from smartphones, tablets, computers, TVs, PCs, and set-top boxes. With the Add-on, the user can view the instruction on how to use the Add-on on KODI to stream content from Limitless, step by step, which is described in great detail in the following section.

3.5 As for rooms for improvement

To be fair, I wished for a better Electric Program Guide. With some EPG live channels working well, but others with absolutely no EPG. Without the program guide, you won’t know what content the channel will continue to broadcast, which appears to be inconvenient and should need attentive effort to improve.

Another point to note is that some channels do not have HD streaming quality. You will not be able to select picture quality for certain channels, especially while the Internet connection speed is low, the system will decrease the picture quality of the program by default. This has caused some dissatisfaction among the viewers.

4. How to use KODI to stream from Limitless

Limitless offers a wide selection of local and international TV channels favored by many users. For clients who already use KODI as a multimedia content browser, they will easily add Limitless IPTV and stream from the platform with the Add-on. Below are the steps for viewing the contents of Limitless IPTV with KODI.

4.1 Configure your device

Note: Before changing add-ons, users need to enable unknown sources to allow the installation and configuration of Limitless Add-ons. So, make the necessary changes in settings firstly.

  • Step 1: Launch the Kodi Media Player app on your device.
  • Step 2: In the main menu bar on the left side of the screen, select settings.
  • Step 3: Select System to change general options.
  • Step 4: Next, select the Add-ons option.
  • Step 5: You need to ensure that the Unknown Source is on if it is not then switching from OFF to ON.
  • Step 6: Confirm by pressing the “Yes” button.

Users are now can go on the installation of the Add-on of Limitless IPTV, Limitless is a reputable provider and used by millions of users. The add-on acts as a fast function to help the KODI browser stream quickly from the Limitless provider. Now follow the steps to add this Add-on to KODI.

4.2 Add Limitless Add-on

  • Step 1: The user continues to press Back to return to Settings, then select File Manager.
  • Step 2: In the dropdown menu bar, double-click Add source.
  • Step 3: When the next screen appears, select None.
  • Step 4: Then, get the following path and source link field:, then click OK to continue
  • Step 5: Naming this media source, the user can name it as they want, but they should use a name easy to remember and distinguish from the playlists of other providers (eg: Limitless1).
  • Step 6: Continue to choose to return to settings, then select Add-ons on the main menu bar on the left.
  • Step 7: The user selects Insert from the Zip file.
  • Step 8: Scroll down and find the file with the name you just put in step 5: Limitless1
  • Step 9: Click on the installation file named
  • Step 10: The Limitless1 Repository will begin the installation on your device
  • Step 11: Next, users choose Install from the repository.
  • Step 12: Select Limitless1 repository.
  • Step 13: Then, choose Video Add-ons.
  • Step 14: Now that you see the Limitless file here, choose Limitless.
  • Step 15: Double click on Install.
  • Step 16: Confirm the installation by selecting OK, so, the installation of Limitless add-ons has been started, users need to wait a bit for the system to complete the installation steps.
  • Step 17: After the installation is completed, the user can open the Add-on and make changes and reconfigure. Users use the login information received when registering and paying for the package to log in and use the service.

Users can refer to the Limitless installation methods on other devices on the Youtube channel of this IPTV provider here. The video tutorials are very detailed with screenshots and captured images.

5. Closing Thoughts

Limitless IPTV has many attractive live TV channel categories with up to 2000 channels. Furthermore, it brings a world of entertainment to its users with on-demand movies that are updated regularly. However, sometimes the application also has some buffers when the network connection does not guarantee the minimum speed. Users should take advantage of the trial period before onboard with the long-term plans. The limitless application can be installed easily on multiple devices with simple and detailed instructions from MOIPTV.

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