Install and Use King IPTV to Stream Premium Channels

King IPTV has 12000 choices of Live TV channels and more than 14000 movie series and shows from all over the world. This article of MOIPTV will give a detailed review of the service quality and guide users to get a hang of King IPTV.

The Internet has changed the way people watch television channels. With online TV services provided by King IPTV, users will get a lot of advantages. You will not need to install expensive receivers. You only need a stable Internet connection. Furthermore, King IPTV also offers a large number of live TV channels. Users can watch up to 12000 online channels. Besides, more than 17000 on-demand content is also available in your IPTV subscription plan. What’s more, you can choose from a variety of packages, or request a free service trial. One of the advantages of King IPTV is its very high sound and picture quality.

If you are looking for an IPTV solution provider with a huge number of channels, King IPTV will be a perfect choice. True to its name “King”, this provider ranks first in the number of live TV channels to be broadcast.

1. Best features of King IPTV

King IPTV supports all devices and file formats. Devices can integrate with King IPTV including TV, MAG, Android, iOS, PC, MAC, and many others. Users will receive 24/7 support from King IPTV’s technical team. To request support, users choose the instant message feature on the website of King IPTV.

One advantage that King IPTV brings is diversity. Users can stream up to 17,000 live TV channels and up to 19,000 content on demand. King IPTV has all the movies and TV shows you like. The channels are of good quality from SD to Full HD. New channels are added regularly by King TV. Users will receive new channels; you just need to allow the system to automatically apply new updates.

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King IPTV is always ready to assist you with technical issues at all times. Currently, King IPTV is expanding to customers of all regions and countries. More than 50 thousand customers have used and are satisfied with King IPTV’s service.

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2. King IPTV channel list

King offers TV channels around the world, you will find your country. Channels provided by King TV cover all continents and regions, including Europe, America, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Australia, and others. King IPTV also has 4K ultra HD and Variant channels including top sports channels such as Premier League, NFL, Serie A …

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3. IPTV Subscription plans for King IPTV

3.1 King IPTV subscription

King IPTV allows users a 24-hour free trial of the service. This allows the customer to test the image quality and transmission speed.

After the trial, users have a few options for the longer-term plans. You can extend it to 3, 6, 12, or 24 months. Wherever you are or which method you choose, you can enjoy all the engaging TV channels right from your phones, smart TVs, or tablets. Currently, King IPTV offers the following 4 packages:

  • 3 months: 55 Euro
  • 6 months: 99 Euro
  • 12 months: 140 Euro
  • 24 months: 230 Euro

With each subscription package, users will get the following benefits:

  • More than 12000 TV channels from around the world.
  • More than 14000 content on-demand TV series and shows.
  • The quality of service is stable and the images are excellent and sharp to Full HD quality.
  • TV guide in detail and accurate.
  • Automatically update channels, add new channels periodically.
  • Always available to support customers’ inquiries, quick reply via channels instant message, emails, hotline, WhatsApp.
  • With Anti-buffering technology, users don’t experience freezing during streaming.

Currently, each package of King TV has a connection to watch on 1 device. If you have two TVs or want to have multiple connections to watch on multiple devices simultaneously, you can contact King IPTV for a discount.

In case users want to use the service on smart TVs, they can purchase MAG 324 HEVC Set-Top Box. This device is used for large screens to ensure the best picture and sound quality. If you already have a TV box of your own then you don’t need this extra device.

MAG 324 HEVC Set-Top Box is an economical IPTV solution for you. This device offers all the functions of an expensive TV box. Equipment to help users enjoy high-quality videos. Users can quickly and smoothly stream content via the HDMI 1.4b output. MAG 324 HEVC Set-Top Box has a compact design. Users can conveniently use the remote control to adjust functions. This set of products only costs 140 Euro. With the support of MAG 324 HEVC Set-Top Box, you won’t run into any problems like buffering or freezing even when the Internet speed limit is low.

3.2 Payment with King IPTV

King IPTV applies flexible payment methods. Users can pay by credit card, Bitcoin, or any other form of payment such as Bank Transfer, Western Union, Money Gram, Revolut, iDEAL, EPS …

In addition, you can also request to pay via other methods. In that case, contact us via Whatsapp +21622370237

The steps to checkout and pay with King TV:

Step 1: Order a subscription package of King IPTV

  • At the checkout option, you choose the appropriate payment method. We recommend Pay with Bitcoin / Bitcoin Cash. You can completely anonymously and secure your account with this method. If you use card payment, the card information will be secure and encrypted for your safety.
  • Now, at “Pay Now” select “Bitcoin” to continue.
  • Then you want to copy the code BTC Amount and BTC Address

Step 2: buy BTC with your credit or debit card to pay

There are many websites that allow you to buy BTC like Coingate, Coinbase, Coinmama… I will continue with Coingate:

  • Go to the official page of Coingate, enter BTC Amount, and BTC Address copied in step 1.
  • Select “go to checkout”

At this step enter your credit/debit card information. Once the transaction is completed, you will receive a receipt with a certificate of completion of the transaction. Your package will be activated when your transaction received 6 confirms.

4. How to install King IPTV on your devices

4.1 Install King TV on MAG250 / 254/256 / STB

Connect your MAG DEVICE to the TV and make sure the Internet is stable. Then do the steps as shown below:

  • Step 1. Go to: Settings => System Settings => Server => Ports
  • Step 2. Set a name for Portal 1 (see in your Email, when you buy the package to register with King IPTV)
  • Step 3. Set Portal 1 URL (see in your Email, when you buy the package to register with King IPTV)
  • Step 4. Set a name for Portal 2 (see in your Email, when you buy a subscription package with King IPTV) add a second portal if you buy 2 connections, if you buy a regular package, leave this field blank
  • Step 5. Set Portal 2 URL (see in your Email), do this step if you buy 2 connections, if you buy a regular package, leave this field blank
  • Step 6. Save any installation steps you just made
  • Step 7. Reboot the device
  • Step 8. After the TV box is restarted, wait until the TV screen shows the channels.

4.2 Install King IPTV on TV boxes: Enigma2 / Dreambox / Vu +

  • Step 1: The user accesses Enigma2. and get their IP address
  • Step 2: Follow the instructions below: Go to Settings / Setup / Setup System / Network Device Adapter Setup
  • Step 3: get your IP address, the IP address starts with 192.168…
  • Step 4: Use a Windows PC and download Putty. Putty download url is as follows: https: //—sgtatham/putty/new/x86/putty.exe
  • Step 5: After the installation is completed. Open Putty follows the steps below: add the IP address of your Enigma using the IP as done in steps 2-3, Port 23. For connection type, choose Telenet and Click open
  • Step 6: Your login and your default password are roots
  • Step 7: Use the login information sent to you (you will receive login information after registering and paying for the package with King IPTV)
  • Step 8: use the RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON after you enter your information, press ENTER
  • Step 9: Type reboot and your device will start fresh with all the channels

4.3 Install King TV on Android devices: smartphones, Android Box

  • Step 1: Go to Google Play Store, download the IPTV application, you can download via the following link:
  • Step 2: Install and open the newly installed IPTV application
  • Step 3: At the main image of the application, select the button with three horizontal lines
  • Step 4:Select More…
  • Step 5: Select the plus icon (+) to add to the playlist URL
  • Step 6: Copy and paste the M3U you received in the email (after purchasing the package to register with King IPTV you will receive the login information with the M3U link to use on the media player for streaming all the channels)
  • Step 7: Name the playlist you just added, then you can experience streaming all the TV channels you love.

4.4 Install King IPTV on Android TVs

  • Step 1: Users would go to the Google Play store and download Perfect Player IPTV. The download URL as below: You can also go to Google Play, use the keyword Perfect Player IPTV to search and download the latest version of the application.
  • Step 2: After installing and opening the app, users would go to Settings
  • Step 3: In Settings, users find and go to General
  • Step 4: Go to the Playlist and enter your URL. You can add an unlimited amount of playlists and URLs, as long as they are active you will see all channels. Once you are done with adding your playlists, click on OK.
  • Step 5: Now users would go to EPG
  • Step 6: At this step, users enter your EPG URL (EPG ULR is sent to users in email after they register the service with King IPTV) after you’re done, click OK
  • Step 7: Users go back to their Settings and go to Playback
  • Step 8: Users choose ONLY change the system volume
  • Step 9: Go back to Settings and navigate to the GUI
  • Step 10: Select ONLY Show channels as group folders
  • Step 11: Now that all settings are complete, restart Perfect Player
  • Step 12: Now you see the channel list on the left side
  • Step 13: Press the left button on the remote control, you now have all channels in the group folder for streaming
  • Step 14: Go to any folder and watch all channels

4.5 Install King TV on iPhone / iPad / iOS devices

Step 1: Go to AppStore, users Download iPlayTV. You should regularly update the latest released version of this application from AppStore to ensure the service runs at the fastest and smoothest speed.

Step 2: Download and install the application. Then using your M3U link (users get the login information in the email when they registered with King IPTV), users can now enjoy their King IPTV playlists

If you are not using iPlayTV you can choose GSE SMART IPTV PRO. This is also a very good application to watch King IPTV on iOS devices.

  • Step 1: Users go to the App Store, find and download GSE SMART IPTV PRO, you can follow the link here: https: // id1028734023? mt = 8
  • Step 2: Open the application GSE SMART IPTV PRO and click ‘Accept’ the EULA rule to continue
  • Step 3: Then users select Settings, the button in the top left corner of the screen
  • Step 4: Users then find and click on the menu ‘Remote playlist’
  • Step 5: Users select the ‘+’ button to add IPTV provider
  • Step 6: They then choose to add m3U link
  • Step 7: Users name the playlist that they just add, any name is acceptable, under the name of the playlist, enter your M3U URL
  • Step 8: then to proceed users Click on Add
  • Step 9: With King TV you are now ready to watch over 12000 live TV channels and tens of thousands of on-demand content.

I have given detailed instructions to configure King TV on the most popular devices. In addition, King IPTV also integrates perfectly with many other platforms. Users can see the installation instructions on the official page of King IPTV. You can go here to see detailed step-by-step instructions for setting up your device. As follows:

  • Instructions for installing King IPTV on ROKU
  • Instructions to install King IPTV on KODI (XBMC) Version 17 
  • Instructions to install King IPTV on PC / MAC Sample title
  • Instructions to install King IPTV on Zegmma Box
  • How to Install King IPTV on Smart TVs

Using whether you are a complete novice or a technology expert, you can do these steps at ease. King IPTV’s guide is simple to get you on board. Moreover, the technical staff is always ready to assist you wherever you are. You can use instant messages on the homepage to get help from technical staff. Installation of King IPTV will be very quick, you can start streaming tens of thousands of content within 5 minutes of installation.

5. Final Thoughts

This IPTV is always updated with the most current channels and the latest trends. With the aim of bringing quality service at an affordable price, King IPTV has become a reputable supplier with audiences from all over the world. Start your streaming experience today with King IPTV!


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