IPTV Vader: Discuss IPTV legal issues and how to ensure safe streaming

Is IPTV legal, this is still being concerned by many users? Recently Vader IPTV has been closed. Do their users need to worry about the incident? MOIPTV will clear things up for you and give solutions to ensure safe usage of IPTV subscriptions?

1. What is IPTV?

Internet protocol television is the use of IP addresses to broadcast packets of information. It is like streaming on social media networks. Surely, you have seen live streaming on Facebook, live streaming on Youtube, these are considered a form of IPTV. With IPTV, the provider has hundreds or thousands of TV channels broadcast at any time 24/7. As long as users have an IP address, meaning an Internet connection, they can connect to the entertainment world of thousands of television options.

1.1 IPTV best features

IPTV, therefore, has proven its superiority compared to traditional television. Whereas cable TV depends on cable lines and the network of wires and ports. Satellite TV is also not better when the signal is unstable, sometimes, it relies heavily on the antenna to search for local channels. Furthermore, the cost of satellite and cable TV is usually 4 to 5 times more expensive than IPTV.

IPTV offers thousands of live TV channels and on-demand content at a much lower price than its traditional competitors. The price that people can pay for is 15-30 dollars on average for an IPTV subscription plan. IPTV streaming also has fast and improving connection speed along with great advancement in the communication industry. 3G and 4G technology, and in the near future 5G will increasingly strengthen IPTV’s position as a new source of television entertainment.

1.2 IPTV types of content

No matter where users are, they can access the content broadcast over the Internet protocol globally without any constraint. IPTV providers and resellers are always adding new television content to their plans to bring greater value to viewers. IPTV has 3 main components as follows:

  • Live TV channels: TV content is broadcast in real-time according to its schedule. Viewers enjoy the same way as watching live games-streaming on Youtube.
  • Time-shifted media: Are live channels that allow you to rewind to watch previous programs. Programs after their airtime will be saved on the server for a few days, during which time users can catch up later. The replay function of these channels is usually available within 2-7 from the time of broadcast.
  • VODs (videos on demand): This is a rich content repository including TV series, movies, reality TV, basketball seasons, hockey, rugby, soccer… Content is always available on the server, users can stream at any time.

2. Is IPTV legal or illegal?

IPTV is legal or illegal? When a very groundbreaking and comprehensive solution enters the market, it is often very expensive, even exorbitant, and only a small number of the wealthy can afford it. However, things are completely contrary to IPTV. This solution is not only comprehensive, diverse, fast to stream, simple, and perhaps most importantly, it is also a lot cheaper than other traditional solutions. Therefore, many people will doubt the legality of IPTV. And whether using IPTV ensures user safety? Especially in the case of IPTV providers being forced to shut down, taking Vader IPTV as an example.

Users around the world have a common concern about IPTV legality. Is IPTV legal in the US? Is IPTV legal in the UK? Has any country has legalized IPTV?… There are many questions. And to understand this correctly, users need to understand the nature of creating and broadcasting TV content.

2.1 Legal IPTV providers and resellers

IPTV is a new service operating in a virtual environment. And the laws and regulations governing online streaming are still in their infancy. That is, most of the existing regulations related to IPTV are quite vague and inconsistent, they differ greatly depending on the legal system of each country.

However, when it comes to legitimate IPTV providers, those providers or IPTV resellers must obtain licenses or authorizations from broadcasters, the copyright holders of the television content. Some of the major providers that guarantee the above conditions include Hulu, Pluto TV, Sling IPTV… They work or form partnerships with content owners to distribute TV content on their existing platforms.

  • Hulu TV

However, there are upsides and downsides available when signing up with these providers. In terms of Hulu, it has a variety of short videos, on-demand content, live broadcast, with tons of options, however, Hulu has many plans, starting at $5.99 for a limited number of channels. The basic package does not include on-demand content, when audiences want an extra live channel like HBO Max, they have to pay up to $15. So, in general, Hulu is quite costly for many out there.

  • Pluto IPTV

Pluto IPTV is a COMPLETELY FREE solution. If the user does not need too much, or they are not frequent users of TV, then IPTV Vader perhaps unable to compete with Pluto TV. Pluto TV has most of the attractive TV channels and movies and entertainment. Its limitation comes from the modest number of channels around 250.

However, as mentioned, if the user is not a couch potato, with hundreds of channels that are enough to entertain and update news, moreover, the movie on-demand categories offered by Pluto is also quite attractive.

  • Sling TV

Sling IPTV is probably the dominant carrier as the Orange and Blue Sling TV packages are in mid-range prices for exceptional quality. For $35 a month users can entertain with premium news channels, feature films, kids, discovery, lifestyle, and premium sports. However, for more variety, users still need to spend an extra 5-10 dollars per add-on option.

Legitimate providers often have the following characteristics:

  • They have links with content providers or TV program owners.
  • They have a platform, a dedicated streaming app, a standalone app, or a web-based platform.
  • The registration packages are reasonable to maintain the operation, and make profits from the registration of customers’ packages.

So, when the user makes a decision, make sure to carefully consider the features outlined above. But some may still have questions like: does any provider offer plans of $ 5a month for thousands of TV channels? The answer is yes. And there are many such providers. Are they providing IPTV illegal?

2.2 When IPTV is illegal?

It is very difficult to say that IPTV is illegal in a certain country because in many parts of the world the law of the Internet environment is so rudimentary that IPTV has not been mentioned in legal terms. However, by its very nature, if a provider broadcasts content without the permission or authorization of the person or entity that owns the copyright, it is an unauthorized practice. For example, when a service provider plays a private video of yours without your permission, it is a violation.

You may also be performing unauthorized streaming while watching movies on non-official websites, without authorization or purchase of copyright from the content owner.

So why illegal IPTV still exists. The obvious answer is that it is very cheap. With fees under 15 dollars a month. Users can’t help but get hooked when they have thousands of live TV channels and a huge inventory of on-demand content.

2.3 Do IPTV subscribers get involved?

In the event that users use services that do not meet copyright requirements, they are certainly relatable. However, users are not the main culprits obviously, but the ones to take the blame are illegal IPTV providers. And they are subject to legal responsibility.

So what will the users be responsible for? In theory, the user is still responsible and in danger of being suited by the copyright owner. But this is less likely to ever happen, there are millions and millions of users out there. Furthermore, they are the target audience of content creators. That’s why, for decades, lawsuits between content owners and users has hardly ever happened. The copyright holders only come after IPTV service providers who do not comply with the law.

However, to ensure safety, users should still take precautionary measures such as: using a virtual private network to stream content, pay via electronic currencies, most providers accept Bitcoin or Paypal. We will give you instructions in more detail below.

3. The overview of IPTV Vader

Vader IPTV was once the largest IPTV service provider in Canada and France. It is also a big fish in the international market. Its playlists include content from the most significant broadcasters in the world such as UK, USA, Canada, Italy, France, and Saudi Arabia…. Currently, the provider is closed as a result of a copyright dispute. However, with IPTV, no one is sure what will happen. When all the content remains on some server somewhere. It may come back strongly with surprise at any time with a different name maybe.

3.1 Why Vader IPTV be shutdown?

For a monthly fee of around $10-15, users get access to over 1300 live channels and a library repository of 2400 movies, more than 35 TV series … and more. The content comes from over 200 content creators and providers, and Vader IPTV cannot obtain a broadcast license from all of them. Until it was forced to shut down, Vader had 8 million active accounts in virtually every corner of the world. However, the identity of the client was not disclosed and the customer was not involved in this incident.

3.2 Alternatives to IPTV Vader

Let’s see what are recommended alternatives when you cannot register Vader IPTV.

1. JustWatch

Alternatives to IPTV Vader - justwatch

JustWatch is more than just a content provider, it is a hub for finding available content providers in your area. If you’re in the UK, US, or Europe there will be hundreds of content providers available for users to stream content.

JustWatch is a standalone app that users can download and install from the Google Play Store, Amazon Store, or Apple Store. It would be a great solution to manage all content feeds in one place. Below is a list of some of the content providers Justwatch gives you access to.

Alternatives to IPTV Vader - justwatch 2

Justwatch is fully legal to operate and it delivers free, mostly movies and TV series, to these connected TV content. You won’t need to worry about legalities anymore. Please go to the app store and download Justwatch to experience it immediately. Or users can use the handy web-based version that the user accesses at justwatch and register to use. To see the free programs, follow the steps below:

First, go to the (+) symbol and add all providers available in your area.

Step 1: Go to New or Popular

Alternatives to IPTV Vader - justwatch 3

Step 2: Choose Price to continue

Alternatives to IPTV Vader - justwatch 4

Step 3: Select Free to filter out the free options, tick the categories you want to see. Users can also filter by SD, HD, 4K quality, and filter by age rating.

Alternatives to IPTV Vader - justwatch 5

Step 4: Choose Ads and click search. Thousands of free TV content results will appear, users choose their favorite program and start to experience it.

2. LogicStream

Alternatives to IPTV Vader - logicstream

As a major IPTV provider in the US market, and the strength lies in sports content, PPV events for premium sports such as football, basketball, rugby, and hockey. With only a cheap package like $25 a month, users can connect to top leagues, NBA, UFC, NFL … The application also integrates perfectly on any device such as Fire TV Stick, Android. devices and iOS devices.

3. Obey IPTV

Alternatives to IPTV Vader - obey iptv

From $15 a month, users can subscribe to the Obey IPTV subscription plan. It provides more than 2000 TV channels, mainly from the UK,  US, and Canada. Users will be completely assured of the privacy policy and encryption of customer personal information. Streaming with Obey TV is at no risk for you. It can be used via a standalone application or loaded instantly via the M3U link via media players.

Also, in the article, we have mentioned a few other applications such as Pluto TV, Sling IPTV… that are reliable options to stick with long term if you do not subscribe to Vader IPTV.

4. How to stay safe when streaming from IPTV services

4.1 Sign up for online and untraceable payments

Vader IPTV providers offer a wide variety of online and untraceable payment methods. Users may consider opening a Paypal account or paying via Bitcoin to ensure safe transactions. With transactions via Bitcoin, user information is absolutely secure.

4.2 Use a virtual private network

Using a virtual private network is the easiest way to ensure safe online activities. When using IPTV Vader or online services, users should use a virtual private network. The essence of it is to not reveal your real IP address. When using a virtual private network, the IP address you use to access IPTV translation will be replaced by a virtual address coming from another geographic location. In the event of a security or legal issue, your real address is untraceable, thereby avoiding unwanted relevance.

There are many reputable virtual private network providers such as ExpressVNP, IPVanish, SuftShark, CyberGhost, NordVPN… ExpressVNP is emerging as a reputable provider when users get a long FREE trial, ExpressVNP is free for 30 days. A longer trial to experience than you expected. Besides, IPVanish also has many attractive discount packages and promotions. If you use online services like IPTV Vader, you need to immediately sign up for a virtual private network.

5. Final Thoughts

Vader IPTV used to be one of the television service providers, but fate did not leave it to stand till today. As a service user, you need to take secure steps to make your IPTV experience fun, cheap, and safe. MOIPTV has provided solutions to solve problems related to the legality of IPTV. We hope to ease your mind and help you know what to do before buying with your supplier or IPTV reseller.

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