Tech Experts answer all your queries about IPTV Subscriptions

What is IPTV and how to make registration? Where to get the best IPTV package for my preferences? Possible problems with IPTV registration? Tech experts come to set things clear about IPTV subscription via the article of MOIPTV

1. Things to know before starting your IPTV subscription 

IPTV or Internet Protocol Television is replacing cable TV, satellite television, high pay television, proves to be the best way to satisfy your requirements of live watching and streaming television content. Most of your favorite channels can be accessed via IPTV without any restrictions.

Choosing IPTV benefits in many ways. It’s definitely going to be a spike in experience levels and you always get more out of it with IPTV. You have hundreds, even thousands of channels and programs, including the most enthusiastic on-demand content, fascinating drama series, top-notch live sports, game shows, and newly released blockbusters.

Viewers are in with ultimate entertainment that only IPTV plans can provide. One plus point to be mentioned, the IPTV subscription plans are very economical, only 10-15 dollars a month on average. Many providers offer even more shocking rates of only $5 a month, or some companies go out the way to offer IPTV service for free.

Of course, when shopping for anything you should also consider carefully before engaging in a subscription, a few big names may be the choice that you should go with. Choosing the right service provider with stable quality, including top premium channels can be difficult, so our experts will answer and come up with the most reputable names, which will definitely save your time and increase your experience. You will find it a whole lot easier to have the right  IPTV subscription with expert advice.

In the sections below our experts will answer questions that are most frequently asked about the IPTV subscription. If you have any questions or want more expert advice, please contact our page.

2. Can I use free IPTV without subscriptions

No one wants to sign up and spend money if they can use the free service, right? So can I watch IPTV for free without paying? Is purchasing an IPTV subscription package a must?

Expert: You can totally use IPTV for free. With these free providers, you do not need to register or buy a service package.

Below I will give you some free providers for you to have a trial. However, with free plans, you often do not have full access to the huge content library of the provider. Free plans work as a welcome drink with a limited number of choices, I think you can still use it to experience IPTV, see what providers have to offer, stream quality, and evaluate related issues such as buffering, service support before you go with paid plans. Now take a look at the names that pop out in the free IPTV subscription group.

2.1 Fluxus IPTV

  • Features: viewers have free IPTV channels using an M3U link
  • Recommended audiences: Customers in the UK and US, as most of the channels are from these countries.
  • List of channels: There are about 58 free channels, prominent among them are AMC, BBC News (British news catchup channel), Bloomberg (specializing in economics channel), Box Hits, CNBC, FOX Sports (all sports news updated ), ITV, National Geographic. All entertainment, sports, movies, news updates are available on Fluxus without a paid IPTV subscription.
    • Instructions to download and use here.

2.2 Lodge TV

  • Features: Use the M3U playlist URL to watch IPTV content for free.
  • Recommended audiences: You will find a wide variety of sports channels at Lodge TV. A combination of Lodge TV and Fluxus can satisfy all of your entertainment needs. The superb content includes news, movies, and entertainment.
  • List of channels: Discovery Channel, Cartoon Network, AXN, BT Sport 1-2-3, MLB Live
    • Instructions to download and use here.

2.3 Mobdro

  • Features: Mobdro is well known among the free solutions for watching IPTV because of its various channels and maximum up-time.
  • Recommended audiences: all audiences, especially those in the UK and the US.
  • List of channels: BBC, CNN, Fox, and many other popular TV channels
    • Instructions to download and use here.

3. Easy steps to sign up for IPTV subscription

Many users have had their eyes on IPTV for a long time but still do not know how to install it. They do not know where to start. Setting-up to stream your favorite shows requires more than signing up for a plan and paying. Below, our expert will breakdown super easy 5 steps to stream IPTV.

  • Step 1: Which devices you want to stream on? 
  • Step 2: Download an IPTV App that compatible with your devices.
  • Step 3: Sign up and purchase an IPTV subscription from an IPTV provider.
  • Step 4: use M3U Link from IPTV provider in the IPTV Application to stream.
  • Step 5: Get a VPN (optional).

3. Can I trust IPTV subscription plans sold on e-commerce sites 

Currently, IPTV subscription plans are sold more and more publicly on e-commerce sites such as Amazon, Shopee, eBay … with very attractive titles like “lifetime”, “free trial”, “100 guaranteed or your money back “… Should you buy IPTV subscriptions like you buy a shirt online?

The answer is NO, absolutely. IPTV is a service and after-sale policy, installation instructions, and customer care are way more important. My advice is to buy directly from IPTV providers, you will get direct support without having to go through any middlemen. By the way, you do not save up anything, the fact is that IPTV service prices are already low. Honestly, it shouldn’t be because of saving a couple of dollars that we choose to buy from middlemen then have to go around to ask for instruction and support.

4. What are the best IPTV subscriptions for customers’ special needs?

There are many viewers who want an IPTV service to customize their unique demands. Our experts will examine and come up with the best providers according to the needs of consumers, and provide the reasons for our choice and information on subscriptions so you can have some food for thought.

4.1 For sports channels: Iconic Streams

Why it is great:

  • There are more than 5000 channels to be broadcast on Iconic Streams.
  • Is a leading provider of adult TV channels with 150 channels.
  • Content is complete and very rich, prominent with sports channels. In addition, Iconic Streams also provides VODs, PayPerView, Catch-up channels.
  • Channels are in Full HD, 1080p. You can use it over VPN.
  • Refund policy from 7-14 days if you are not satisfied with the quality of service.

IPTV subscription plans:

  • 2 simultaneous connections at no extra charge.
  • Try 2 days for free before deciding on one of the following four subscription packages:
    • 1-month package – 12.5 Euro.
    • 3-month package – 30 Euro.
    • 6-month package – 55 Euro.
    • 1-year package – 75 Euro.

4.2 For English-speaking channels: TVMate Player

Why it is great:

  • There are over 2300 of your favorite channels, including content like pay per view TV, videos on demand, bundled packages,
  • Channel quality is very good and stable.
  • A reputable provider, having provided the service for a long time with more than 2 years, the number of channels is regularly updated and added.

all about iptv subscription

IPTV subscription plans:

  • You can sign up for a trial to experience the service, however during the trial period you do not have access to PPV, VODs, and sports premium channels. So I think you should buy the 1-month package to fully experience what Tivimate has to offer.
  • A monthly subscription of $ 15 is for two connections. A 3-month subscription costs you 40 USD. There are also longer packages such as 6 months and 1 year.

4.3 For Multi-language channels: TV Team

Why it is great:

  • If you choose a hot-pot with everything for everyone, no provider will beat the TV team. With a huge channel number of 25,000 content programs are available, including live channels, VODs.
  • You can find all languages ​​and TV channels of many countries on TV Team.

IPTV subscription plans:

  • There are 4 packages for you to choose from
    • 1-month package – 20 Euro.
    • 3-month package – 47 Euro.
    • 6-month package – 70 Euro.
    • 12-month package – 127 Euro.
  • There is a 24-hour free trial, you should take advantage of this time to check out the features of the service.

4.4 For families: OnlineIPTVPro

Why it is great:

  • All experiences with VOD, HD streaming quality, EPG are impressive.
  • Impressive up-time, very rarely the page is inaccessible
  • Quick support mode via live chat, or you can send questions via emails, all your questions will be answered in 48 hours.
  • Provide every sports channel you love.
  • Huge library of content including Catch-up channels, VODs, Adult section, adult channels locked by pin code to help keep away from children.

IPTV subscription plans:

  • $25 a month for 4 connections. You get a three-day free trial before purchasing the monthly plan.

5. How can IPTV subscriptions be so cheap?

Not all content you watch on the IPTV service is copyrighted. Some providers do not pay royalties to the content creators but still take these content to provide to viewers. In this case, the provider makes money selling subscriptions to you but does not share the profit with the content producer. Even at the low cost, providers make huge sums of money from their huge subscriber base. However, some providers manage to do business with win-win benefits for them and content creators. The provider acts as a retailer to distribute the content of the creators, thus, the subscriptions will be slightly higher, but the legality will make all concerned parties satisfied.

6. What IPTV Subscription Providers have cheapest prices

If you really want a low price but don’t want to sacrifice stability and quality, for your consideration, our experts are also happy to provide some of our best picks out for IPTV subscriptions at only $5 a month.

6.1 Big Ticket IPTV Subscription  

Big Ticket IPTV Subscription  

After just one click the software will be installed on your device and ready to stream the best shows of your favorites. With a $5 a month plan you will have 1 connection, which is suitable for individual users. Providers also offer a lot of packages with more connections to suit the diverse tastes of users.

6.2 Area 51 IPTV PTV Subscription 

 Area 51 has been around for quite a long time and has also proven its stability to users. That popularity is achieved not only by its low cost but also by Area 51’s commendable quality of service. With the regularly updated number of channels and good customer care, Area 51 will still be a big fish in the IPTV market.

6.3 Watch Me PTV Subscription 

Watch Me PTV Subscription 

For just $5 you can access all online and TV content such as Live TV, Movies, Series, Catch-up channels. Also, the EPG is a good experience and is easy to use for even newbies, which is a huge help and benefit that users should really consider. Besides, Watch Me allows users to watch in multi-screen mode, very few IPTV service providers have this function for views. Especially with this cheap price of 5 dollars, you will be sure to gain more than you expect.

6.4 Evolution IPTV Subscription  

Now with Evolution, you have access to more than 3900 TV channels and new channels are being added every day. Especially customers will have Pay Per View and high-end sports channels on all subscriptions. Unfortunately, the catch-up channels are not supported. However, with NFL, NHL, NBA, and major sporting events, fans of sports should check Evolution out immediately. 

Evolution IPTV Subscription  

Our technology experts have answered the most frequently asked questions about IPTV, IPTV providers, IPTV subscriptions, best subscriptions according to users’ needs. With detailed advice and specific instructions on IPTV subscription, you have the essential knowledge to start experiencing IPTV right now. Our experts still receive questions and will answer them so that you can use the service with knowledge and trust. 

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