IPTV Service: Best IPTV providers customized viewers’ preference

What is IPTV and its pros and cons? Do you know IPTV pricing and how to use it? What are the best service providers? You’ve all your queries explained in the article about IPTV service of MOIPTV.

1. What is IPTV?

IPTV stands for “Internet Protocol TV” and is translated as “Internet TV”. This is a technology that allows the transmission of television programs over the broadband Internet. Choosing IPTV providers is a difficult task because there are countless providers in the market and their quality is varied. Therefore, readers should look to reputable reviews and researchers to save yourself time and troublesome problems.

2. IPTV service reviews on its pros and cons

The IPTV service is used to watch on-demand programs, cable TV shows,  IPTV sports subscriptions at a much cheaper price than satellite or cable TV services. Therefore, users tend to switch to IPTV service because it suits diverse needs and fit their budgets.

Finding a reliable IPTV service provider in the market is a daunting task for newbies because there are thousands of providers in different regions and localities. I find it’s better if I show you how to find a good one so you can assess the best IPTV service provider for yourself.

3. Criteria to choose the best IPTV service providers

To choose the IPTV service providers with the most solid performance, you need to consider the following factors:

3.1 Content, channel lists

When choosing a provider, the first thing to look for is what they have to offer, and whether those programs suit your needs and tastes. It’s a waste if you love movies but choose a package that specializes in live streaming sports. If you are into on-demand content and videos, you should make sure that the provider and package you subscribe to include what you need. Also, consider the channels you especially want, your indispensable sports programs, your dramas series of your preference, your must-have reality shows, and make sure the provider offers these at the right price.

3.2 Price

Price is also the next factor for you to consider when choosing an IPTV provider. After choosing the best providers to cover shows and channels according to your needs, now compare the prices between them. The list still seems to be quite long, so you should sort by their prices from low to high and choose a shortlist of the most potential suppliers. When considering the price, there are a few notes you’ll want to take into consideration.

Firstly, compare prices on a monthly basis. I recommend that you buy the one-month plan as it is impossible to say with 100% certainty that IPTV providers will be there in the next couple of months. So you just choose the 1-month package.

Secondly, how many devices or connections you have to stream at the same time. A month plan of ten dollars for 2 connections is definitely cheaper than a month plan of 12 dollars with only one connection.

Thirdly, if the provider offers a trial period, take advantage of it, don’t be afraid to spend a few dollars, some providers require a paid trial. Even if you have to pay a small amount to try it out, it is worth doing.

3.3 Buffering issue

When you use IPTV, you face the same connection problems just like when you watch movies or videos on Youtube, there will inevitably be times when the transmission is not good and buffering will happen, but good providers will minimize these troubles. to enhance the user’s streaming experience. Take my advice and check-in details this issue during the trial period (make the most of the trial time) to test the buffer level, you should also upgrade your Internet connection speed before registering for IPTV, to a minimum of 20- 25mbps, at this speed, you’ll stream even 4K videos smoothly, and should have no problems with HD streaming. A good IPTV service with minimal buffering usually offers subscriptions for $5-20 a month. Buffering hardly happens but if your screens get frozen for a few times while you are watching your favorite show, then you should switch to a provider with better service.

3.4 Supports multiple devices and platforms

A good IPTV service requires multiple versions to run on different platforms depending on the end user’s device. You should be able to use the IPTV service on your Android and iOS devices. A good service provider will also customize the products to run smoothly on a variety of devices such as Android TV, Smart TV, Smart Phone, FireStick TV, PC, Laptop, Tablet …

When signing up with an IPTV provider, you should not go for long-term packages, buying a year of service is surely not a smart move. You stand the gloomy chance that the provider does not last until the end of the year. If possible, make the payment via Paypal for convenience and you will enjoy quick processing time in case you want a refund.

With the above criteria, we hope that you have better know-how when choosing your supplier if you want to learn more, read our recommendations on the best supplier that we hand-pick for you below. 

4. Best paid IPTV service reviews: tried and tested

4.1 Apollo Group IPTV

Installation and devices supported

Registration with Apollo is very simple, after 2-3 minutes of registering, you will receive an email including your login account information and a link to the website providing all versions of Apollo for different equipment. Then, you find the compatible version for your device to download and install. For example, in my case I will install the version on my PC, I scroll down a bit to see the version for PC / Laptop / MAC / Web-interface right there. Apollo is compatible with almost any device and platform you might have. Just click on the download link and you will be guided step by step to install the service on your device.

iptv service with apollo group tv

List of channels and their quality

You will have access to 2692 TV channels worldwide, including the best channels from the UK, the most attractive channels from the US, and even local channels. There is an extensive bunch of channels of other languages in European and Asian countries … If you are a sports fan then Sports Premium channels are what you aim for and Apollo is a very very satisfying prestige supplier. Besides, documentary programs are also a highlight of Apollo. Most channels have no lag or buffering problems and provide smooth HD format. If you want to refer to the channels that Apollo offers, please go to the Apollo homepage to check for your favorite channels, the number of channels is updated and added every day. 

Premium sports channels: supported

The good news for sports fans is that Apollo offers a full range of premium sports channels from the most prestigious leagues such as football, basketball, Olympics, including sports analytics, and sports reviews.

Catch up TV: sadly no

If you do not need to watch Catch up TV then this is just a small downside, to me, everything is fine. I aim for stable service and a variety of channels, Apollo still deserves a vote.

VoDs – Videos and content on-demand: supported

On-Demand Content Library can compensate for Catch Up, when you have tons of on-demand options, I think you won’t need catching-up anything more than that. You will have at least frequently-updated 5000 videos and television shows on demand. To make it easier to find the channel you want to see, using a search tool will save a lot more time than scrolling through thousands of channels.

EPG – Electronic program guide 

Electronic program guide of iptv service

I need to compliment Apollo’s layout, it is very logical and easy to use, arranged in the left-hand side, when selecting any categories, sub-categories or sub-channels will appear on the right on your click. You also don’t need to go to the full EPG page to see what’s going on, in the thumbnails feature both the start and end times of the program. From EPG – Electronic program guide you can add any channel to your favorites.

Package and number of connections

Apollo has four packages to choose from:

  • 1-month subscription plan: $15 
  • 3-month subscription package: $42 
  • 6-month subscription plan: $80
  • 1-year subscription plan: $150

Package and number of connections of iptv service

You have up to 5 connections for these packages, it’s great because you can share with family members, use it on many different devices and locations.

In particular, a seven-day trial with Apollo is completely free, which is an excellent offer for you to experience the service rated by many IPTV reviews as one of the most stable providers today. Apollo also has many advantages such as an easy-to-use layout, accessibility from most countries, buffer-free streaming, and HD quality for most channels. 

4.2 John Doe Streams 

Installation and devices supported

At the John Doe Streams homepage, you will be instructed specifically on how to register and use the site’s services. I recommend that you use the site’s free 24-hour trial before purchasing longer subscription plans. You choose “free 24-hour pass” to try it out, enter the necessary information, and the device you want to install this application on when registering. Just a few minutes later the information you need to sign in has been sent to your email.

John Doe doesn’t support as many platforms as Apollo, so if you want to use this app, check if your device is in the following list:

  • Enigma2 Set-Top IPTV Box
  • Android Devices
  • Firesticks
  • Fire TV

List of channels and their quality

List of channels and their quality of iptv service

They have about 1476 channels, mainly channels from the UK and the US. You can watch several US local channels. Channels with other languages are a bit more limited than Apollo, but John Doe also has German, Russian, Thai, and Swedish channels … Another advantage is the large number of high-quality sports programs broadcasted in HD quality to maximize the user experience. You may encounter a buffer for 1-2 seconds on some channels but the overall experience is still very good, a stable and decent provider that you can put your faith in.

Catch up TV and VoDs – Videos and content on demand

There are 48 catch up TV channels you can watch on John Doe, most of them are from the UK, you can watch programs broadcast from 7 days ago on catch-up channels. Besides, you have access to a huge content library of 4000 TV series and videos on demand. There are animated movies for kids. The channels are of good quality, you can also experience 4K quality. John Doe has a support section so that users can report errors such as buffering or missing content. 

Catch up TV and VoDs – Videos and content on demand

Package and number of connections

You can choose 1, 2 or 3 connections to install on multiple devices and share with family members in different locations. And John Doe also provides packages corresponding to the number of connections. You also benefit from multi-room discount deals. There are 12 subscription packages you can choose from to best suit your needs. Some of them are: 

  • 1 connection – 1 month: 15 dollars.
  • 1 connection – 1 year: 55 dollars.
  • 3 connections – 1 month: 30 dollars.
  • 3 connections – 1 year: 110 dollars.

EPG and record function 

EPG has a nice layout. The channel you have just viewed will be saved and displayed in the top left corner for easy access and resume of the program you are watching. With this EPG, you can check the upcoming shows in the next few hours. You can record the program you watch. This is a unique feature that very few IPTV providers have to offer. With John Doe, the recording is very easy to do. You can record any program you like without limits.

If you are in the UK this can be considered as the best service provider you have right now. Overall, John Doe Stream will give you a great experience at a really low price.

4.3 Vexoz

Installation and devices supported

With Vexoz you have a three-day free trial to test everything possible before sticking with this provider for the long term. To register you just need to enter and a username and email address to get you started with the service. Pay attention to check both emails in spam and junk mails to make sure you do not miss Vexoz’s mail.

Most of the devices are supported

  • Fire TV & Firesticks.
  • Android TV Boxes.
  • iOS Devices.
  • Android Mobile Devices.
  • Smart TV’s where the So Player app is available.

List of channels and their quality

Regarding the number of channels, you have 850 choices to satisfy your needs. Most of the channels are US sources, there are also some British, Canadian channels, and Latino-speaking channels. Besides that you also have loads of premium quality sports channels. HD format is common in all channels and there is no lag or buffer problem.

Pay-per-view (PPV) channels give you various options. However, you cannot watch catch-up channels here. Don’t be sad because you’ll get a rich library of on-demand content, with lots of movies including newly released movies. You also have a section that specializes in UFC, NFL and NHL replays. You should use a search button to quickly access the content you want rather than scrolling through hundreds of channels and thousands of episodes.

Package and number of connections

You can sign up for the package with 2 or 4 connections. However, every device must remain on the same wifi network, except for mobile devices. Note that if your connections are accessed from different wifi addresses, you will be locked out of your account. You will need to contact your provider to open an account for you.

Vexoz only offers month subscription, there are two subscription options,

  • 1 month – 2 connections: $ 20
  • 1 month – 4 connections: $ 25


The navigation and electronic guide are not the best but are easy enough for you to use. At the main EPG page, you can only scroll up or down to see what is being broadcast. You can preview the broadcast schedule for the next 24 hours.

Final Thoughts

I hope that with the information I provide on MOIPTV about IPTV service, there will be a supplier stand out for you and you are willing to try. Our IPTV reviews will be regularly updated to bring you the latest and useful information about this potential Internet Protocol TV service market.

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