How to get fast updated IPTV schedule on your mobiles and smart TVs

With hundreds or even thousands of channels being broadcast by IPTV providers, having a well-organized schedule is very important, but not all providers have this feature. Let’s take a good look at the IPTV schedule in this article of MOIPTV.

1. IPTV services and schedules

1.1 IPTV services

The IPTV schedule is essential to maximize the user experience. As the number of IPTV channels increasingly being added up to thousands of channels, users will have difficulty without a systematic schedule to guide them.

First of all, let’s grab a basic understanding of IPTV, in case you are newbies in this field. IPTV is a service that provides cable and satellite TV channels using the Internet connection instead of cables as used in some traditional ways of broadcasting. The subscription price of IPTV service is much cheaper than cable TV, that’s the reason why TV over Internet Protocol is increasingly seizing the majority of television service users.

Because of using the Internet connection, users only need a compatible device and an Internet connection to watch their favorite TV channels anywhere, anytime. They do not need to depend on fixed TV screens anymore, streaming experience with IPTV is even more convenient for users with the development of technology, so they have equal even better image quality up to 4K format in comparison with traditional TVs.

Most IPTV providers have hundreds or even thousands of TV channels to attract a wide range of users, including the most viewed TV channels, premium sports programs, and on-demand content, pay-per-view channels .. and thousands of TV series in a superb content repository.

1.2 IPTV schedules

Each provider should have a schedule for users to refer to because searching thousands of channels to find their favorite show can be tiring and discouraging.

However, not all providers offer IPTV broadcast schedules, and the reliability of the schedule also greatly depends on each provider. In most of the cases, providers with paid subscriptions plans will have comprehensive and reliable IPTV schedules that they offer. Free IPTV providers, on the other hand, do not have a quality schedule or the reliability of the information is diverse.

IPTV schedule assists users in discovering and selecting TV shows from a detailed channel list. The list contained detailed information of all channels such as channel title, genre, channel description, preview, broadcast schedule. IPTV schedule is usually updated programs for the next 24 hours. What it means is that you can preview what is airing for the next 24 hours. For catch-up channels, users can view previously-shown programs, they can watch programs that were on 7-10 days ago.

Currently, IPTV providers are paying more and more attention to providing a systematically arranged, easy-to-use broadcast schedule for maximum support in order to enhance user experience. By doing that, users will want to stick with the providers in the long run.

2. Why you need IPTV schedules

Known as an interactive feature that helps users discover and choose their favorite shows. A broadcast schedule should contain the following contents:

  • Display showtimes for the next 24 hours
  • Channel name
  • Category
  • Detailed description of the channel
  • Preview of the program that is currently airing
  • Other details

With modern technology development, IPTV schedules become smarter with an easier-to-navigate and easy-to-use interface. Without a broadcast schedule, users will get lost in a world of thousands of TV channels and not know what programs are about to be airing.

Most users consider the subscription of a service provider that has a fully updated IPTV schedule. Viewers can also rely on the following criteria to assess whether a broadcast schedule is good or not as follows:

  • There are channels categorized by genre, by year of release, by air time.
  • Has a quick search function.
  • Customizable, viewers can add channels to their favorites or can add to a personalized playlist.
  • Viewers can use parental controls feature to restrict children from accessing certain content such as adult content, violent content.
  • Preview function is working, and allow viewers to select to records their favorite program for later viewing.

Currently, users are in great demands for accurate IPTV schedules, which requires to be updated quickly, IPTV service providers are also more aware of building smart schedule to maximize support for user experience.

3. How to see IPTV schedules

To view the schedules of IPTV programs, in most cases viewers need to access the EPG (Electronic Program Guide) folder, where users find broadcast schedules for all channels.

However, if your provider does not have a schedule included in the service, you can still search and add it yourself using playlist URLs.

  • Step 1: Go to the EPG section of your device

  • Step 2: Select “add remote EPG source”

  • Step 3: Insert URLs according to the structure as shown below

  • Step 4: Another way that is simpler than pasting a long URL is to go to the Codes API field

  • Step 5: Enter the required information in 4 fields of content: IPTV name, URL of the provider and the port number, username, password, select ADD

  • Step 6: select INSTALL EPG DATA, IPTV broadcast schedules of thousands of channels will be added so you can easily find showtimes and preview upcoming content.

3.1 Find online IPTV schedules

Another way to view showtimes is through several free websites online. You can go to the home page of a channel provider to see the showtimes. For example, if you want to see the schedule of Cartoon Network, go to their home page, this channel provides a complete schedule and more information about what’s coming out as well as featured content.

You just need to use the browser on your device to search for keywords: channels + schedule + your region/country + time.

For example: Cartoon Network schedule + Canada + November 2020

3.2 Where to look for IPTV schedules

IPTV channels broadcast schedule can be found on some other sites listing specialized channels. For instance, TV passport is so popular for sports channels schedules.

This is a page that aggregates the most detailed IPTV schedule of almost all sports channels. You can find schedules of premium sports tournaments like F1, FIFA schedule, MLB schedule, NBA schedules, UEFA schedules, and many other sports there. Besides, they also have highlights content such as movie listings and 24-hour schedule lists of most IPTV channels. The page has a search tool so that viewers can quickly find the schedule or channel they want.

4. How to spot a good IPTV schedule

Uptime 99% or more, users hardly ever encounter blank pages, or they can not access, or content can not be displayed.

  • Fast streaming speed and loading time without lag or buffer when previewing.
  • Easily navigate through thousands of channels.
  • Have a search and select tools to maximize the user experience.
  • Provide a comprehensive description of the channel.

5. Different types of IPTV schedules

There are three main types of IPTV schedules:

  • Preview single channel: Users can only see one program or channel on the schedule if they want to switch to view the schedule of another channel, they have to exit the current one.
  • Preview multi-channels: Allow users to view multiple channels on schedule
  • Preview interactive schedules: This one has a schedule of multiple channels and functions such as navigation, record, search, parent control to save the schedule you want to see, restrict a certain schedule or record a schedule.

Currently, providers are moving toward the Interactive schedules. So that the user can immediately perform the convenient tasks in the schedule screen.

6. Final Thoughts

IPTV schedule will continue to be improved and designed in a more user-friendly, more interactive way. This is for the purpose of adapting and meeting the maximum needs of the user. Features that are not widely used today, such as trailers and previews or records, will be added and become increasingly popular. In the future, users can expect that IPTV schedules are compatible with all devices and have more customer-driven features.


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