What is the best IPTV provider for 2022? Review & Channel Lists

Choosing a reputable IPTV provider is not easy for newcomers, the article will give important criteria and make recommendations for the best IPTV service providers for each location.

Internet Protocol Television, also popularly known as IPTV, offers television channels at competitive prices compared to traditional cable and satellite TV. IPTV Providers supply the ultimate entertainment experiences for their users and are growing a large market share in the television service industry over the years. As a result, viewers have easier and more economical ways to enjoy multimedia content on various platforms such as smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, and eliminate location and time constraints.

1. Keynotes to look for when choosing IPTV providers

1.1 Number of channels and categories

The first thing that comes to mind when choosing a provider is this question: does it have your favorite channels? The more channels they have, of course, the more attractive they are. Hence, you should really keep your eyes on the variety of channels and types of programs, such as video on demand, catch-up channels, live broadcastings. Providers may also separate certain types of channels into prime subscriptions for additional sales or surcharge.

For example, if the Basic plan has fundamental channels, and users want to watch Pay-per-view content or Premium sports channels, they need to purchase a Plus subscription, the providers would make a huge sum of money out of different upselling plans. Therefore, users need to research before signing up for the packages, make sure that you check the features within the package, then you can make payment for the plan you want.

1.2 The popularity and stability of IPTV providers

Obviously, the more widely known a supplier is, the more reasons you will have to make up your mind. Internet technology is increasingly developed, IPTV will be the service television of the future, that’s why the number of providers will keep on inflating. Market demand creates a vibrant playing field, but there is also considerable variation in service quality depending on the suppliers themselves.

Therefore, it is very difficult to find gold in the sand. Look out for the most prominent, most introduced, and most popular providers that can better help you to narrow down the list before coming to a trusted provider to stick with for a long time. For newly entered or little-known suppliers, I recommend using only when someone you know has used and re-introduced it to you.

1.3 The internationalization of the IPTV service

You will want to use the services of the providers with more international channels. Moreover, it is significantly beneficial to have the service available in many countries and regions, even worldwide. Some providers only serve a specific local or country, which will make it difficult for you and sometimes you will not be able to access the service. In particular, when you use a VPN (a virtual private network), a tool to mask your IP address to ensure users’ security and keep your online activities private, your IP address will be relocated to a new location in a different country, even in another continent, so IPTV service providers have to make sure their service is available internationally.

1.4 Some service charges

When it comes to buying a particular product or service, the prices of IPTV subscriptions must be carefully considered. Providers will offer many packages with different costs, you need to pay attention to the number of connections for each package. The number of connections allows you to stream simultaneously on different platforms.

For example, if your subscription has only one connection, when you want to watch IPTV content on mobile you will need to log out of your IPTV account on your laptop, or when you want to watch it on a smart TV, you need to log out of any other accounts on smartphones, tablets or PCs.

A few other points to note when using the service of an IPTV provider are:

  • Free-trial to test and experience the features of the provider.
  • Wide range of supported platforms.
  • Be able to use on different devices at the same time (more than 2 simultaneous connections).
  • Number and quality of channels.
  • No or minimal buffering.
  • Accurate EPG to quickly find your favorite shows.
  • Live TV shows can be recorded.
  • On-demand content, a large collection of films.
  • Catch-up TV programs.
  • Offering discounts on long-term plans.
  • Competitive cost in comparison with the quality and features of subscription packages.

Besides the number of simultaneous connections and prices, you would watch out for the features and the quality of the channels to ensure that these criteria meet your needs before making a payment.

2. Best IPTV providers for UK and US stream: The UK, USA, Canada, and Mexico

2.1 Wolverine IPTV provider

Wolverine TV has TV channels from all over the world, channels from the US, UK, Mexico, Canada, Germany … even local US channels are fully provided. One of Wolverine TV’s powerful features is the fastest-ever loading time. Outstanding speed and smooth streaming experience create entertaining experiences and loyalty from all users.

iptv provider image 1

This will be a great choice for those who want a variety of channels, whichever devices you have, you can still stay integrated with Wolverine TV. You can use Wolverine TV on smart TV devices and also smartphones.

2.2 Voodoo IPTV provider

Having built a reputation for a long time, Voodoo is an IPTV service provider that can be considered the most stable and offer the best quality available today. One of the advantages of Voodoo is its improvement in service from time to time, so users can be assured of the upgraded service status and the number of channels added.

iptv provider image 2

The most prominent TV channels, catch-up programs are fully broadcast. Voodoo IPTV’s interface is very user-friendly, partly thanks to the help of the EPG guide, which will tell you 24-hour schedules and what programs are going to be played next. If you are in the US, you will have almost every local TV channel, the Voodoo IPTV provider also allows streaming Canadian channels.

2.3 TVZON  IPTV provider

Although the number of channels that TVZON is not particularly impressive, in return, you will experience full HD picture quality in all channels and smoothly fast download speed. And of course, the catch-up premium channels are all here. You can rewind to watch these favorite shows repeatedly.

iptv provider image 3

If you opt for quality and prime TV channels, or local US channels, TVZON will definitely satisfy you. You will also have other foreign language-speaking TV channels options, from basically every country in the world.

2.4 OK2 IPTV provider

As a well-known supplier of the North American IPTV market. For the USA, I think no other competitor can surpass OK2.

iptv provider image 4

Supported on any format on any device, OK2 IPTV is known for its smooth integration and running, which will contribute to high-grade customer experiences. Image quality is one of the tops, attracting a larger number of users. All channels are in HD 1080 format, for the first-class image frames.


Just entering the market, QQ IPTV provider has proven its presence to thrive and become a beast among the largest service providers these days.

provider image 5

QQ IPTV provides premium TV channels from the US, Canada, Mexico. It features 3 simultaneous connections in each subscription package to meet customers’ needs. Because, viewers will want more than one device to stream their favorite programs on computers, phones, laptops, tablets, smart TVs … For other suppliers, the number of connections is limited to 1-2 connections, if you want more connections, customers need to pay additional fees.

However, with QQ IPTV you have 3 connections to watch on multiple devices and share with family members. QQ TV will impress you with not only channels from the local US but also from all over the world. I recommend this supreme service particularly to families and people wanting to stream on different platforms.

3. Top IPTV Service Provider Updated

3.1 Apollo IPTV provider

Confident with the service it provides, Apollo IPTV lets customers try its service for 10 days for free to truly experience the exceptional components and premium features of Apollo. The provider does not lock IP so you can use a VPN to access its services and keep your online activities safe.

To get the free trial period, just go to the Apollo website and request “Get Free Trial”. You’ll need to provide your name, email address, and phone number for the 10-day free trial. Immediately after registration, you will receive an email with your username, password, and M3U Link to get started. You can use Apollo on any device by using the stand-alone application or use the M3U link to paste into IPTV media players to stream all your favorite TV channels.

One big advantage is the number of 5 simultaneous connections, and all connections are not IP locked so you can use Apollo on any device, anywhere, share with your family and friends.

provider image 6

3.1.1 Live Channels

More than 2500 Live Channels waiting for you to discover, channels with HD quality and divided into categories such as US Local, Documentaries, Sports Premium Channels … and many countries around the world US, UK, Canada, Philippines, Germany, France, Nordic countries, Spain … Pay-per-view channels also make Apollo’s service worth the money, you won’t have any lag when using Apollo IPTV service.

3.1.2 Movies and TV shows

There are more than 10,000 movies available on the Apollo IPTV library. You will really enjoy the TV drama experience with Apollo because of its premium sound and picture quality. You also get access to over 1000 TV shows, equivalent to over 60000 episodes for unlimited binge-watch, including newly released ones, blockbusters. You can also request Apollo to add your favorite shows. This can be done using the request form on the home page, where each user can ask for up to 3 shows. If your request is legitimate, Apollo can respond immediately with the new addition of TV shows within an hour.

3.1.3 TV guide

You can find schedules for channels here, showtimes are sorted by program type categories and by countries. This will save you time finding the time and broadcast schedule of your favorite shows.

3.1.4 Price

The price of a subscription per month is $ 15 and you have up to 5 connections, you can also consider buying longer-term plans to save money, with Apollo you can rest assured of the stability of service.

3.2 Bestbuy IPTV provider

One of the best value-for-money IPTV providers is Bestbuy IPTV. The service that this provider offers can be run on various platforms and media players such as IPTV Smarters pro, TiViMate, Xtream Player, and almost any Android TV boxes. You can also use Bestbuy IPTV on other operating systems as Bestbuy IPTV provides an M3U link to stream all contents. There is no IP Lock so you are completely free from trouble to use it.

Especially, Bestbuy gives you a 24-hour free trial to experience the service. You will surely be satisfied with what this reputable IPTV service provider has to offer.

provider image 7

3.2.1 Live channels

The number of Live TV channels is a huge plus point with over 10,600 channels from all over the world, and all of them are working perfectly, so you won’t have to worry about inactive channels. Among these channels, users may be particularly interested in the pay-per-view program. No matter where you come from and what language you speak, Bestbuy can provide you with IPTV services according to your preferences and language.

The noticeable advantage of Bestbuy is the highest video quality and fast streaming that make users feel comfortable and enjoyable with the service without buffering problems. For Live Channels, EPG will help you schedule time for watching because you can view the 24-hour timetable for the live broadcast of all channels so that you never miss the show you love.

3.2.2 Movies

A large movie warehouse with over 30,000 choices of all genres including comedy, thriller, action, classic, live actions, fiction, etc is one of your most concerns to choose the best fit IPTV service. Viewers can bookmark their favorite movies, or recently viewed movies, be placed in separate folders so viewers can easily resume what they’re watching.

3.2.3 Series and Catch-up

Currently, Bestbuy offers nearly 4000 attractive series in all languages ​​such as English, French, German, Arabic, Indian. One advantage of Bestbuy IPTV is the Catch-up channels, as the number of users is demanding this feature more and more. To meet the customers’ demand, Bestbuy has fully broadcast the most attractive catch-up channels.

Besides the above advantages, Bestbuy has unique features such as multi-screen layouts, you can choose a layout to watch 2-3-4 channels simultaneously, the experience is very strange and unique.

You can record the program you like for later viewing, this is also a function that very few IPTV service providers have to offer.

3.2.4 Compatibility

BestBuyIPTV also offers a diversity of devices such as smartphones, Smar TVs, Android boxes, Mag devices, Firestick TVs, iOS, and other typical devices. Common to all devices is their ease of usage and friendly-interface that are concentrated on streaming. They also provide tremendous entertainment content, user-friendliness, and breathtaking performance compared with other devices.

4. Final Thoughts

Recommendations and detailed information about the most reputable IPTV service providers will save you time and trouble sorting yourself. All the IPTV providers mentioned above are tested and put in categories for the user’s preferences, so you can quickly come to smart and suitable decisions. IPTV will definitely give you an experience worth more than the cost you pay, it’s better to spend a little time to learn about this service and the best IPTV providers out there.



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