How to get free IPTV Playlist collections of thousand TV channels

What is IPTV Playlist? How does it work? How will you use the IPTV Playlist to enhance your TV experience? Find out with MOIPTV via this article. 

1. What is IPTV?

IPTV is the television solution of the future and will become more and more popular. The growth of IPTV is huge with more IPTV service providers and IPTV resellers.

Are you a regular user of cable TV service? It is very likely that you still do not know IPTV. But maybe you are also using IPTV to watch your favorite Netflix shows, Youtube Streaming channels that you haven’t realized yet.

1.1 Let’s start with the name “IPTV”

It is an abbreviation of internet protocol television. This is how television programs are broadcast over the Internet protocol. In IPTV, you do not need to watch scheduled programs like cable TV, although this content also makes up a relatively significant part of the IPTV service.

Users can subscribe to the IPTV package and the provider will send you the IPTV channels and content of the package you subscribe to. IPTV is like a Netflix service, the ideas are the same, but IPTV offers a variety of video channels and shows instead of specializing in movies.

1.2 How to watch IPTV  

Most TVs today are not made to be optimized for IPTV, so users might need a TV box to convert what you get from the Internet protocol into a format your TV can read.

However, if you own a smart TV that can connect to the Internet, the job becomes a lot easier. You can use it as a computer to sign up for an IPTV subscription service and stream your favorite content without any additional converters.

So what does IPTV have to make up for its success and popularity nowadays?

First of all, look at what IPTV has to offer.

IPTV has three main components: Live TV channels, time-shifted media, Video on demand.

1.3 IPTV three main parts

  • Live TV channels

It is similar to how you watch live scheduled channels. Other than the fact that it’s broadcast over the Internet instead of a traditional TV. On the plus side, users today can watch on multiple devices, not only on large screens but also on smartphones, tablets…. as long as they have an Internet connection. Many people choose to watch sports channels this way on the go so they don’t miss out on the most updated news.

  • Time-shifted media

Some IPTV providers also call it Catch-up TV, the idea is that if you miss a show on its airtime, you can simply catch up later, as these channels after being broadcast, will not be deleted immediately on the server but will be saved for a certain period of time. During that time, users can rewind to watch at their leisure.

However, these programs will not be there forever, normally, users can go back and watch the program within 48 hours.

  • Video on demand

This is a huge library of content containing movies, reality TV shows, seasonal sports programs… IPTV  providers can create a library of users’ preferences suitable for private packages. Users, in turn, can have a number of subscriptions. On-demand content will be available to users at any time. It’s like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. Furthermore, the providers will also add a number of new content to diversify and update the latest ones. So, this is the part that receives a lot of attention from IPTV subscribers.

2. Find out with the best IPTV Playlist

2.1 Its format

IPTV Playlist is a list of many channels that the provider combines from their resources. It can be on a specific topic, yet it can also be incredibly diverse. It is formatted as a URL link. You cannot use the normal browser of your phone or computer to access these links. As it is the M3U or M3U8 format.

IPTV services often build their application or a platform for users to more easily use and enhance the user experience. However, some providers only give you an M3U link when you sign up for their plan. Meanwhile, users need to have a media player that allows streaming using links of M3U format to watch the content that the playlist contains.

2.2 Paid and free IPTV Playlist

The truth is, no one wants to pay if there is a free IPTV. Traditional television services are being overpriced. But you can replace it and still have engaging service packages and playlists from other IPTV providers.

2.3 Fluxus IPTV

Fluxus is an IPTV television provider where you can watch thousands of channels for free. It is a URL that allows the content to be broadcast you can use to stream directly to your device using media players.

We already have articles that show you how to get started with Fluxus. Make sure you read the contents in detail about Fluxus IPTV. Fluxus channels meet the needs of all audiences. Especially, for users in English-speaking countries, you will find the most attractive TV channels here such as AMC, National Geographic, CNBC, Fox…

Fluxus also has its IPTV playlist cinema. It is a list of movies from all over the world. And it will certainly have many languages ​​for users to enjoy. Currently, Fluxus Cinema has 8 popular languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Italian, and Arabic. The number of movies is always updated and increased day by day. One last point is that you have access to this huge repository of content for free.

2.4 Open-source GitHub IPTV playlists

You will have access to a large collection of TV channels with up to 8,000 free IPTV channels. How great it is. And it’s open-source, this would mean third-party providers can add unlimited content. Accordingly, users will also benefit from the rich variety of content. Let’s take a look at the steps of how you will use Github IPTV playlists to watch your favorite shows.

Step 1: Open your browser and find Github on the search toolbar

iptv playlist image 1

Step 2: Click on the Github website result to open

iptv playlist image 2

Step 3: Open the Menu by clicking the button

iptv playlist image 3

Step 4: In the search bar, select IPTV and click enter to search

iptv playlist image 4

Step 5: After the results show up, click on the following link iptv-org/iptv

iptv playlist image 5

Step 6: You will see lots of IPTV playlists divided into folders. Those are the m3u paths. Now, users just need to copy these links and paste them into a media player to free stream channels in the playlist.

iptv playlist image 6

Step 7: Scroll down the footer, you will see instructions on how to use the m3u URL to stream to over 8000 free TV channels.

iptv playlist image 7

3. How to use IPTV Playlist

3.1. How to stream free IPTV Playlist using VLC

In this article, I will guide you to stream on one of the most popular and widely used media players today VLC. It can be installed on most smart devices, computers, phones, and tablets.

Step 1: Download and install the version compatible with your device, open VLC Media Player

Step 2: Choose Media

How to stream free IPTV Playlist using VLC step 3

Step 3: Select Open Network Stream

Step 4: Copy the m3u link and paste it into the URL field

How to stream free IPTV Playlist using VLC step 4

Step 5: Click Play, wait for the system to connect and you will get a list of thousands of TV channels to enjoy

Step 6: Click to view, you have hundreds and thousands of options. It’s time to enjoy.

Step 7: At Github, playlists are divided by languages, countries, genres … so users have a lot of options and it is no limit on what you can get from IPTV Playlists.

3.2 How to stream free IPTV Playlist using KODI

If you already know IPTV, you will know about KODI. It’s like a browser, like Chrome to search for everything, and KODI is a browser for multimedia content. KODI is widely used on smart TVs to stream IPTV Playlists. If you do not know how to use it, here comes the instructions from MOIPTV. First, please copy the path m3u IPTV Playlist available,  you can have it from Fluxus or Github as I have mentioned above.

Step 1: Open KODI and select the Settings icon

Step 2: Select System Settings

Step 3: In the Add-ons section, select Unknown Sources, make sure you turn it on.

Step 4: Select Yes to continue

Step 5: Click on Add-ons => My add-ons to continue to perform some other important settings

Step 6: In the My add-ons section, find PVR clients, click on PVR clients

Step 7: In PVR clients, navigate to PVR IPTV Simple Client and click

Step 8: Enable this add-on, then select the Configure section

Step 9: In the empty field under Location, click to enter the path.

Step 10: Paste the m3u link here, hit OK

Step 11: The system needs to reboot for the playlist to work. Select OK to restart.

Step 12: Wait for KODI to restart, open the TV section, you will see the newly added channels here.

Step 13: Choose a channel and enjoy

You may need to use a VPN to ensure that your geolocation is not restricted, which is also a way to keep users safe online.

4. Free IPTV Playlist for Android devices

If you have an Android phone, you can immediately install these IPTV applications to be connected to hundreds of free TV channels. Live Net TV is a good choice as there are over 800 live TV channels available. The number of active channels is huge for you to watch anytime, anywhere. The provider’s support is also very useful and recommended, given it is a completely free service. You can download and use Live Net TV.

Another free source to watch the most exciting TV channels is Modbro. It is famous for its stability. In addition to a beautifully designed and easy-to-use interface, Modbro also has the advantage of entertainment content such as movies, music, reality TV… Modbro’s system maintains amazingly high uptime for users to have access to the most favorite channels. This service provides the best channels especially for British American users, such as BBC, CNN, Fox… And all are for free.

5. Paid IPTV Playlist Subscription

Users may choose to pay fees to view the IPTV Playlist. If you don’t want to go through the steps of finding free m3u links online which might contain lots of scams and fake sites, fake links, then the better idea for you is to consider sticking with a paid IPTV provider. You will get stability and thoughtful customer care.

An IPTV plan costs an average of 15-30 dollars a month, you can get as cheap as 5 dollars a month if you subscribe to Area 51, or you can pay up to 45 dollars to stream from Sling TV. The market is quite diverse. However, we can agree that it is more budget-efficient than traditional television forms.

The premium provider will have their own platform for streaming, or they may give you an m3u link. How to use the m3u link is easy, as I have mentioned above. However, IPTV providers know how to make their solutions and service packages attractive to users by adding specialized and premium content.

Firstly, users have the full range of IPTV components, live TV channels. catchup media and video on demand. Moreover, users also have other exclusive content such as top sports channels, adult content, or special features of the service package they have subscribed to.

The paid IPTV playlists will be stable and users don’t have to constantly replace them. Thanks to the variety of content, IPTV providers are selling a lot of packages and this trend will flourish in the future.

6. Final Thoughts

Although some countries have not officially legalized these streaming activities, users can still bypass it using a VPN. People are shifting to smarter TV solutions, and with just one IPTV Playlist you can stream hundreds and thousands of TV content online. So the question for you is why haven’t you joined us. Being an IPTV user today, you will be a part of the future of television.

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