How to watch IPTV on multi-platforms: Best IPTV players for windows, iOS & Android devices

It’s easy to watch IPTV content on digital devices with the help of the best IPTV Players. Check out our top IPTV Player lists below from the top experts of MOIPTV

Users who love streaming content online are always interested in applications that make the most of their streaming experience. IPTV Players will help users to enjoy streaming on the go, streaming on all electronic devices. Before coming to the best candidates of IPTV players, please check out about IPTV in general first.

1. IPTV Overview

When using IPTV player on your device, you can stream 3 types of content:

  • Content or videos on Demand: (VOD) A huge database of content that you can watch over and over again. It is more or less like Netflix. Here is a library where you’ll find a wide range of feature films, reality TV channels, and the best sports episodes.
  • Time-shifted media feature TV channels, premium sports channels, and all sorts of content. Keep in mind that they are only available for a certain amount of time. For example, you can review programs from two days ago. For programs that have been broadcast before that time limitation, you will not be able to watch them.
  • Live Channels: These are live channels. The content is transmitted in real-time as the event occurs. If you like live soccer matches, live events make sure your provider has this option.

2. Benefits of IPTV Players over other providers’ apps

  • Consistent and easy-to-use interface.
  • One IPTV Player can be the platform of multiple IPTV providers.

Instead of installing many independent apps from providers, which would cost device capacity, users need one IPTV Player for all purposes. For example, streaming their favorite channel, customize playlists, add channels to the favorites lists… 

  • The high integration allows IPTV Players to be compatible with multiple IPTV supplies.
  • Automatically update TV programs for channels.
  • Download and install for free.

3. Top IPTV Players for Smart TVs and Mobiles

3.1 Tivimate

Tivimate Media player does not limit the number of playlists that a user can add to the app. This enables you to gather all free M3U links online to test the app in and out. However, you need not do so, because Tivimate ranks on top positions for IPTV players.

Users have the ability to personalize their experience with Tivimate. For example, users can choose which channels appear in TV Guide, and manually upload a logo for playlists/channels. The options extend to category adjustments such as adding, renaming and hiding categories. Furthermore, the interface is very easy for the user to get a hang of. Even a newbie can’t get lost with Tivimate.

The free version of Tivimate has been very good. If you are a fan of IPTV streaming, it is highly recommended that the Tivimate Pro is worth a try. It only costs $5 a year. The price is very cheap compared to the features you get. Pro users can install Tivimate on 5 devices.

top iptv player

  • Smartphones utility: TiVimate doesn’t have a smartphone version yet, it can be used on browsers though. The mobile applications will soon be launched and sure to take the market by storm.
  • Free download link of the player:

3.2 Smarters IPTV

Smarters IPTV is not only widely used by users. It is also the choice of many IPTV Providers. You know, not IPTV Providers also have their own streaming platforms. Most IPTV providers only provide M3U links to users. They recommend their users to use the Smarter IPTV media Player to use the service. As such, Smarters IPTV has become very popular. Smarters IPTV comes in Basic and Pro versions. With the Pro plan, you can log in with multiple users. That means a service pack is shared for two or more users, they can log in and watch at the same time. With the Basic Package, you are the only user. If someone else wants to log in, you must log out of Smarters IPTV account.

The app supports streaming all on-demand content, TV shows, and catch-up channels. All content from the provider will be streamed and played smoothly by Smarters IPTV. Smarters IPTV gained popularity thanks to its high integration. You can use Smarters IPTV for videos from other media players like VLC and Perfect Player.

smart iptv player

  • Smartphones utility: The application is available for smartphones. But the best experience is on the widescreen display. With picture quality up to 4K, Smarters IPTV delight all viewers. This is definitely the best IPTV Player for Android devices.
  • Free download link of the player:


GSE application has a very nice design. It’s like the powerful Lite version of the digital TV app. Streamlined EPG layout makes it easy for users to find their favorite channels.

GSE IPTV supports all content formats such as ZIP, GZ, and XML. Moreover, no matter what sources you use, GSE IPTV can stream smoothly. The content of live TV channels from link HTTP, HSL, m3u, m3u8, mss … can be used with GSE IPTV. Users with young children will find the parent control feature especially helpful. Subtitles of the channels can be added using the SRT file.

iptv player - gse iptv

  • Smartphones utility: GSE IPTV player is an absolutely compatible app for all devices. What great news. GSE is unrivaled, in terms of cross-platform compatibility. You can find and install GSE IPTVapp on any device like Android mobiles and smart TVs, iOS, Apple smart TV, Chromecast, and Amazon Fire TVs.
  • Free download link of the player:

3.4 Perfect Player

Like GSE, the perfect player also has a user-friendly design. This application runs on the PC. Users can synchronize PCs with mobile devices or TV to have a consistent experience and service across platforms.

The application supports multiple formats and an unlimited number of playlists. With Perfect Players, users can use the EPG file to quickly find their favorite TV channels.

iptv player - perfect player

  • Smartphones utility: You can use it on Android platforms. However, the TV will give a better experience and higher display quality.
  • Free download link of the player:


As noted above IPTV Players are a means/method of streaming content. The Players themselves do not have the content available. Therefore, users will need to register the IPTV package with service providers.

Make sure that your IPTV service provider has an M3U Link for convenience to stream on IPTV Players. Especially, if you have an EPG link, it’s very helpful. You can think of the EPG (Electronic Program Guide) as a program pre-show list. It lets you know what content to air in the next 24 hours.

  • If you haven’t found a specific IPTV provider. Check out the free M3U Link below. It comes from Fluxus IPTV, a free M3U link provider.
  • Free IPTV Playlist:
  • Some other high-recommended IPTV Players for you to check out: Lazy IPTV, OTT Navigator.

4. Top IPTV Players for Windows/PC/web-based platforms

Here is a list of the best IPTV Players for Window platforms and how to install them

4.1 My IPTV Player

My IPTV Player is a great IPTV player software. In particular, it shines with the Windows platform. Viewers will easily use and watch all their favorite shows with My IPTV Player.

Users download My IPTV Player for free on the Microsoft Store. My IPTV Player allows you to watch live TV channels and videos using M3U Playlists.

The easy and beautiful interface is the advantage of My IPTV Player. I’ll show you how to use My IPTV Player to stream channels you want.

Top IPTV Player for Windows/PC/web-based platforms

Steps to install and use

  • Step 1: Go to Microsoft Store, download and install My IPTV Player.
  • Step 2: Launch My IPTV Player application.
  • Step 3: Select Settings. Next, select Add new playlist and EPG source. You enter the name of the Playlist you want. You can name it as you like.
  • Step 4: Click Add local list. You will enter the M3U link, the EPG link sent to you by the IPTV service provider. Click select Add remote list.
  • Step 5: Go back to the Settings page. At Select, Chanel Playlist selects the playlist you just added and select Refresh.

4.2 VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is one of the most commonly used media players. Most Windows 10 users have VLC Media Player installed. This app not only helps users to watch local TV channels. VLC Media Player can also stream IPTV content using M3U files.

Top IPTV Player - VCL media

Steps to install and use

Here’s how to use VLC Media Player to stream your favorite IPTV channels.

  • Step 1: Go to Microsoft Store, download and install VLC Media Player.
  • Step 2: Launch the VLC Media Player application.
  • Step 3: Select Media. From the dropdown list select Open Network Stream
  • Step 4: You enter the M3U List sent by the IPTV provider

With just such simple steps users have access to the wonderful world of IPTV. Streaming online content has never been so easy.

4.3 KODI

KODI is a great app to manage your entertainment content store. You can also use KODI to stream digital TV channels and content on-demand. KODI works, but Chrome has lots of add-ons that allow you to stream loads of IPTV content. With these Add-ons, you get access to Live channels, the most chilling TV series.

Steps to install and use

Below are instructions on how to stream content using KODI.

  • Step 1: Download and install KODI on your device
  • Step 2: Open the application
  • Step 3: At the home screen of the application, select TV to stream the TV content. Or select Radio to stream radio stations. In this case, continue with TV
  • Step 4: Then, enter the URL / M3U Link to use.

Another way is to use Add-ons. Please check Add-on’s compatibility with your IPTV service provider before installing it.

4.4 Free TV Player

Free TV Player takes the top spot as being the best IPTV Players of the year. It’s a free app and very popular among PC users. Windows users can use the app to stream online content, premium TV channels, TV series, feature films, and radios.

Steps to install and use

To use this great app. You will perform the following steps.

  • Step 1: Install Free TV Player
  • Step 2: Select the symbol (+)
  • Step 3: Paste the M3U playlist to start connecting.
  • Step 4: Put the name of your new Playlist, paste the link m3u, m3u8,… .Hit OK. Wait a moment for the system to boot and you should be able to watch any of your favorite TV channels.

Some other high-recommended IPTV Players for Windows, you should check out

In addition to the applications listed above, the Windows platform enjoys a wide variety of developers and IPTV Players. Such as ProgDVB/ProgTV, Plex IPTV player, IPTV player

5. Final Words

You’ve just seen the best IPTV Players applications with cross-platform multi-application. If the recording feature is a must for you, Tivimate is a smart choice. IPTV Smarters will also let you record your favorite shows. These two IPTV players emerged as the brightest stars in the market right now. MOIPTV hopes to help you choose suitable IPTV Players to stick with for a long time!

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