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Best IPTV providers for Xbox one in 2021 and Set-up Guides

Technology is evolving and Xbox’s users now can watch thousands of live TV channels. In this article, MOIPTV will give advice on the best IPTV providers and break down set-up instructions of services on your IPTV on xBox one.

1. Install IPTV on Xbox One and 360

Users can use KODI or MyIPTV Player to stream IPTV subscription plans. It should be noted that these are two streaming platforms and they have no IPTV content. Therefore, users need to register the service with a provider to have an active account to use IPTV services.

After that, new users use the installation steps to perform installation and set-up to stream their IPTV package. A list of the best providers for Xbox comes later after covering the technical guide.

1.1 Install IPTV on Xbox One and 360 using My IPTV Player

MyIPTV Player is a powerful and popular tool for Xbox users to stream online content and IPTV live TV channels. It is an official app, and this media player is installed and used by most Xbox users, in case you don’t have this app on your Xbox yet, I will give a detailed guide for users to easily follow.

1.1.1 Get MyIPTV Player installed on Xbox

  • Step 1: Open your Xbox and make sure it’s connected to a stable internet server.
  • Step 2: The user goes to Apps and searches for MyIPTV Player
  • Step 3: Click to select and install this application

1.1.2 Add IPTV playlist using My IPTV Player

  • Step 4: After the application has been installed successfully, users open MyIPTV and select Settings
  • Step 5: Scroll down and select Add new playlist and EPG source
  • Step 6: Go to Remote Channels and name your playlist
  • Step 7: Users will type the M3U URL provided in your IPTV registration package, or use the copy-paste function because the link is so long. Then, select Add remote list.
  • Step 8: Once the playlist has been added, the user needs to add an EPG, this TV guide is very useful to have because it shows the broadcast time of the programs. Users go to Program Guide (EPG – Electronic Program Guide) and then enter the same username. After that, enter the EPG URL provided in your IPTV plan. Then, you select Add EPG Source
  • Step 9: Once you’ve finished adding playlist and add EPG, you need to reset the app so that channels and content are loaded on the media player. It doesn’t mean to turn off your device though. To do this you will follow the instructions below.

1.1.3 Refresh MyIPTV Player

  • Step 10: Return to the Settings screen
  • Step 11: The user identifies the dropdown menu below the field “Select channel playlist”. Click on the menu icon near Select Playlist, and see your Playlist just added, then click the refresh button to load the content in that playlist. When the process is complete, users shall see a message popping up indicating the channels and content have been refreshed and they will then appear on the screen of the device.
  • Step 12: The next step is to refresh the EPG. It goes through a similar process, go to Select EPG source, Click the EPG just added, and then choose refresh.
  • Step 13: After you have downloaded the content in your IPTV package, users scroll down to the Channel and EPG settings section and enable the following options: Refresh remote channel list on app launch (this function helps to automatically download the content of live TV channels and on-demand content every time a user opens the MyIPTV Player application). Next, users enable the option Download EPG when no data available on current data
  • Step 14: Now go back to the main screen and choose Channels.
  • Step 15: A list of channels will appear and select a channel to watch

1.2 Install IPTV on Xbox One and 360 using Kodi

Kodi is both a media player and a browser designed exclusively for IPTV content. It uses add-ons to become a platform for streaming on-demand video live television. MOIPTV suggests an add-on called PVR IPTV Simple Client is used the most and supports the optimal features. First of all, users need to download KODI from Xbox Store and install it on the device. Then, users will follow these steps to use KODI for IPTV Streaming on their XBOX.

Install IPTV on Xbox One and 360 using Kodi

1.2.1 Get KODI installed on Xbox

  • Step 1: Open KODI, on the Main Menu on the left-hand side, select Addons
  • Step 2: Select the Download category
  • Step 3: Scroll down and find PVR Clients, click on it to continue
  • Step 4: Then, users scroll to find PVR IPTV Simple Client, click it to download the addon
  • Step 5: The download is completed

1.2.2 Install Add-on and add IPTV Playlist

  • Step 6: The next step is to install this addon, the user selects Install
  • Step 7: The user waits for the system to run and then right-click and select Information
  • Step 8: Next, select Configure to change some settings. In the General section, the user needs to click Add the M3U playlist, the link is sent from the IPTV provider with login information. The user copies and pastes the M3U URL in the requested field. Then, select EPG settings, enter the Add EPG source URL field. Ask your supplier or your IPTV resellers to get this information, users only need to do these initial setups once, and the system will do it automatically from next time. After completing the necessary information, click OK.
  • Step 9: The user then needs to restart the KODI application for the above settings to be done. You exit and close KODI then restart it. When returning, users click on TV on the left menu.
  • Step 10: Channels in the IPTV playlist that the user registered will appear here. The user clicks on a channel to view its content.

The installation steps as described above, users only need to perform for the first time, after that, the system will automatically and just open streaming apps such as KODI or MyIPTV Player, users can immediately use services of IPTV.

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2. Best IPTV providers for Xbox

2.1 Paid IPTV providers

2.1.1 John Doe Streams

Price and connections

This is a solid provider, preferred by IPTV users in North America. It offers 3 simultaneous connections for as little as 15$ a month, which is very competitive. Users have the fastest payment through Stripe and get instant account credentials.

How to install and set up IPTV services

Users can use the two installation methods with KODI and MyIPTV Player presented above to use the John Doe Streams packages

IPTV on Xbox One with iptv provider

Best features:

  • The quality of John Doe Streams channels is top-notch, guaranteed, and tested over time with over 1500 live channels
  • Rich content on-demand, including over 5000 movies, 800 TV series
  • Catch-up and premium sports channels
  • Diverse adult content
  • Users can sign up for a free trial of the service

2.1.2 Apollo Group TV

Price and connections

The user will pay 25$ a month for an account. An undeniable advantage is that the user has up to 5 simultaneous connections per account and no IP restrictions. So, if you want to share this plan with other users, you surely can.

IPTV on Xbox One - Apollo

How to install and set up IPTV services

Users do not have the Apollo Group TV separate app to install on their Xbox, so they still need M3U & EPG URLs. Please review the installation instructions on KODI to stream content from Apollo Group TV

Best features:

  • 5 simultaneous connections per user account.
  • All 1000+ live TV channels have HD resolution.
  • Rich, on-demand content and programs with no interruption of advertising.
  • It’s great that Apollo Group TV users can experience the service for free for 10 days. Users only need to provide their phone numbers to receive the trial period.

2.1.3 Gears TV

Price and connections

If a user is looking for the best IPTV providers for online sports channels, I would recommend Gears TV. Users only need to pay 25$ a month for the ultimate sports experience including all the hottest leagues like NFL (American professional football league), NBA (professional basketball league), MLB (soccer league American professional baseball), NHL (professional hockey tournament)…

IPTV on Xbox One - Gears

How to install and set up IPTV services

Users use the M3U link to stream from the IPTV Playlist as instructed above.

Best features:

  • Premium sports content at low prices for outstanding quality.
  • More than 400 selected live TV channels with high quality.
  • Excellent customer support.

2.1.4 Beast TV

Price and connections

Starting at just 15$, users get access to over 12,000+ Full HD Live Channels from the largest broadcast stations and TV networks.

How to install and set up IPTV services

You use M3U links to stream the service with the above instructions to install and set up Beast IPTV on Xbox One and 360.

Best features:

  • Chosen Top IPTV Provider for many years.
  • Ultimate streaming quality with 4K quality.
  • VOD is updated regularly.
  • The TV guide is accurate and integrated automatically.

2.1.5 Sportz TV IPTV

Price and connections

The subscription cost for the IPTV service package ranges from 20 USD per month. The provider has many different packages to best suit the needs of users. Details of each package can be found easily.

How to install and set up IPTV services

This provider has many app versions to install on the user’s device, Sportz-integrated devices can be used immediately or users can use M3U URL with media player to stream IPTV service.

Best features

  • The TV channel’s quality is outstanding in HD and Full HD.
  • Fully support functions such as Parental control, automatic EPG updates.
  • There are over 6800 live TV channels and a massive store of on-demand content.

2.2 Free IPTV providers

If you are a new user and want to experience the outstanding benefits of IPTV, the following free options would be best for you to use IPTV services on your Xbox device.

2.2.1 Peacock TV

Application with a very nice and modern interface has just launched the service since 2020, but it has millions of users. You can get the free version with great live TV channels, sports tournaments like Premier League, news, and feature films.

If you are a regular user and want to expand your experience, you can consider subscribing to Premium or Premium Plus plans.

2.2.2 Pluto TV

I have been using Pluto for a long time and do not want to switch to any other provider. Not only is it completely free, but Pluto IPTV’s service is also excellent. It is a free application with an easy-to-use interface. Users will have about 280 HD TV channels, including news, entertainment, 24/7 movies, fashion, reality TV, Kids, Sports …

M3U and EPG URLs to use the following settings:

  • Playlist URL:
  • Add EPG URL:

2.2.3 Xumo

Xumo provides about 190 live TV channels, rich on-demand content.

If you are outside the US and want to use services from the above free providers, you may need to use a VPN. It then limits the user’s location when using these free services. Can you find another route and it is also safer to use a virtual private network for IPTV services.

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Final Thoughts

Xbox users have an additional selection of the best IPTV providers, including free and paid providers. They usually do not develop specific versions of applications for Xbox but use media players to easily stream IPTV service content. MOIPTV also offers detailed installation with MyIPTV Player and KODI for Xbox to simplify installation even with IPTV newbies.

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