Get the latest IPTV links to stream free thousands of channels

Update the latest list of IPTV links to avoid problems for users, you can now watch thousands of engaging channels at ease. The article of MOIPTV will guide how to set up and use IPTV links to enjoy free television!

1. What are IPTV links?

The Internet makes television services more acceptable and affordable for everyone. IPTV service is gaining popularity these days. IPTV is a method of transmitting TV content over Internet protocol. With the Internet, you have a world of television services ranging from news, films, sports, entertainment… IPTV also offers a much more economical choice than cable and satellite TV. Users can subscribe to a premium service by an IPTV provider, or they can use available IPTV links, widely known as M3U links, to stream a variety of content on the Internet for free.

The article will help to provide information for readers so that they can have IPTV links and know-how to use on their devices. We also offer setup instructions, make use of free links to watch thousands of great TV channels from sports, entertainment, news, feature films, PPV channels, and more. Especially, you can use it completely free of charge.

If you want a stable and hate looking for an active M3U link, you can choose to buy subscription packages with IPTV providers. Some providers will have self-developed applications for users to install and use to view content via the application. However, most providers do not develop the application themselves. Because creating an application costs a lot of money and they have to update the app regularly to meet the increasing number of users. Most IPTV providers will give users M3U Links, also known as IPTV Links. Users use these links to paste in a media player to stream online IPTV content.

Another way to view IPTV content, users go online to find M3U links that are freely shared among IPTV communities to use. With active IPTV links, they can use media players, TV boxes, Android TV boxes… to stream TV services for free.

2. Where to get IPTV links?

As mentioned above, IPTV providers will most likely give you M3U links to use. Therefore, you just need to register a plan with them. The price of the normal package for IPTV service is about 10-20 dollars a month on average. This price is much cheaper if you subscribe to the traditional IPTV service via cable or satellite.

Some sites can give you free links. One thing to keep in mind with free items is that they change frequently. If a link is no longer active, you will need to find a new active link. Here are some sites that provide quality m3u/m3u8 links, they are updated most frequently to add more channels and guarantee the best streaming experience for end-users.

Sefartech: Links are updated to the latest versions so that users stay tuned with the current. The advantage of this site is it provides a lot of links from the best and most popular IPTV channels that you would want to watch. They allow users to stream IPTV TV content from the US, Europe, Arabic-speaking channels, premium sports channels. There are instructions on the page to set up on all devices. The tutorials are very detailed, if you’re looking for IPTV experience and don’t want to stick with paid plans then this is the place to start.

5Kplayer: This is one of the most popular media players today, specializing in streaming Internet content. This application is also regularly updated with the latest M3U links, M3U8 links for users to enjoy. With 5Kplayer, users will be able to watch live IPTV on any devices such as iPhones, iPads, Smart TVs…. This one can be considered as the website with the richest number of channels up to now. All online TV content from all countries and regions around the world. Users can watch channels from the USA, Canada, Russia, Germany, France, Arabic IPTV, Europe, Italy, Turkey, Spain… the playlists fully update content from featured films, IPTV sports, news, football, entertainment… A benefit of it is the quality of the channels, they work well without any delay. You should also ensure a good Internet connection for satisfactory stream quality.

3. How to run IPTV links on your devices

3.1 Setup IPTV Links on PC

Please follow the steps below to install the M3U URL on personal computers. I recommend you to use VLC Media Player (or 5KPlayer) because it integrates well on all current computers. You will be guaranteed the quality of the sound and the images. Moreover, this IPTV application is easy to install and use. It also provides great support for listening and downloading multimedia content.

How to use IPTV is explained step by step as follows:

3.1.1 Use downloaded IPTV links on the Internet

You can find many sites that allow downloading of active IPTV links on the Internet, to use them you will download these links and use the media player to stream TV channels content.

Step 1: You install VLC Media Player (or 5KPlayer), in this article, I will guide you on how to install and use 5Kplayer to stream on computer devices. Download the links, it can be in M3U or M3U8 format.

Use downloaded IPTV links on the Internet step 1

Step 2: Once the links have been downloaded to your computer, click on open links or shown as plain text.

Use downloaded IPTV links on the Internet step 2

Step 3: Copy the link with the .m3u or .m3u8 file extension then you use a media player application like 5Kplayer to stream the content.

Use downloaded IPTV links on the Internet step 3

Step 4: Open the 5Kplayer application, select “live” to activate the function of streaming online via URL

Use downloaded IPTV links on the Internet step 4

Step 5: Paste the M3U or M3U8 you just selected, then click on the button “play”

Use downloaded IPTV links on the Internet step 5

Step 6: Wait a moment to establish the connection and stream stability, then the online content will be displayed on the screen of your device.

Use downloaded IPTV links on the Internet step 6

3.1.2 Use your available IPTV links (m3u links)

If you already have active IPTV links, streaming is even simpler. You follow the steps below.

Step 1: Open IPTV links with the Notepad application or you can also choose shown as plain text.

Use your available IPTV links step 1

Step 2: Copy the link with .m3u or .m3u8 to continue

Step 3: Open the media player and repeat steps 4-5-6 above to stream

Use your available IPTV links step 3

Step 4: Go to “live” and paste the link into the URL field, then hit “play” to see the content

3.2 Set up IPTV Links on Smart TVs

The following steps will help you install and use the necessary apps to stream IPTV content using M3U links on your smart TVs. You can use it with all the most popular smart TVs such as Samsung Smart TV, LG Smart TV….

  • Step 1: On your smart TV, go to the Apps store, download the “Smart TV App” or “Smart TV App Pro”. You can use both basic and pro versions
  • Step 2: Download and install the above application. Then launch it on your device.
  • Step 3: Open Smart IPTV App, on the device’s screen you will see the MAC address field, you need to write down this address. You will need it in the following step.
  • Step 4: Follow the link below
  • Step 5: Paste the link you just copied into the specified MAC field as required
  • Step 6: Upload your playlist using the m3u link or m3u8 link. Choose File or paste the link in the URL field
  • Step 7: Wait for the setup to be done and soon the channel list will be displayed on your device.

3.3 Set up IPTV Links on Android Smartphones

If you have an Android phone, streaming content online is easy. The easiest way is to install the VLC Media Player

  • Step 1: Go to Google Play Store and download the VLC Media Player version appropriate for your device’s model
  • Step 2: You need to have an M3u / m3u8 link available. You can click on this link and choose to open with VLC Media Player, remember this option so that the dialog box will not appear next time.
  • Step 3: Or you can also open VLC player, choose Playlist, then select Add playlist, after that, choose File or Link to Playlist. Paste the link into the URL field and choose to get started.

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4. Frequently Asked Questions

4.1 What are IPTV Links used for?

IPTV Link or M3U URL is a list of TV channels. The user uses this URL to paste into streaming platforms. This way users can watch free IPTV content over the Internet. The most used streaming platforms are media players such as VLC, Roku, Tivimate (often used for smart TV), perfect player…

4.2 Do IPTV Link work on your PC and laptops?

As long as you have a stable Internet connection, you can watch IPTV on any device. To use IPTV, you install VLC (built-in media players on all devices). Then go to the Media section, paste M3U links in and start streaming.

4.3 Can TV Link be used on mobile phones?

You can use your phone to watch IPTV Links, make sure you update to the latest operating system of your smartphone, this will maximize the streaming experience.


5. Final Thoughts

Internet Protocol Television is becoming the solution of the future, as all content is transmitted over the Internet to ensure instant and high-performance streaming. Since then, the cost of television has also decreased significantly compared to cable and satellite TV. By using IPTV links as described in this article users can also view the online content for free. Don’t put off an unlimited high-quality TV experience, start now with us!

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