Best IPTV Boxes Reviews for 2020: Comparisons, Buying Guides & Consumer Report

Are you looking for the best IPTV Box? What is an IPTV box? The comparison of the Best IPTV Boxes 2020… In the article, let’s find out some information with MOIPTV

1. Why do we need to use IPTV box?

To get an IPTV streaming experience, you need the right equipment. There are three most convenient options:

  • Smartphones.
  • Smart TVs.
  • TV boxes.

All of the above devices can receive signals, decode the content, stream the channels of your interests, the selection of compatible devices depends on the user’s needs. Let’s take a look at the advantages of each option.

2. Some equipments to get IPTV 

2.1 Smartphones

Smartphones have the advantage of flexibility and portability. However, you need advanced modern phones with powerful configuration and capacity to run IPTV applications and stream online. One downside of smartphones is their small screens, IPTV viewers may need a much larger one to immerse themselves in the streaming experience.

2.2 Smart TVs

Some Smart TVs have the built-in streaming function, however, this is the least attractive option for the following reasons:

  •       Slow navigation speed
  •       Difficult to control, low processing speed 
  •       Provide only a few customizations to choose from

After all, television is just a device for displaying content, you cannot ask too much from them. They are not solely designed for streaming.

2.3 TV boxes

TV boxes are considered the best solution for streaming TV content. This device is specially designed and optimized for the job. There is no doubt about its excellence in providing satisfactory experiences to viewers. However, you may be a little confused with all the offerings by lots of TV boxes manufacturers. Let find out about the most outstanding and best TV boxes available on the market.

3. What is an IPTV box?

TV Box is a device that runs on Android operating system, connecting to your TV to provide streaming service, you can watch movies, play music, videos, games, and other fun stuff. Using TV boxes is on a blossoming trend because:

  • It’s an economical cost-effective option compared to great IPTV experience it provides
  • Simple to install and use

But most importantly, viewers pick out IPTV box for the variety of television and entertainment content that they will be immersed in.

What can you access with an IPTV box?

IPTV boxes are considered to forever change your viewing habits when all the most appealing and worth-watching content on streaming platforms like Netflix and iPlayer will be played on your TV. More interestingly, you don’t need to spend money to buy a modern expensive Smart TV to be able to stream. IPTV boxes are compatible and work well with almost mainstream TVs.

IPTV boxes will also do a good job of connecting your TV with multimedia players or browsers like Kodi and Plex so you can enjoy listening to music, watching the latest blockbuster movies, and other types of entertainment. You don’t need to make any modifications to your current TV, IPTV boxes will take care of everything.

With TV Boxes, you also get rid of the fear that your device can be infected with viruses when watching your favorite content on websites that are full of advertising scams and hidden harmful content.

Bringing magic experience to viewers, but IPTV boxes are very budget-friendly. The price of the device will inevitably depend on features and quality. Before purchasing, you need first to decide what you want out of this TV box.

IPTV boxes are also quite diverse in type, functions, price range, and manufacturers. Besides the main function of streaming, many products will give you the added futuristic convenience such as voice control, customization of streaming quality, adjustment to 4K display. Several IPTV boxes are specifically designed to go with a streaming platform like NowTV, Netflix, while another is built to maximize its compatibility with display devices. The market for IPTV boxes is emerging with many reputable manufacturers, but there are also cheap alternatives or uncertain quality products. Therefore, when it comes to decision-making, you should refer to this article for the best IPTV boxes.

4. Why do we offer these selections?

There are a lot of designs from different manufacturers on the market, but IPTV Boxes belong to two main types as follows:

  • Type 1: Self-powered IPTV Boxes located near your TV
  • Type 2: The long rod IPTV Box is connected directly to the TV through the HDMI port

First of all, you need to distinguish these two types of interfaces. In terms of connectivity, both types mainly use the Wifi connection to operate, because it’s wireless and convenient. In addition, some devices have more than one connectivity option, they can connect to the Internet via Ethernet.

Besides, when choosing IPTV Boxes equipment it is vital to consider which streaming content providers you want to watch. This is particularly important because if you only want to watch content on Netflix or Amazon Prime, the number of options will be narrowed down to only a few options.

  • Amazon Fire TV.
  • Apple TV.
  • Google Chromecast.
  • Google Nexus Player.
  • NVIDIA Shield TV.
  • Roku.

If you are a newbie or an outsider, choosing IPTV Boxes will be quite a challenge. But once you have grasped the basic information, choosing a suitable IPTV Box is a piece of cake. For example, if you want to watch content on Amazon Prime, you will need to prioritize hardware devices provided by Amazon for absolute compatibility and excellent image quality. In case, you just want to use IPTV Boxes as a Kodi box (free open source media player) you will have a lot of more options.

5. How does an IPTV box work?

To put it simply, IPTV is like the way you browse and suft the internet every day. It uses Internet Protocol (IP), a communication protocol to transmit content to viewers’ TVs. When users surf around and find the content they want to watch, they would choose it and contents will be broken down and sent over the Internet to their screens.

the Illustrative image for iptv box 1

What role IPTV box plays?

IPTV boxes are responsible for decoding streams of content and displaying them on your TV screen. It acts as an intermediary portal between the content provider and the display terminal. Usually, when a user subscribes to a streaming package from a content provider, they will usually recommend the TV Box device that comes with it.

IPTV market demand is booming, thus, many big TV box manufacturers have entered the market, creating vibrant competition and exciting options for users. Depending on each supplier, they make tailored changes to create a competitive advantage, meet the requirements of users in a specific area, integrate with connections, customize by market, end-users, or business model … But in its nature, the TV box is still the bridge and it does the job exactly as it has been played since the beginning.

6. Best IPTV Boxes for 2020

The main features of a TV Box

To ensure connectivity and provide excellent streaming quality, all of the following features are must-have for a TV Box.

  1. HDMI 2.0 connection
  2. USB 3.0 USB connection
  3. H.265 Hardware encoding
  4. 5.1 Audio passthrough
  5. Runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow or more modern operating systems
  6. RAM capacity at least 3GB
  7. Must have at least one type of dual-band Wi-Fi or gigabit Ethernet, preferably having both
  8. Update content regularly

What to compare when choosing a TV Box

First of all, pay attention to the specifications mentioned in the previous part and make sure the device meets all of them. You can view the recommended list of TV Box products below.

These are the products most favored by the consumer, so it effectively serves as your guide to the right. Think about your needs as individuals, households, or offices users to choose the best TV Box

6.1 MINGHOO PlayStream Media Player

the Illustrative image for iptv box 2


Coming from an unfamiliar manufacturer, this product satisfies all requirements of a streaming device. Its features are rated well and really cost-effective.

With MINGHOO PlayStream Media Player, you won’t need to go through complicated installation steps. You will also get 3GB of DDR3 RAM connections, ensuring that the device is stable and running without any interruption. Content available for streaming on it is up to 2,500 different channels, what more could you expect.


  • Large device memory
  • Optimized visual experience for users


  • Spend lots of money on its hardware
  • Uncharted manufacturer

6.2 Minix NEO U1

the Illustrative image for iptv box 3


Minix NEO U1 is about to give a wow even for most demanding users. It features a 64-bit quad-core processor at a speed of 1.5 GHz. Despite having only 2GB of memory, but with Android 5.1.1 Lollipop operating system, this device offers a really impressive streaming experience compared to any product on the market. This is considered the best product in its price range. 

With this device and good Internet connection, you can enjoy 4K TV streaming at 60 frames per second. Videos are loaded at a pretty fast 1090p without interruption. Smoothness and stability in operation will also greatly enhance the customer experience.


  • Stable quality, uninterrupted streaming experience.
  • Operates well, makes no noise.


  • Unimpressive product Specifications.
  • Infamous manufacturer.
  • Without an external antenna, the connection is limited to a distance of 2 feet.

6.3 Apple TV 4K

the Illustrative image for iptv box 4
the Illustrative image for iptv box 4


Starring highly aesthetical designs, Apple TV models feature a neat square shape. This device maximizes the experience for streaming 4K Ultra HD video. Its dimensions stretch 3.9 x 3.9 x 1.4 inches, you will be surprised about the power of this little box. It can connect to Wi-Fi standard 802.11ac.

Apple TV offers both ways of connecting. On the back of the product, you can see the HDMI porthole that supports both gigabit Ethernet ports, TV connectors, and other gadgets. With wireless connectivity, Apple TV enables both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0, how cool is that. You needn’t touch anything, as the TV is intelligently commanded by the remote controller.

Another advancement from the Apple TV is the touch keyboard, which once you have the chance to experience the smooth running function, you don’t ever want to go back to the navigation methods used by other mass-market products. You will still have a physical remote control with function buttons such as volume adjustment, Siri activation. But if you can control the TV with your voice, the remote rarely comes into use. What a smart device for a smart life.

Currently, Apple TV 4K has used A10X chip processor with great support from Dolby Vision and Ultra HD video at 60Hz. The only thing that might cause you concern remains its prices, you have to pay $179 and $199 for 32GB and 64GB storage capacities, respectively.


  • Premium streaming service.
  • Outstanding remote control.


  • Expensive.
  • Some products are more competitively priced, but come with the same features.

6.4 Goobang Doo XB-III

the Illustrative image for iptv 5


Coming from an ordinary manufacturer in the market, but this product deserves your consideration for the quality it offers. Goobang Doo XB-III get its own power to push most of its peers aside. It is rather an unimpressive design to catch your eyes, yet it brings out something solid and durable, Goobang Doo XB-III is still worth considering. Goobang’s principles are very simple, plugin and experience. Not complicated at all. You don’t even need any configuration. That saves you a whole lot of trouble.


  • No configuration, no time wasted.
  • Reduce buffering time.
  • Good experience for 4K video.
  • Quick upload and download.
  • Strong HDR support.
  • Quad-core CPU.


  • The interface is not eye-catching.
  • The remote is almost useless.
  • The lag when using the keyboard causes certain problems when using it.

6.5 Infomir MAG 254

the Illustrative image for iptv 6


No need to polish, Infomir MAG 254 certainly has come to your mind. This will be the perfect choice if you only require a stable TV Box for streaming and playing games. One downside of MAG is its lack of large memory to accommodate heavy content, applications, and videos.

Set aside storage capacity limitation, MAG will provide a satisfying gaming experience. And if you want to watch your favorite shows continuously for night or day long, Infomir MAG 254 responds well without any doubt.


  • Reputable manufacturer, certified product quality and stable operation.
  • Handles heavy games smoothly.


  • The processor is unimpressive 650 MHz and 512 MB RAM, but does not affect the entertainment experience.
  • The price is quite high compared to the features provided.

6.6 HAOSIHD T9 Android 8.1 TV Box

the Illustrative image for iptv 7


HAOSIHD T9 TV box runs on Android 8.1 operating system. It is such a powerful processor for an incredible 4K video streaming experience. For some newbies to IPTV, they will be amazed by HAOSIHD. There’s no delay in uploading and downloading, guaranteeing the satisfaction from the very first impression. Everything from sound, images to display is optimized with extremely high definition. Noticeably, it comes with a voice search function, you get a futuristic feel when using the HAOSIHD T9 TV box, accompanied by a well-designed outlook and user-friendly controls.

The heart of HAOSIHD lies in the 4GB RAM processor and 32GB of memory that IPTV users can’t ask for anything more. That feature makes it one of the limited devices supporting most popular streaming content platforms like Netflix, Amazon, Kodi, Hulu. You can get anything ranging from entertainment programs, movies, news, to songs, videos, and so much more.  The gaming experience on HAOSIHD is also extraordinary.


  • Capable of handling both 4K and 3D videos.
  • Excellent specs: 4GB RAM, 32GB internal storage and Android 8.1,


  • Poor services for Kodi.

6.7 Roku 3 Streaming Media Player

the Illustrative image for iptv 8


As a long-developed product, Roku has gradually improved its limitations to become one of the top TV Box for streaming options. It spots customers’ needs and handles like an expert.

The compliments to the Roku, first of all, is its magical compatibility with every TV with HDMI ports, even devices with a displaying screen. The number of streaming channels of more than two thousand choices is an undeniable advantage. Roku 3 Streaming Media Player has the ability to search accurately by voice delivering the convenience that many users expect.


  • High compatibility, scalable customizations.
  • Offers a wide variety of remote options.


  • many customizations so the user needs some basic technical knowledge to operate, sometimes it is a bit confusing for newbies.
  • The Roku device is a bit expensive.



This device is powered by the Android 7.1.2 Nougat operating system. Superior design, fast and convenient interface, eye-catching appearance, and powerful quality grants you ultimate binge-watching experience. 3GB of RAM ensures smooth streaming of heavy content and games, 4K UHD videos are easy peasy to handle.

Connection with TV device is also very simple, you only need an HDMI cable, after successfully plugging in you will immediately have the most popular TV channels streamed and displayed on your screen.

This device is considered the most compatible and offers the best experience for Netflix. Let see what features it has:

  • Android 7.1.2 Nougat operating system.
  • 3GB RAM memory.
  • 4K HD display.
  • Unlimited customization.
  • Connect quickly with 5 GHz Wi-Fi connection.


  • Supports streaming of almost any user’s favorite content.
  • High-grade quality for a competitive price.
  • With a stable connection speed, the streaming experience is optimized.


  • Less popular manufacturers.

6.9 Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

the Illustrative image for iptv 9


The Fire TV Stick 4K marks a huge stride for Amazon since it started. With this device, the customer receives an improvement in sound quality with much-simplified installation operations. Amazon provides its users with the advantage of wireless connectivity, 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The CPU acquires a super-fast processing speed that allows channel switching in a blink.

There are flexible packages for you to choose from. For only $50, users get a separate remote and Fire TV Cube, with support for Dolby Vision. This is the only $50-priced option in the market that comes with Dolby Vision. Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K allows you to kiss the cinema goodbye, as you already have a cinema-like streaming experience featuring –HDR10, HDR10 +, Dolby Vision, and Dolby Atmos platforms.


  • Good price compared to competitors in the same segment.
  • Top reputable manufacturer.
  • Intelligent control, lightweight and aesthetical design with amazing performance.
  • Alexa support is always recommended.


  • The 4K streaming option is quite expensive.


the Illustrative image for iptv 10


Outstanding and powerful quality are two terms that represent NVIDIA Shield TV. Due to being newly developed in 2015 and upgraded in 2017, NVIDIA Shield TV obtains the cutting-edge technology and leading fashionable design.

The entire experience is meticulously customer-centric at the optimal level. From the initial setup step, NVIDIA Shield offers preset configuration, navigation, and applications to save you a great deal of time and effort. In terms of processing, it is really delightful, 4K HDR graphics are displayed exceptionally. product specifications also surprise you, powered by Android 8.0 (Oreo) operating system, NVIDIA Shield TV is a monster in UX performance, speed of downloading, uploading, streaming, and professional gaming.


  • Amazing boosted packages.
  • Internal streaming without an Internet connection.
  • NVIDIA GeForce: Gaming graphics with surreal immersive experiences.


  • Expensive compared to others.
  • No IR receiver on NVIDIA TV.
  • Pay extra for some games on GeForce Now.

7. Final Thoughts

The best TV Boxes mentioned in this article are for your reference,  decision-making is in your hand. However, to take advantage of the facilities that IPTV boxes provide, you should spend a little time reviewing the options we have given. Understanding how IPTV works and what TV Boxes provide you with your favorite content will save you troubles later when you purchase and use them. Let’s look into your inner needs for guidance, whether you are a binge-watcher, a gamer, or a sports enthusiast, then you know what TV Box is best suited and what is the most suitable Boxes TV manufacture for you.

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