IPTV APK: How to use APK to stream free IPTV

Watch free cable TV channels by installing IPTV APK on Android devices. In this way, users can stream directly from apk applications, M3U link, or xspf files to watch thousands of free IPTV channels. Check out the best IPTV APK files from MOIPTV.

1. About IPTV APK

IPTV APK helps users to experience IPTV’s live channels much better than streaming on web browsing. To have a smooth streaming experience, it is necessary to know how to use and install the APK or MOD APK files once you have finished downloading these files on your device.

1.1 What is IPTV APK file?

iptv apk file

APK files are raw files of an Android app. It is pretty much like exe files which are application installation files for Windows-based devices. APK is short for Android Package Kit. It is a package format file used by Android operators to perform applications’ tasks.

For IPTV APK files, these are IPTV files that install apps on your Android device. To put it simply for general understanding, if you have an APK file, you can install an app on a smart Android TV device or a smartphone.

1.2 Why using an APK?

IPTV apk is a form of broadcasting TV programs over the Internet. With this form of streaming, the Internet data bandwidth transmits the file packages to the receiver’s device. Content distribution over the Internet protocol makes IPTV different from traditional TV. Especially, users will enjoy a much cheaper price with IPTV. Cable and satellite TV packages are often expensive. This is also the reason why users leave traditional TVs and look for more modern solutions. Moreover, IPTV apk helps to install many applications that can give viewers free access to thousands of live TV channels. The variety of content also makes IPTV’s reputation grow stronger.

1.3 Advantages and disadvantages of APK

IPTV apk is always sought by users and in great demand because of its great benefits. IPTV apk allows users to watch hundreds, thousands of TV channels on their Android devices. Users can install compatible IPTV apk versions on their mobile phones. This way users can bring the world of entertainment from music, films, TV series to live sports channels with them on the go. Moreover, they can watch their favorite show anytime, anywhere. This is a benefit that traditional television cannot provide. IPTV apk file also installs on smart Android TV devices. With large screen size and high-resolution image quality, users will have the experience of watching cinema-like premium IPTV channels and programs.

On the other hand, there are also some disadvantages related to the IPTV apk files that you have to look out for. Because of the great demand for IPTV apk, many developers take advantage of this opportunity. They lure users to download and install their apps just for you to watch adverts. These bad developers make money off of those ads. There is also a bad situation when the apk files are malicious and enter your device like a virus. One of the ways to spot bad apps is that they ask users to allow unnecessary permissions.

For example, if the apk file requires access to your phone directory and get information from your directory, you should be cautious and cross-check the developer and application on the web and forums. Apps may request access to your location, which is plausible since IPTV applications need the user’s location to provide local channels. However, you should only provide location access while using the app only. For the safety and security of online streaming, using a virtual private network is highly recommended.

2. Where to download IPTV APK files

  • Method 1: For mainstream applications, you can easily find these IPTV applications available on the app store as applications. However, these apps only account for a small part of the total number of IPTV apk applications.
  • Method 2: Download from the home page of the providers, or the developers of the application. For several reasons related to broadcast copyrights, IPTV developers and providers often lay low. They don’t want to draw too much attention from broadcasters or content creators. Because everything will be more difficult if they face copyright issues. As a result, some developer’s websites are quite difficult to find. They often provide services through online application stores, or a third-page review, online shops.
  • Method 3: Some applications are not official applications, also known as apps from unknown sources. Downloading these applications is also very easy. Users use the browser’s search engine to find iptv apk files. There will be a lot of websites that offer apk files for users to download. I will introduce some pages for your reference.
    • Makavida: An apps store for windows, android, and Macbook. Application versions are updated quickly. 
    • Apkpure: Specialized application store for Android devices, you will find all the apk files you need here. There are apk installation versions for phones and smart android TVs, this web is highly appreciated by users. The IPTV apk applications are always updated in the latest version. 
    • Android APKs: A huge Android app store that provides APK files for android phones. They are also compatible with smart TV devices. Users can download all apps from many categories. For example, business, top games, shopping, music … Among them, IPTV apk applications are also well perceived by users. 

3. Download and install IPTV APK on Android devices

I will explain detailed steps to install any IPTV apk file easily. All you need to do is follow these 4 simple steps.

Step 1: Download the IPTV apk file to your device.

You can use any browser to search for and download applications. When the download is complete, do not install it immediately. Because the device’s settings usually do not allow the user to install unknown developers.

Step 2: Go to Settings on your smartphone or TV. Enable/allow third-party apps/apps from unknown developers.

With your Smart TV and FireStick TVs, you follow the path: Settings => My Fire TV => Developer Options => Enable ADB Debugging and Enable Apps from Unknown Sources.

With mobile phone devices, users do the following steps: Menu> Settings> Security> and allow Unknown Sources

Step 3: Installation of the IPTV apk file 

Go back to the file manager or your IPTV apk file’s location. Double click to start the normal installation process. Follow the installation instructions. Make sure you read all the pop-ups and information carefully before making a selection.

Step 4: After the installation is completed. You open the application and experience the IPTV service on your device.

A question I got asked very often about is the security of apk files. The IPTV apk file is exactly the same as the exe installation file that you often use. The exe file is used for installing applications on Windows operating systems. The apk file is used for installing applications on the Android operating system. So the security of the apk is the same as the exe files. They are all application installation files. So apk files are safe like exe. It is important to note that you should choose reputable application stores to download apk files. Some of the websites and app stores are recommended above. You can also refer to the IPTV apk applications that I will list below. These apk files are from reputable developers and are widely used.

4. Recommended APK applications

4.1 Lazy IPTV apk application

Lazy IPTV is a trustworthy provider, offering app versions for Android and iOS devices. Lazy IPTV helps viewers access hundreds of IPTV TV channels anytime, anywhere.

Lazy IPTV apk application

Best features:

  • Watch hundreds of Live TV channels anytime, anywhere with minimal interruption
  • Provide an M3U link to use with media players such as VLC, Tivimate, Perfect Player, KODI
  • Simple interface, easy to use
  • Can be installed on the phone to be used anywhere
  • See everything from movies, sports, news, entertainment
  • No service registration and account sign up required
  • For a Pro account, users only need to pay $4 a month to enjoy ad-free streaming experience.

4.2 IPTV apk application

The IPTV application allows users to watch hundreds of IPTV channels for free. Currently, IPTV has an apk file to install on the Android operating system.

Best features:

  • Supports streaming via M3U link and XSPF playlists
  • Change view layouts to grid, list, or view by titles of channels
  • Supports EPG in XMLTV and JTV formats
  • There is a parental control function
  • With the Pro version, there are no ads, also users can have an automatically playing function to resume their frequently watched channels.

4.3 Mobdro apk application

The application allows users to watch IPTV content in more than 10 languages from more than 30 countries around the world. Mobdro is a one-stop application for all entertainment needs of users.

Lazy IPTV apk applications step 1

Best features:

  • Diverse content with over 1000 channels from around the world. Friendly interface and easy to use
  • No need to register an account to use
  • Users can download their favorite programs and watch them again at any time.
  • With no invasive ads, ads are kept at a minimum for viewers to enjoy their favorite shows.

4.4 GSE Smart apk IPTV application

Downloaded by millions of people on the Play Store and acclaimed widely, GSE Smart offers a great streaming experience across a range of TV channels. This application is compatible with most smartphones and TV devices. Moreover, it also provides functions such as parental control, adding subtitles, personalizing the interface.

Best features:

  • EPG is compatible with the XML, ZIP, and GZ formats.
  • Stream directly from sources HTTP, HSL, M3U8, MMS, RTSP, as well as RTMP
  • Easy to use interface
  • Use the app for free

4.5 Live Net TV

As a sports enthusiast, you have to get Live Net TV installed. This app is one of the most popular providers of Live Tv, Sports, films, serries … The app has both versions for iOS and Android. the pro version would allow viewers to stream ad-free.

Best features:

  • HD quality and minimal buffer.
  • On-demand content available.
  • Chromecast support, absolute compatibility.
  • Over 750 Live TV channels for all ages.
  • Friendly interface and easy to use.

5. Final Thoughts

IPTV apk mainstream apps can be downloaded easily on Google Play. However, most IPTV applications will come from third-party providers or independent developers. So, you need to look on your web browser or go to the reputable links that MOIPTV presents for you here. With IPTV apk files, you will conveniently install and use the app to view thousands of live TV channels on your Android device.


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