Invision IPTV: Features, Pros and Cons, FAQs to get live TV Channels

Invision IPTV owns more than 2000 live TV channels with interesting content on demand. Besides, its strength is to have super-fast and stable service. Let’s take a look at all aspects and evaluate this provider with MOIPTV.

1. Invision TV’s Overview

1.1 Ultimate streaming experience with Invision IPTV

Invision IPTV is the best way for users from all over the world to access live TV. Invision TV offers no location limitation, it is not under IP lock either, so you can watch your favorite entertainment programs anywhere. Users can run this provider with a VPN to secure online activities. With the slogan “watch what you want when you want“, Invision TV has brought incredible experiences and long-term benefits to millions of users.

About the integration of Invision TV, it works well on smart TVs, tablets as well as mobile platforms, and also android boxes, set-top boxes. Another advantageous reason to go with Invision TV is its ultra-fast streaming speed and stable and guaranteed quality of service. Users only need to use an Invision Tv application to access, watch, and manage all sources of entertainment, programs, and online content in one place.

Invision IPTV overview

It is the television solution of the future generation, Invision TV is one step ahead by using powerful Internet broadcast technology so that users can instantly stream without buffering content to their devices. With Invision TV, the user’s entertainment and TV experience will never be easier.

1.2 Invision TV Subscription Plans

Invision TV comes with three plans. Let’s have a look to see what suits you the best.

With the basic plan, users pay $20 a month. It is a relatively competitive price, given the fact that you have more than 2000 + live channels. One more plus point is that you can simultaneously stream on 2 devices. If you opt for more simultaneous connections, users can always upgrade to the Plus Plan, it costs a monthly fee of $28 for 3 connections. Alternatively, a Gold Plan package with 4 simultaneous connections is $35 a month.

All right! Take a closer look at what is in the subscription plan.

Each subscription package has the most attractive TV channels available to users. There is no IP restriction to hinder your streaming or slow down your download speed anymore. One of Invision’s advantages is its diversity of content, many categories are covered from news, sports, feature films, live TV, PPV… The picture quality is HD and above thanks to the advanced technology applied, the top-notch service from Invision is sure to maximize user experience. Service uptime is always over 99%. All of these features are supported with all subscriptions.

Invision IPTV Subscription Plans

The difference among the packages is the number of connections, if you are an individual user then the Basic package will be the best for you. If you want to share with other users, you can sign up for the Gold Plan. Since there is no IP limit, you can use the service in any location. A sharing plan would even save you money. With MOIPTV evaluation, Invision’s prices are absolutely competitive and worthy of the quality and abundance of this provider.

Invision IPTV Subscription Plans image 2

Users can choose to subscribe to a 1-month plan or subscribe to a 3-month plan. One advantage of the long-term subscription plan is they would offer you on-demand content. If you sign up for a three-month package, the fees will be as follows:

  • 3 months – with 2 simultaneous connections: $60
  • 3 months – with 3 simultaneous connections: $90
  • 3 months – with 4 simultaneous connections: $120

2. Some features of Invision IPTV

Invision’s main features include Live TV, EPG, and Recording. Live TV is the main appeal of IPTV providers, which is true because users want to know what programs and content are broadcast in order to make the purchase of the IPTV service. Let’s see what’s on Live TV.

Some features of Invision IPTV

2.1 Best quality live TV Channels

With your registered packages, users will have more than 2000 TV channels. Channels are sorted into folders and categories so that users can easily find their go-to shows and channels. They can customize by adding channels into the favorite list or creating lists of their own preference. The fastest updated international and national news channels are available. Local news stations take up a certain level of coverage too.

best quality of Invision IPTV

2.2 Detailed and well-organized EPG

Like other IPTV providers, Invision offers EPG so that viewers can access the broadcast IPTV schedule of their favorite channels 24 hours in advance. The interface of the EPG is very easy to follow. The user scrolls down to move among different IPTV channels and scroll to the left and right to change the broadcast time. The display of the channel would appear in the upper box with the description of the channel.

2.3 Recording feature of Invision IPTV

One of the outstanding features of Invision is that you can record your favorite shows to watch again anytime you want. This is especially useful as many users will be busy by the time the show airs. Moreover, you can save to watch with friends and family members. Sharing and watching TV shows together will be great bonding moments. To do this, allow the app to access photos, media, and files on your device by selecting Allow. Then, you can record whatever program you want. Make sure that your device has enough memory available for storage when performing this task.

Recording feature of Invision IPTV

3. Pros and Cons of Invision IPTV

Invision TV’s service is rated as one of the 3 best IPTV services, ranked by users. Here are some most-appreciated advantages users give when they cast their votes.

3.1 The Advantages of Invision TV

There is always 24/7 technical support. Very good customer service, users get guidance from the very first step of registration. Customer care staff are available day and night, offer live chat or live support to provide useful information or answer customer questions about the service. When customers register and install the service, the technician will provide walk-through steps so that users do not have any difficulty in installing the service.

  • Various content, adult content, comes with a variety.
  • Content folders are divided into folders and categories, making it easy for users to browse and find the content they like watching.
  • International channels, from all over the world are broadcast. There are whole selections of channels from the UK, USA, Canada…
  • A nice interface like the build-in DVR, the Catch-up channels above user expectations

3.2 The Disadvantages of Invision TV

However, Invision also received some feedback to improve their service.

  • There are no videos or documentation to guide users on how to install the service. Users need to contact customer care for instructions.
  • Users cannot automatically sign up for the trial, they still have to contact customer service. Some people who want to try out the service will find it discouraged to have to take these steps.
  • They have updated forms of payment, and have accepted Bitcoin payments. However, on the homepage of the service, there are no instructions on how to do this, and the user must contact and chat live with the customer service to make payment.
  • On-demand content is only available if you purchase a 3-month subscription. You will not be able to access these contents if you subscribe to the 1-month package.

Above are some things you should consider before buying Invision TV’s package. For more diverse content and entertainment on demand, choose a long-term package to experience all the advantages and benefits that Invision IPTV has to offer.

3.3 Comparison Invision TV with other popular IPTV providers

When comparing Invision with other IPTV providers, it is easy to see that the starting price of Invision’s of 20 dollars a month is a big advantage. While you have to pay 45-50 dollars to subscribe to the service of DirectTV Now, Youtube TV, or Hulu. You only need to pay half the price above with Invision.

Another big competitor on the market is the Sling TV, which costs just $25 a month, which also offers three connections. However, the Sling Basic Plan has only 29 channels for you to choose from, which limits your choices and chances to enjoy television content. This number is much less than the 2000+ online TV channels that Invision has. Invision also outperforms other providers in terms of content variety.

Another advantage that Invision has over other providers is the Partner Program. You can subscribe to a plan with multiple connections and then resell it, to reduce registration costs or even make a lot of money with Invision. Other providers do not allow users to do so. Most of them apply IP restrictions, to control users’ connections. With Invision TV, you get no IP restriction action, no IP lock. You can sell your plan to a user in another country or even another continent.

4. Refund and trial of Invision TV

Currently, users can not register for a free IPTV automatically with Invision IPTV. If you can add this self-service, users will feel more active when they want to try the service. Currently, to sign up for a trial or subscription, users need to contact customer service, they will be given instructions to test drive the service, and in the process, users must pay an activation fee. The trial period is 15 days, or users can subscribe to a 1-month package. And during this time, if the user is not satisfied, they can cancel the service and get a partial refund.

Specifically, Invision IPTV’s refund policy is as follows. If you request a refund within 7 days of signing up for the service, you will get your money back.

If it is after 7 days from the date you made the payment and requested a refund, the request will not be accepted.

Also, users please note that Invision IPTV will charge a cancellation fee of $7 per cancellation. Apply for all cases.

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5. Frequently Asked Questions

5.1 Devices that can integrate well with Invision TV

Smartphones using Android OS and IOs can all install Invision. The service is also available for larger screens like tablets, iPads, Fire TVs, and Amazon Firestick

If users have Android boxes, installing Invision IPTV is also very easy. Several TV Boxes that integrate perfectly with Invision are:

  • Probox Air Plus
  • Nvidia Shield TV
  • Minix NEO U9-H

5.2 Requirement when using Invision IPTV

To stream with the best picture quality. We recommend using a stable internet connection, with a minimum speed of 15-20 Mbps. Users will receive Full HD images with 1080 if using high transmission speed.

5.3 How to renew a subscription plan

In case your package will not be renewed automatically, please contact us via live chat or fill in this form to request customer support.

5.4 What channels are available?

Users can view the list of available channels provided on the home page of Invision TV. Note that these channels are subject to change at any time. The provider will try to keep the channels 99.99% uptime to ensure a great and stable experience for users.

5.5 Buffering when using Invision IPTV

The buffering issue can be caused by many factors. You can get the support of the customer service staff here

Besides, some quick fixes are:

  • Turn off VPN if you are using it
  • If you use TV Boxes, Top-boxes, plug them directly into the Ethernet network
  • Log out and enter at channels
  • Check your Internet connection.

5.6 What is the payment method with Invision IPTV?

Currently, users can pay via card. We also accept bitcoin as payment. The QR code for the payment can be found on the homepage. To get support when making payment, users send Chat Request here:

5.7 Is it necessary to use Virtual Personal Network?

You do not need to use a virtual private network when using Invision TV’s service, which will cause problems with streaming and playing the content we provide. Invision TV is completely legal and safe. There is no need to worry about using a VPN to slow down our service and quality.

6. Final Thoughts

Being recognized on the market and providing engaging and entertaining programs as well as online content, Invision IPTV is bringing valuable advantages to millions of users all over the world. Take advantage of the latest television technologies brought by Invision to enhance your entertainment experience today.

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