Reviews Guru IPTV: Best IPTV provider for Indian Channels

As the best-chosen provider of Indian content, Guru IPTV offers thousands of high-quality TV channels for under $5 a month. It is worth the money and how to get started, MOIPTV will give you the answer.

1. Guru IPTV overview

it is undeniable that digital broadcasting and live streaming television content is gaining popularity around the world. Guru IPTV is not only a local provider but its IPTV service is reaching out globally, with increasingly rich English content. You might notice their appearance and reputation whenever people are talking about Bollywood films or TV channels from India.

Guru IPTV overview

Are you a fan of Indian movies? With Guru IPTV, users will experience the unique color culture of this country ìn particular and South Asian countries in general. Guru is the largest TV service provider and has the largest number of users in India. All Bollywood movies are available in the on-demand content category of this supplier. That’s a whopping 20,000 movies and TV series.

Users will be pleased to know that new content is regularly added. Guru updates their playlists every Friday. This ensures that the user always receives the added value as well as the latest shows and programs from the provider.

2. Why to choose Guru IPTV?

Guru IPTV is the best provider with prices as low as under 5 dollars a month. Users will have access to more than 600 live channels of content in various Indian languages ​​such as Urdu, Punjabi, or Gujarati. Despite having a huge competitive advantage in Indian content, Guru also offers diversity in international content thanks to multilingual channels and programs, such as premium TV channels from the UK, US, and Canada. Therefore, Guru IPTV is dominating and it becomes the preferred alternative throughout the country. More and more users of cable and satellite TV services are switching to Guru.

Even if you do not live in India, users can still use it as a side option. Because it has a lot of US and Canadian TV channels to choose from. In Fact, there are more than 1000 English channels. Moreover, on-demand content reaches up to 20,000 items that can cover all the things you need.

Why to choose Guru IPTV?

The strengths of Guru are not so hard to list out many:

  • There are over 2000 international channels and 600 local live TV channels in multiple languages.
  • Huge on-demand content available across the library for access all the time
  • Competitive cost, about 5 dollars a month.
  • A long-term subscription package, avoiding service interruptions and having to pay the service many times.
  • The programs are updated weekly, bringing the latest programs and episodes for users
  • There are no fees other than the annual fee paid initially.

3. Guru IPTV subscription plan

Guru IPTV subscription plan

Now let’s take a look at the packages of Guru IPTV and consider the most suitable option for you. The provider has annual plans, you only need to pay once, and no need to worry about service interruption. IPTV subscription packages include:

  • 1-year Guru IPTV subscription – $230
  • 2-year Guru IPTV subscription – $250
  • 3-year Guru IPTV subscription – $270
  • 5-year Guru IPTV subscription – $300 (currently they offer 5-year service for only 270 dollars)

Guru IPTV subscription plan - image 2

The supplier also offers attractive promotions. In some special offers, users get 5 years of service for as little as $270. Pay once and get access to all TV channels and on-demand content for the next 5 years. That is a really time-saving and thoughtful solution. No other IPTV reseller can offer a more attractive package than that.

4. Guru IPTV Channel list

What will users receive in each package? With the 600 live local TV channels, Guru IPTV meets all the needs of entertainment, news, TV shows of the viewer. India is a country with many languages. Each locality has its own dialect, Guru also divides the categories so that users can quickly find the channel they want to see and match their language.

Guru IPTV Channel list

  • If you speak the Bangla language, you have more than 50+ live TV channels.
  • Gujarati language users have more than 50+ live TV channels.
  • For Hindi users, they have more than 130 live TV channels.
  • Who speaks the Kannada language will have more than 20+ live TV channels.
  • Malayalam users have 30 live TV channels.
  • People who speak Marathi will have about 15 live TV channels.
  • Punjabi users have more than 85 live TV channels.
  • Tamil has more than 50+ live TV channels.
  • If you speak Telugu with 23 live TV channels.
  • Urdu has 40 live TV channels.

In addition to Indian channels, Guru has strong content channels from other countries such as:

Guru IPTV Channel list - image 2

  • 60 Pakistani TV channels.
  • 20 Nepali TV channels.
  • Channels from Sri Lankan.
  • And more than 1500 channels from English speaking countries such as the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Europe, New Zealand, UAE.

What are you waiting for? Many are registering with Guru IPTV right now.

5. How to register and pay for Guru IPTV

Can I purchase Guru IPTV plans from IPTV resellers? Now Guru offers home installation services. You just need to leave your registration request via their hotline at 1-647-943-1999. The hotline supports multiple languages, and it is available 24/7 to accept all requests and questions from users.

For each package registered users, only need to pay for the initial package cost. Shipping, installation, set up top box costs are free. Guru IPTV also supports users for IPTV subscription’s lifetime benefits without incurring any fees.

6. Guru IPTV best features

6.1 A strong and expanding network

Guru IPTV will truly bring the best streaming experience to users. New streaming service has developed in South Asian countries in the past decade. However, Guru IPTV has taken advantage of the most advanced technologies to bring the picture quality to HD giving viewers a remarkable experience they can hardly get when using satellite or television systems.

In comparison with the cable network on the ground, Guru IPTV would have the advantages of being fast and buffer-free. With the expanding Internet network, Guru IPTV also goes to every province, locality, and people in corners of India. In the past year, the subscribers have nearly tripled and it is supposed to become an apparent choice for more in the upcoming years.

6.2 Live channels and catch-up media

Guru IPTV features will satisfy the most demanding users. Users can watch the most attractive live sports matches, reality TV shows of lifestyle, celebrities, culinary, fashion, discovery, and many more things. Because of the large number of foreign TV channels and covers most of the PPV events, premium sports, and the most popular TV series, it also comes to win over the customers in other countries, even expand its market to Europe and American countries. With a total of more than 2000 live channels, Guru is the largest supplier in the Indian and neighboring markets.

Besides, the user will also have many functions such as pausing the program being watched and recording it. And then they can resume to pick up where they left last time, which is very essential so that you do not have to start over again. The system also allows users to rewind their favorite programs, this is called time-shifted media. The time-shifted media is a big advantage when the user is busy and doesn’t have time to watch the show during airtime. Now it has become convenient enough, they only need to rewind without worrying about missing out on anything. Users can rewind within 1 week of the broadcast time. Very convenient and recommended to all busy workers out there.

Furthermore, users can record the program for playback anytime when they want. Many IPTV providers do not have the function of recording IPTV programs. However, with Guru IPTV, recording just makes things a lot easier.

6.3 Outstanding benefits of Guru

  • Variety of HD quality channels from Hindi to international live programs.
  • Streams with anti-buffering technology.
  • Download your favorite shows, record content for offline viewing later.
  • User-friendly interface, easy to navigate and use its functions.
  • Largest library of on-demand content with all international languages ​​and Indian dialects.
  • Guru IPTV comes with Personal Video Recorder to record favorite programs users can record and still watch that program at the same time. It’s convenient to save content you like and watch them over and over again.
  • You can rewind the time-shifted program up to 7 days.

These are so impressive features for you to choose Guru IPTV now. Do you get the hotline above, Guru awaits for you to get in touch to bring Bollywood entertainment to your TV.

7. Final Thoughts

Guru IPTV has proven its quality and reliability as the best IPTV for Indian users. It offers solid and high-quality IPTV. The service is provided at your doorstep. The provider has a team of technicians on-site for installation and set up on your display devices. The cost of the service is very competitive at under $5 a month. Guru IPTV comes with a set-top box, which supports streaming on big screens with great quality. Even when the internet bandwidth is low, the set-top box will enable good quality streaming images, anti-freezing, and buffering to ensure no interruption when users use the service.

Guru IPTV’s services are widely used all over the world with no IP lock, no geographical restriction. Users can contact the IPTV resellers in your locations or phone the hotline 24/7 for Guru to send staff to install and set the service up. And do not worry because the customer care team and service support have staff who speak multiple languages ​​such as English, Hindi, and other languages ​​upon request of customers. MOIPTV encourages users from South Asia, Urdu, Punjabi, or Gujarati languages ​​to choose Guru IPTV because this is the top of the class.


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