Get the excellent streaming of 4000 live TV channels with Gold IPTV

The Gold IPTV subscription is available to all users with a wide selection of TV channels and on-demand content. MOIPTV recommends Gold’s service to the users for its diversity as well as good image quality, especially competitive prices for anyone who wants to cut the cord.

1. The overview of Gold IPTV

Gold IPTV is a reputable provider that has won the test of time. It has provided the service for many years now and has a track record so users can be assured of the quality and stability of the service. Reddit users recommend it a lot and rate Gold IPTV as the best IPTV for Indian content.

This provider has a wide variety of content, not only providing many channels with local Indian languages ​​but also has a good base for English channels. Users will not miss great sports matches because most PPV events or premium matches are fully broadcast.

The overview of Gold IPTV

The number of streams up to 4000 streams includes many categories. Moreover, on-demand content is updated daily. As for the English movie categories, users can see that the newly added programs will appear in the first positions. And the quality of these programs is stunning HD for users to have the best streaming experience.

2. Gold IPTV channel list

2.1 English channels

Although Gold IPTV is the biggest supplier to the Indian market. But it has a large number of customers from countries like the US, Canada too… Because English-speaking channels offer a range of choices from different genres and famous networks and attract many users outside of Asia. With more than 240 live English-speaking TV channels, users will be delighted to know that there are many PPV channels, and the most popular TV channels like FOX, Discovery, ABC, Comedy Central, CBC, BBC, French 24, Star war, HBO… And most channels have EPG so viewers can watch the broadcast schedule of the channels for the next 24 hours. Major networks are available here so that users can have all their favorite entertainment programs, news, movies.

Gold IPTV channel list

As for picture quality, it’s fine and most channels have HD resolution. There were no interruptions when streaming even when the Internet connection is low, and the system runs smoothly. Although, you should make sure you have a good Internet connection at a minimum of 20 Mbps for the best picture quality. What’s more, IPTV resellers also often recommend non-India users about Gold IPTV. Therefore, it must be worth the money to have such a good reputation.

2.2 Children’s content

Like others IPTV, Gold IPTV has gained much of its attention due to children’s programs like Cartoon Network, Disney, Disney Junior, Family. It also has local channels for kids like cartoon network India, Nick HD India, Sony Jay India. The provider is very thoughtful to include all of the fun and colorful channels, which are frequently added new content and, the systems guarantee 99,99% uptime. Families with children will especially appreciate Gold IPTV’s service.

Children's content on Gold IPTV

2.3 Premium sports channels

There is a large number of sports channels including all major English networks such as ESPN, SKY, FOX… Users do not have to pay expensive fees for other providers. Now they can comfortably choose Gold IPTV as a much more affordable. The quality and abundance of channels by Gold IPTV are surprisingly good when it has over 170 selections of premium sports channels. Top sports leagues are broadcast such as NHL, NFL, Euro Sport, MLB, and NBA, they are all accessible with Gold IPTV in HD quality.

Premium sports channels on Gold IPTV

2.4 The foreign-language channels

There are many foreign languages and channels supported with Gold such as Jamaican, Finnish, Nepali, Dutch, Polish, Filipino, Spanish, Portuguese… You can say Gold has news and entertainment coming from almost everywhere in the world. India is a country with many languages spoken in different regions and locales across the country, Gold IPTV also offers a wide variety of programs by category for each language. These categories include all popular channels from the nation-wide and local broadcasting networks. With an abundant number of channels, Gold IPTV has won the domestic market over in the past decade and it is predicted to achieve more in the future. The increase in the domestic audience has further strengthened its leading position in the global market.

The foreign-language channels on Gold IPTV

3. Gold IPTV subscription Packages

3.1 The plans 

Users have 24 hours to try the service with full functions. It is not a trial for free, but the price is only $1. During the trial period, users have the ability to access and use all features to test in and out of the solution package.

Then the user will have more long-term options to stick with.

  • 1-month IPTV subscription: $8
  • 3-month IPTV subscription: $21
  • 6-month IPTV subscription: $45
  • 12-month IPTV subscription: $85

3.2 IPTV subscription features

In each package, users will have the following outstanding features: Watch unlimited TV channels from the US, UK, Canada, South Asia… Service uptime is guaranteed 24/7 for boundless access. Regarding the picture quality, the channels are in SD, and most of the time in HD, over 4000 channels transmitted to users’ display device with high-resolution images.

Besides, about IPTV subscription, on-demand content will be a big temptation. Gold IPTV has a repository of over 10000 on-demand content. New seasons and latest episodes are regularly provided, now users do not need to pay expensive fees for content creators and major networks anymore, Gold IPTV takes care of it to let you pamper yourself in the world of affordable high-quality streaming.  

4. Some shortcomings of Gold

4.1 Time-shifted media

In fact, no IPTV providers can guarantee users complete satisfaction. Gold IPTV is not an exception. However, I believe its benefits would well compensate the drawbacks. With Gold IPTV there are very few direct channels that allow users to catch-up. The limited source of time-shifted-media means when they miss a program at its airtime, they cant watch it later. If users are busy during its airtime, and they want to rewatch the last night’s game, they cannot rewind the program. The absence of catch-up content is also the biggest weakness of Gold IPTV. And hopefully, in the future, this provider will add this feature.

4.2 Compatibility

The app can integrate well with some devices, however, it won’t use the M3U. That is an unfortunate drawback that should be added soon, as many users now prefer to use M3U links to easily manage all their streaming sources in one app or a media player. Many customers would appreciate and welcome the providers with M3U links to quickly stream on mobile devices.

Gold IPTV can work with the following devices. Mac Addresses starting with code 00 1A 79, users can go to settings and find the MAC address of your devices there. If the MAC code starts with 00 1A 79, it can be integrated with Gold IPTV. When users want to use IPTV services provided by Gold, their Firestick device needs to be installed with the STB Emulator application, this is the most popular solution for streaming from the Gold IPTV subscription plan. Android boxes using STB Emulator application, MAG devices, Dreamlink and Avov Box are compatible with the Gold IPTV service.

5. How to buy Gold IPTV Subscription

First, the user needs to visit the website The Next Hosting. To make transactions and purchase packages from IPTV service providers, users first need to register for an account at The Next Hosting.

Step 1: Choose “Register” and fill in your personal information.

After users complete account registration, users log in to their new account and perform the following steps to purchase service packages of Gold IPTV.

How to buy Gold IPTV Subscription - step 1

Step 2: In the head menu toolbar, select Services, then when the dropdown menu appears select Order New Service

Step 3: Then, in the left menu bar find Gold | Global IPTV Subscription, click on it to continue

Step 4: Now you need to review the packages of Gold IPTV and choose the one that suits your needs.

Step 5: After deciding on the appropriate package, choose Order Now to continue.

Step 6: One thing to do is type in the device’s MAC address, then select Continue

Step 7: Enter the Code or promotional code if any, continue to select Check out

Step 8: Users have 2 payment methods, either by credit card or with Bitcoin. Choose a method and then choose Complete Order.

Step 9: Then the user will receive an Invoice sent to the email you registered.

In the email and invoice, the user will receive instructions to complete the payment and the accounts to make payments via Bitcoin, Zelle, and Venmo. Follow the payment instructions shown in the email and you will receive login information to your active account after the transaction is successful.

Users should take notes of the following information: the invoice number, the address of the payment method, the payment account information. If you have not received your account after 24 hours of payment, please contact Gold IPTV or your IPTV resellers for the fastest support.

6. Final Thoughts

Most customers from India will prefer Gold IPTV. Experiences with this provider are receiving positive comments about how good and stable the stream is. Customers from other regions also continue to come and show no sign of slowing down. This might be due to Gold puts a lot of its resources and priority to developments and the addition of features so that they make progressively improvement and more value to clients. Gold IPTV has become a solution with a wide mix of channels from many countries and regions, with a great reputation for Asian content.

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