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Fubo TV: A comprehensive IPTV service for sports channels

If you are a sports fan, do not miss the Fubo TV. The IPTV service meets most requirements for both channel quantity and quality. But besides sports channels, is there any other thing great to enjoy? 

Despite expensiveness, Fubo is worth money due to a wide range of channels available. In the past, this IPTV provider only focused on the sports streaming service. But recently it has made efforts for improvement. And now, the channels are not only sports, but also kids, entertainment, lifestyle, and news.

So, let’s go for details via the article of MOIPTV

Fubo TV overview

1. What is Fubo TV?

Launched in early 2015, Fubo IPTV initially offered live TV for football. That also was the very first step for this provider to become one of the top-ranked streaming services of almost all soccer fans till now.

For years, Fubo has branched out more additional channels for both entertainment and news. Especially, users can search for a wider sports coverage with impressive channels, namely, MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL.

At the end of 2019, the number of Fubo IPTV live paid subscribers reaches over 316,000. Plus, you also can register for add-on packages to extend viewing options.

In general, the IPTV provider plays an important role in cord-cutting TV revolution. It helps to make dreams of football fans come true in which they can enjoy the high-quality 4K picture for the game.

Next, it is time to discuss Fubo IPTV features.

3.1 DVR

The Fubo TV does not only come with a Fubo IPTV free trial, but it also offers 30 hours of free Cloud DVR storage. Most users appreciate this service since it allows recording videos to watch later. Plus, when the free storage runs out. no titles disappear.

To upgrade the DVR, you need to pay a fee. There are three levels of upgrading. They include Family ($70.97 per month), Fútbol Quarterly ($34.98 per month), or Ultra ($98.94 per month) plans.

3.2 Users

A Fubo TV account enables you to watch 2 streams at the same time. For an additional one, the monthly payment will be $5.  

3.3 Picture Quality

Among the mass of IPTV providers on the market, Fubo IPTV is one of the impressive providers for high-quality streaming. It offers up to 4K HDR since 2018 while the common restriction for live channel is only 720p resolution.

2. Fubo TV compatible devices

In general, the Fubo sign in is available on several devices. The following are some examples.

  • Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.
  • Amazon Fire TV.
  • Android TV.
  • Android Smart TVs.
  • Apple TV.
  • Chromecast.
  • Roku.
  • Samsung Smart TVs.
  • Xbox One.

You may have an excellent screen for the IPTV display. The Fubo package that you choose can be the most expensive with the widest range of channels. All of them will make no sense if your Internet connection gets weak.

In fact, the higher the Internet connection is, the more smoothly the streaming channels can run. You should prepare the Internet download speed averages around 60 Mbps.  

3. Fubo TV plans and Fubo TV cost

The company divides their Fubo plans into four categories at different prices. They include Fubo Family, Fubo Family with Showtime, Fubo Ultra, and Fubo Latino.

3.1 Fubo TV Family

With the first packages named Fubo Family, you have to pay $64.99 per month to have your own live TV watching experience with it. To make a right shopping decision, we suggest enjoying a 7-day free trial first. One week will be long enough for you to see whether the IPTV service can satisfy your expectation or not.

Fubo TV family

In terms of the channel lineup, there are 99 channels in total available with this plan. And all of them are displayed in the 4K HDR streaming quality with no ads. However, you cannot do any offline downloads.

3.2 Fubo TV Family with Showtime

The monthly Fubo cost for this second plan is $74.99. Despite the higher price, it offers a wider range of channels. You have a chance of enjoying 108 channels on the Fubo Family with Showtime.

Like the Fubo Family, the package allows you to try the IPTV service within 7 days of free trial. Furthermore, the display quality is also the 4K HDR and no offline download is possible.

3.3 Fubo TV Ultra

Another package to consider is the Fubo Ultra which costs $84.99 per month. In comparison with the second option, this third one offers 62 additional channels displayed in the 4K HDR quality.

A drawback that we found with the Fubo Ultra is no free trial included.

3.4 Fubo Latino

If you only have a tight budget for the Fubo, we highly recommend the Fubo Latino. With only $29.99, you can have a great time with one of the best IPTV for sports – Fubo. It focuses on Latin-language channels.

Because of the lower cost, the Fubo Latino limits the number of channels. There are 32 channels in total. But it does not matter when you just need a few channels for entertainment in free time. Do not believe? You can try a 7-free trial with the 4K HDR display quality. We know for sure that it is quite a challenge to find a better deal.

4. Fubo TV channels

The Fubo signup covers various viewing tastes. It contains the following categories.

  • Comedy.
  • Drama.
  • Entertainment.
  • Life & Style.
  • News.
  • Sports.

Fubo TV channels

4.1 Sports

The IPTV service offers subscribers a plenty of content for sports entertainment. The Fubo IPTV Sports Network includes channels from beINSports, ESPN, CBS Sports Network, ABC, and NBC Sports Network. Besides, you have additional options from Golf Channel, NFL Network, Olympic Channel, MLB Network, NHL Network, and PAC12 Networks, too.

For more enhancing options, it provides some add-ons. These services mainly come from Sports Plus delivering access to Fight Network, GolTV, NBA TV, NFL Network’s Red Zone, and MLB StrikeZone.

Additionally, Fubo Cycling is not a bad idea. This live coverage of the world’s best bike racing costs about $11.99 per month.

4.2 Channels on Fubo TV

BBC America, Newsy, Newsmax, CNBC, FOX Business, FOX News, and MSNBC are new channels to try on Fubo IPTV. Or for both movie and entertainment, there are Hallmark Channel, History Channel, Paramount Network, Sundance TV, and Turner Classic Movies.

4.3 Add-on channels

These channels allow users to extend choices for entertainment and movies. You often have to pay around $10.99 per month. This package contains 9 Showtime channels. Another option is the on-demand AMC Premiere streaming which costs $4.99 monthly. Or you also should not miss the Fubo Extra with sports options including four Stadium channels, NBA TV, and Tennis Channel as well as Cooking Channel and Discovery Family.

5. Fubo TV and IPTV streaming services

To have an efficient consideration, we want to compare the Fubo TV with other IPTV providers. Hence, we choose AT&T TV Now, Hulu Plus Live TV, Sling TV, and YouTube TV to make a comparison.

5.1 Fubo TV and Hulu

The Hulu + Live TV offers excellent device compatibility. It gives subscribers access to the local ABC network. Besides, this rival of Fubo TV also includes a commercial-free plan and an option to add unlimited streams.

However, despite starting at the same base price of $60, the Hulu offers only 65 channels along with maximum 200 hours of Cloud storage. On contrary, the Fubo TV is a great deal of the vast range accessing to NFL Network, MLB Network, and ESPN.

Assuming that your priority is sports, it seems to be so hard to ignore Fubo TV. But in case you prefer channels for entertainment, the other option should be your choice.

5.2 Fubo TV and Sling TV

Price is the point helping Sling TV to beat Fubo TV. In terms of the base price, Sling TV costs only $30 per month while you need to make a monthly payment of $60 for the Fubo TV experience. However, the number of channels (about 100) available on Fubo TV is twice the one of Sling TV.

Moreover, each IPTV subscription of Fubo TV allows users to add a maximum six profiles. But with Sling TV, only one provider is available.

When it comes to sports, both Sling TV and Fubo TV have a sizable selection of international and regional broadcasts. But you can access the NFL Network only when you register for Fubo TV subscriptions from IPTV resellers or providers and Sling TV cannot meet this demand.

For the Cloud DVR storage, undoubtedly, Fubo TV is the winner. In fact, with Sling TV, subscribers will receive from 30 to 50 hours of storage. And the benefit is different for the case of Fubo TV which offers up to 500 hours of storage.

Overall, in comparison to Sling TV vs Fubo TV, the latter is still worth your money.

6. Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that Fubo TV is one of the most potential alternatives for the traditional cable TV. However, its expensiveness still makes many people hesitate.

To sum up the benefits that Fubo TV brings, we have some outstanding points. Firstly, it offers an impressive channel lineup, especially for sports fans. Secondly, the IPTV provider streams channels with the high-quality display. And lastly, you have the Cloud DVR storage up to 500 hours.

However, if the sports content is not your priority when considering the IPTV service, there are other options to try. For more suggestions, let’s keep following our blog to update new articles.

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