Best Free IPTV Apps for 2020 – Interview with an expert

Is there a free IPTV? What are the best Free Apps for 2020? What is the best IPTV app for Android?… Here are the best Free IPTV for Android TV and mobile devices from MOIPTV. Let’s start!

1. What Is an IPTV App?

1.1 Get to know IPTV

The era of expensive cable TV is over, with the speedy development of technology and the Internet, users can enjoy TV content without hurting their wallets, IPTV is the solution for you. Internet protocol television allows you to stream online content over a network connection. This platform replaces traditional TV services such as satellite TV, cable TV, and brings thousands of channels, entertainment content from education, sports, entertainment, movies, music … to millions of people globally. In order for IPTV to serve you, you need to first register with an IPTV service provider or install applications on your computer device or phone. So how can you experience the benefits that IPTV brings about, the answer to all is IPTV APPS.

1.2 IPTV App

The IPTV application is a bridge for you to drill a huge online content store. Without the contents, these applications are just empty shells, so after the applications are installed, the user needs to do one more crucial step of adding content, lists, and resources into the app to make it a library for you. Normally, with only an IPTV app, you cannot watch shows, contents of mainstream broadcasters like Fox, NBS, Netflix. You need an M3U file added to the IPTV app before you can stream and watch from these content providers.

2. Is there a free IPTV?

Yes of course. There will be apps that allow free streaming of content. YouTube TV and Sling are the two most notable representatives of free streaming and viewing services. For other TV channels, you need to install different applications, some are free, some also charge subscription fees as content providers. However, if you spend a little time and know about how to find them, you won’t really need to subscribe to expensive plans. Free IPTV is popular, you only need two things: UPTV source and IPTV application. Commonly known as independent or streaming apps, today’s IPTV apps are diverse, with different quality services. Some options are free, but raised concerns about the quality. Sometimes it is frustrating to search a good deed out of many imposters. That’s why you need guidance to find worthwhile choices. To save you time and unwanted problems, we offer a list of best IPTV Apps that offer quality services. These apps are available on the Google Play Store and are the best options available. With this practical and helpful guide, hopefully, you can install the right app on your Android device. To download and install it, your device must run on Android operating system and have compatible configuration, some applications will not run smoothly or not be able to install on old-model devices. You also need a stable Internet connection via wifi or mobile data. If downloading using mobile data you will need to pay attention to the mobile data capacity of the device.

3. Best Free IPTV Apps for 2020

3.1 IPTV Smarters Pro

Is there a free IPTV? Current versions: available for both free and premium versions Plus points:

  •         Runs excellently on TV
  •         Allows multiple accounts to log in on one device
  •         Diverse content

You only need the M3U URL from the provider to be able to use this app for streaming. There is not much difference between the free version and the established version, the free version even allows multiple logins on the same device, while the mainstream version does not. This application is especially good for viewing experience on TV, You can install it on your mobile device and take it anywhere. Content is provided sumptuously and integrated with third-party players like VLC or Perfect Player. On-demand contents such as blockbuster movies, reality TV shows, games shows are the main pull of this application.

3.2 GSE Smart IPTV

Some free IPTV now Current versions: supports both Android phones and Android TVs Plus points:

  •         Excellent design, convenient for use
  •         Run well on multiple platforms, even iOS operating systems
  •         Stream multiple data sources

Ranked as one of the best IPTV Apps on the market, GSE Smart IPTV allows the ability to play a wide variety of file formats such as ZIP, XML, and GZ. In terms of streaming, sources like HTTP, M3U8, RTMP, RTSP, HSL, and MMS are operated smoothly with this application. If you have kids then you will definitely appreciate the parental controls function. This application allows adding SRT files to supply subtitles while streaming. Admirable design and ease of use are the plus points of the application. Its design is so genuine and cableTV-like that you wouldn’t think it was a compact app that installs right on your phone in your pocket and you can take it anywhere. The competitive advantage also comes from its compatibility with multiple platforms such as Android devices, iOS devices, Apple TV … You can also benefit from connection to Chromecast, you can even install this app on Amazon Fire TV if you don’t want to have troubles with sideloading APK files.

3.3 Lazy IPTV

Lazy free IPTV Current versions: Free app for both mobiles and TVs Plus points:

  •         Suitable for mobile devices
  •         There are smart folders for file management
  •         Add new content easily using URLs

A highlight of this app is the ability to read open-view files like ZIP and GZ formats, and you can easily add content to it. If you are a “lazy” person when it comes to installation, configuration … then Lazy IPTV is your perfect lover. You can access content on the local device, or paste the URL to source for a quick connection. The app can stream directly from social networks and Youtube. Files management of Lazy IPTV is also highly appreciated by users, you can personalize files to add your favorite channels, create music playlists, movie playlists … Besides, you can export the lists for viewing or sharing. Viewers can fully customize the screen, add shortcuts to their favorite channels, and change the display mode with ease. The only downside of the application is that it is not fully compatible with TV devices with large screens, but if you only need to install the application on your mobile device, this application is surely a worthwhile one.

3.4 TiviMate

TiviMate Current versions: Free and subscription version for TV Plus points:

  •         Allow creating and importing multiple playlists
  •         Create channel logos and customize functions as you like

This application is compatible with TV devices, there is no version for smartphones. When installed on your device, the application allows you to customize functions, creating playlists according to the needs of the user. However, the free version of the application is not very special. For more features, I recommend the premium version for just $ 4.99 per year, and you get access at the same time on 5 devices. You can use the search feature to choose the contents of your interest.

3.5 IPTV

IPTV Plus points:

  •         Multi-format streaming support
  •         Stable platform, the choice of the majority of users

You can add playlists in M3U and XSPF formats, it also supports EPG with JTV and XMLTV formats, you will have a lot of choice for streaming. The application provides a certain number of customizations, such as adding new channels and organizing in the grid or list view. If you have an IPTV box, the experience on bigger screens will be much better. App automatically resumes recent playback progress for the Premium version. However, with the functions that the free version provides, this app has also received over 10 million downloads on the store and is one of the most installed IPTV apps.

3.6 Perfect Player IPTV

Perfect Player IPTV Current versions: Free and premium versions Plus points:

  •         Among the most popular applications for IPTV
  •         Various selection of decoder tools

If you are looking for an alternative to online streaming Apps, Perfect Player IPTV is the best nominee. This app supports XSPF and M3U playlists. The variety of decode solutions gains it an irrefutable advantage as it can work well with Hardware Accelerated, Hardware, Native, and Software. Perfect Player IPTV can sync with the desktop version for your convenience, users can also download content and save it on the device to watch even without an Internet connection, which is an excellent solution. The application is designed to be very intuitive, easy to navigate, and use even for newcomers.

3.7 OTT Navigator

OTT Navigator Current versions: Free and in-app purchases Plus points:

  •         Large and familiar platform to the user
  •         Simple for use and customization

As a big competitor in the field of providing IPTV services, OTT Navigator sets itself out with smart filters (filtered by channels, categories, seasons, years, ratings, countries, …) for customers to quickly search and select content. Customers can also use the search tool and customize many of the app’s functions. The interface is classic but user-friendly, easy to manage for newbies. To summarize, these IPTV streaming apps can do more than provide you with your favorite content, try and experience for yourself then you can decide which one is the best IPTV App. After downloading these apps, some apps will stream directly, others require that you go to Settings, select My Add-ons, choose PVR, choose PVR IPTV Simple Client, select Configure, enter the path M3U enters, then starts streaming. The operation is very easy and you will have no trouble streaming in apps.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, the guide helped you get interesting information about the free IPTV. If you have any questions about free IPTV, don’t forget to get in touch with us as soon as possible via comments.

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