Formuler Z8 reviews, Pros & Cons, and Top Usage Tips

Formuler Z8 is a processing and streaming monster. The article about Formuler Z8 reviews will give you an overall and objective look. In the market with a lot of new TV boxes emerging, Formuler Z8 Android IPTV Box still maintains its leading position. MOIPTV will make objective reviews and some usage notes to optimize the performance and utility of this device.

1. Reviews Formuler Z8 Android IPTV Box

1.1 Appearance

On the back of the Formuler Z8 box, you will see its key features. I will go through the outstanding features of this product:

Formuler Z8 reviews image 1

  • HDR compatibility is the highlight, allowing users to stream 4K with 60 frames per second.
  • DDR4 memory with 2GB and 16 internal storage, expandable with the external memory card up to 128GB to maximize storage capacity.
  • HDMI 2.0 port, and all connection ports.
  • Super powerful Quad-core processor.
  • MyTV – you can pause, rewind, fast-forward live TV channels.

1.2 What’s in the box

1.2.1 Main parts

Manual guide: You have device instructions, specifications, and how to operate the device’s features, it is straightforward to operate Formuler Z8, the user has no difficulty operating it, the user guide still comes in handy regularly, so you need to save it in case you need its guidance.

Formuler Z8 reviews image 2

Remote control: The buttons on the remote are very clear. The functions are divided by each button, large and sensitive ones for easier use. The material used is nice to touch, the function button is accessible within your palm, easy to press. Users have their own mouse pointer button with an arrow pointer button, you will find it useful because smart TVs users would need the pointer a lot to smoothly and fast navigate. The Formuler Z8 adds another plus as it has such a user-friendly design.

Formuler Z8 reviews image 3

Formuler Z8 Box with extra antenna: User can connect Antenna with Formuler Z8 box to get the best signal from local channels. The antenna is very useful when you want an excellent and stable internet connection. If your WiFi router is far away, the antenna also supports dual-band Wifi, so the internet connection will be boosted strongly and become solid.

Formuler Z8 reviews image 4

Formuler Z8 box: I prefer this appearance of the Z8. I think it’s stylish, compact, sporty and powerful. On the side of the box, there are 2 USB ports, you can plug a USB memory stick to expand the memory capacity here, there are two ports so it is even more convenient. On the backside, users will have ports and connections as follows (from left to right as shown in the picture)

Formuler Z8 reviews image 5

1.2.2 Ports and connections

  • Power port: power supply for the box to operate.
  • IR port: plug the IR extender here (if needed)
  • S/PDIF port: used for optical audio for the best sound quality.
  • HDMI port
  • Gigabit LAN port

Formuler Z8 reviews image 6

Those are the ports you have. What a high-end set-top box. Every penny spent is worth it. The Formuler Z8 has done a brilliant job, with a clean, eye-catching design and a decent layout of ports.

Cables and connections: here what you get

  • IR extender
  • Power adapter
  • HDMI cable

1.2.3 Keynotes

After unboxing Formuler Z8, here are some highlights for you to take away.

In terms of design, the Z8 retains the strengths of the previous versions with standard ports, coming with a USB 2.0 and a USB 3.0, the standard power port, HDMI port, ethernet for wired internet connection, digital optical port, IR (infrared receiver) port for maximizing the signal reception of the remote control. The new box is not really revolutionary, but the ports and functions are much more upgraded than the old version. However, users will not feel cramped even for a little.

By the way, one thing so cool that they have done to the remote control while keeping all last features, which is the remote will glow in the dark so that users can see the buttons in dim lights. This is a nice and thoughtful touch to the design when they watch at night when all lights are off. Besides, users have 4 customized buttons with different colors. You can assign functions and channels to get instant access to these features within 1 click right on the remote.

1.3 Speed ​​and processing test

1.3.1 Browsing speed – Test connections

Formuler Z versions gain popularity for their fast browsing speed through categories and channels. There is no lag when switching to different programs. Everything works as soon as you click a button. Although it is difficult to notice the change between the Z8 and the Z7 or 7plus series, they are almost equally powerful. But when it comes to navigation speed, the Z8 exhibits superior speed and probably a faster processing speed.

1.3.2 Boosting speed

When it starts up, the device only needs a few seconds. It is impressive to have this speed. It even boots faster than your Android smartphone.

1.3.3 Streaming speed

Even when downloading and streaming Ultra HD content, the system runs very smoothly. The user should not experience any lag or buffer issues. It’s a great deal the Z8 box offers, whatever content is handled with such ease. If you are a gamer then you will much more appreciate this beast for game streaming smooth experience.

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1.4 Digital Video Recording speed (DVR)

Users can record content with the highest picture quality in 4K stream. Also, streaming and recording can be done with just a few taps. And just click on the stored videos to play immediately.

2. Pros and cons of Formuler Z8

2.1 Pros: Formuler Z8 Android IPTV Box

2.1.1 Powerful CPU and efficient RAM

The processing speed of the central chip is the heart of the device, also the first factor to consider when buying a set-top box. Users want a device with the fastest possible upload and download speeds and want all tasks to be done instantly when they click a button on the remote. Formuler Z8’s CPU is one of the kind on the market, coming with a decent RAM for instantly carrying out multiple tasks. The user’s streaming and IPTV services experience is up to a higher level, surpassing other opponents on the market now.

2.1.2 Internet Connections: wifi – ethernet – extra antennas: 3 in 1

Besides having a strong CPU, users still need a stable and powerful Internet connection. IPTV cannot function without the Internet. That’s obvious. So let’s talk about the connectivity Formuler Z8 has to offer. As for the wireless connection, users have wifi, of course, because it is very convenient, it’s widespread, it’s compact and neat, and instantly, after initial setup and connection with users’ wi-fi hotspot, the Formuler Z8 works like a charm. It is auto-connected and saves your time.

Besides, users have an external antenna, you install it by plugging it into your Formuler Z8 to support wireless connections. Furthermore, the antenna helps users connect to local networks, local channels.

And to maximize internet speed, users can use ethernet connections. Users connect directly into the ethernet port to the Internet hotspot, connecting through the wires for efficient operation and compensate for the wireless connection in cases wifi is unstable. Especially when users’ location is far away from the wifi hotspot and does not reach the desired network speed, or you want to stream content with Ultra HD resolution, ethernet is the best connection.

2.1.3 Compatibility – support a wide selection of streaming apps and services

The Formuler Z8 can be connected to all streaming apps, providing a consistent and good experience, and a beautiful interface for live TV. Users also have VOD and EPG. Formuler Z8 runs on the Android operating system and integrates with almost all Android devices including the most modern devices and the latest operating system versions.

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2.1.4 Ability to stream 4K ultra HD

The Formuler Z8 features Gigabit LAN, which is a critical connection when you want to stream 4K content. This might be the best feature of Formuler Z8, no other tv boxes on the market come close to the 4K Ultra HD stream that Z8 offers. It can smoothly handle high resolution at 60hz, which is something every IPTV user and gamers desire.

2.1.5 Native IPTV app: MyTVOnline 2

Formuler Z8 defeats all of its competitors with the convenience and high integration in MyTVOnline 2 application. Users can watch live TV channels and on-demand content right on this application. For other devices, besides buying top box hardware, they need to download a media player to load and stream from your IPTV subscription package which comes from an IPTV reseller or provider. It costs you a few more steps to go through, and choosing a decent server is not an easy task to do.

MyTVOnline 2 application has saved users a lot of time. Formuler Z8 users will immediately have this application in the pack, and it is designed specifically for Z8 so MyTV integrates seamlessly with the operating system of the set-top box. Thanks to this, the user has a fantastic experience, organized category, correct and easy-to-navigate EPG, and user-friendliness.

2.2 Cons: features to upgrade in the next version

Users always want to experience the best possible image quality. The Formuler Z8 allows resolutions up to 4K, however, it will also take up a lot of space to record and save content with such high image resolution. A 60 minutes 4K video will consume more than 3GB of the device’s memory. And the Formuler Z8 only has only 16GB of memory, so users won’t be able to save a lot of content with this limited space.

Usage tip: This can be easily solved with an external USB, memory card, SD card… Users should buy an additional 128GB of external memory to be able to record and save all favorite programs without worry about using quantity.

Users can watch and record the program being played. However, users will not be able to record another program while they are watching one.

3. Frequently asked questions about Formuler Z8

3.1 Is Formuler z8 legit to use?

It is, of course, valid to use this device. Users are assured of legality, security, and privacy as Formuler Z8 Android IPTV Box users. The hardware, firmware, and software versions are legit and updated regularly. This one has been on the market for so long, the history track proves time to time that it works and guarantees 100% legality.

Users should differentiate the Formuler Z8 Android IPTV Box from the IPTV server or IPTV provider. This box is the hardware and firmware so that you can stream from an IPTV subscription, the box itself does not have IPTV channels. Formuler Z8 Android IPTV Box is an empty shell without the playlist you would have to add to it.

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3.2 How to set up Formuler Z8 Android IPTV Box?

Users follow these instructions:

Step 1: Choose the language to install

Step 2: Connect to your wifi network to perform the installation.

Step 3: The next step is to adjust the screen because the user will use different screen sizes, you drag the dimensions to fit your device. Select OK to fix the size and select Exit to exit the screen size setting.

Step 4: Select region and area settings

Step 5: Choose the time format. You choose Yes to display 24h format.

Step 6: Initial setup takes a moment to load. The system will automatically install the most updated version of the application. You wait for the system to install myTVOnline 2 and then it is good to go.

Step 7: To complete the installation, the user needs to reboot the device. Select Reboot Now.

Step 8: After the system is rebooted the user enters the main screen of Formuler Z8 Android IPTV Box. Go to myTVOnline 2 to add an IPTV playlist, watch content, live TV channels, on-demand content, EPG guide.

Final Thoughts

The Formuler Z8 has added several features and enhanced performance to its native version. It would not be a complete re-definition of the IPTV experience if you are looking for one, and by the way, Formuler Z8 does not need to do so. It is already more than enough. With these updates and upgrades, Formuler Z8 has made it worth a lot more. With the article about Formuler Z8 reviews, MOIPTV considers the Formuler Z8 Android IPTV Set Top Box the best on the market today.

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