Eternal is the best IPTV service provider for English language viewers

With a prolific library of on-demand content and competitive pricing, Eternal IPTV captivates a growing market share as a solid IPTV provider for multilingual channels to satisfy the needs of viewers. In the following article, MOIPTV will introduce you to Eternal IPTV which is one of the best IPTV service provider for English language viewers.

1. About Eternal IPTV

1.1 Eternal IPTV

Eternal is a low-cost streaming service for all users. As a relatively brand-new provider, Eternal IPTV quickly established its advantages and grew its loyal users, Eternal’s name and reputation are expected to develop even stronger in the future. Eternal’s achievements are based on a content-rich platform, with a variety of on-demand shows, and the various popular movies and entertainment programs which are regularly updated. The audience comes to Eternal can put their mind at ease because this provider is solid with stable service and satisfy all needs for TV content.

Subscription rates of Eternal remain very competitive, if you buy a long-term plan, you will save even more money, but the best way is to continue with the 1-month plan. If you pay in Bitcoin there will be a 15% discount and if you are not satisfied with the service, within 7-15 days after signing up you can request a refund. Eternal’s policy shows a commitment to quality and convinces viewers to have confidence in the service they provide.

If you do not have much knowledge about IPTV, this article will guide you in detail to get you to start from square one. Eternal has both simplicity and usability which are suitable for newcomers like you.

1.2 Eternal channel list

Being a high-quality and stable IPTV provider, Eternal has over 2800 channels and 13000 on-demand content available for viewers’ enjoyment. One of the reasons that you cannot refuse the deal with Eternal is the top-rank sports programs. For example, American football and basketball events and episodes are updated live, what a treat for NBA and NFL fans because everything they want is on Eternal. Sports news, top football leagues, prestigious sports channels like ESPN, Fox Sports, other exciting sports championships, Bundesliga, Laliga, … are fully broadcast.

Channels on Eternal are mostly English-speaking content from the UK, USA, and Canada. Besides, there are multi-language programs to reach a larger audience.

2. Best features of Eternal IPTV

Best features of Eternal IPTV are the reasons to choose it. Eternal has been achieving a large and loyal user base due to its stability as a trustworthy IPTV service provider, Eternal covers almost the market with TV content from the UK, US, and Canada. It is very different from traditional television service, with Eternal, audiences have access to over 2800 deluxe channels and more. Besides the advantage of the vast number of channels, Eternal also wins the preference of the audience thanks to the following features.

2.1 Maximum customer support

Eternal reputable service is well supported by attentive and prompt customer service. If customers have any questions or require assistance, the technical support team can be contacted via live chat for immediate help. You will receive step-by-step technical guidance to resolve the issue with your service.

2.2 Premium service guarantee

Viewers will have service at all times to enjoy content from reputable broadcasting providers. Pay-Per-View channels will also be broadcast on Eternal for a worthwhile TV experience with top premium channels such as sports, live TV programs, moives, TV series, you name it all. Hardly can you find any other provider with advantages like Eternal.

2.3 Stability and assurance of the server

With a stable server, Eternal IPTV can bring viewers true HD and Full HD picture quality without experiencing lag or buffering. The smooth streaming experience is essential to the viewers and Eternal has recognized and responded very well to this.

2.4 Reselling plan

You can even make money with Eternal if you join our resale program. Eternal is confident with the quality service and wants you to join hands to help us promote our brand to more people. Eternal will have the appropriate policies and tools for you to start doing business with us.

2.5 Content on demand

Not only you have unlimited access to over 3,500 live TV channels, you can also watch up to 14,000 movies and videos on demand. New content is regularly updated and presented on a stable, high-quality platform so there are no interruptions to enjoy your favorite shows.

3. Pricing

The packages of Eternal IPTV: 

Eternal IPTV offers the following basic packages

  • 1 month – 1 connection: 8.5 dollars. Additional connection costs 7 dollars
  • 3 months – 1 connection: 24 dollars. An additional connection costs 19.5 dollars
  • 6 months – 1 connection: 45 dollars. Additional connection costs 36 dollars
  • 1 year – 1 connection: 80 dollars. Additional connection costs 64 dollars

If you pay in Bitcoin, a 15% discount will be given to you and the corresponding rates for each plan are as below:

  • 1 month: 25 dollars
  • 3 months: 20.5 dollars
  • 6 months: 38.5 dollars
  • 1 year – 68 dollars

You will enjoy outstanding features and utilities after purchasing the Eternal IPTV subscription package:

  • Over 3500 premium channels with HD and Full HD quality
  • Over 14000 on-demand content channels which should be updated daily
  • Engaging TV series are fully broadcast
  • More than 1000 pay per view and adult channels
  • EPG is accurate and easy to use
  • Refund policy for users from 7-15 days if you are not satisfied.

4. Eternal IPTV application and APK file

What’s the best way to watch Eternal IPTV?

High compatibility brings convenience and makes Eternal popular and easy to get a hang of for all users. Eternal offers you two installation options. You may be familiar with Eternal’s application or the APK installation file.

Some users using KODI will often want to sync other applications to use KODI application for all music, entertainment, and movie streaming activities. Eternal fully integrates with KODI so you can stream everything smoothly within KODI. Besides, Eternal IPTV provides a standalone app with an easy-to-use interface even for those who have never used IPTV applications before. You might consider purchasing a subscription with 2 connections to install on both your big screen device and your smartphones to be about to watch live and stream without any limitation anytime, anywhere for all your entertainment needs.

With the application installed on your phone, you will have access to all television content on the go. Eternal provides exceptional service in order to have HD quality images on devices like Smart TV, Fire TV, viewers are sure to happy with cinema-like experience while watching movies.

Eternal has an APK file to download and install on Android TV devices. You can also use M3U URL to stream on devices running Windows and iOS operating systems. In addition, the M3U link can be used for streaming thanks to media players or streaming apps which is very easy and compatible with all mobiles. So whatever type of device you have, Eternal IPTV will respond perfectly.

Eternal also has the advantage of an easy-to-use EPG and a modernized interface. EPG is very practical in case there are thousands of channels for you to browse, it is an indispensable tool to help you quickly select your favorite channel, as well as preview the broadcast schedule of channels. Eternal has provided a very user-friendly EPG both for newbies to give them an easy experience and the best support.

5. Installation Guides

5.1 Installation on KODI

Currently, KODI is the most popular media player used to stream all online content, if you do not want to install too many more applications because of memory limitation on your device or you simply want to manage streaming activities within an application only, you can choose to integrate Eternal IPTV into KODI to stream over 2000 channels and 14000 content on demand. Eternal works on KODI in a smooth and amazing way. These are the simple steps for you to integrate Eternal on the KODI platform.

  • Step 1: On your device, go to or launch KODI, go to Settings

eternal iptv on Kodi

  • Step 2: Select System Settings => drag to Add-ons menu and enable Unknown Sources. This is a necessary step, otherwise, you will not be able to download and install Eternal Add-ons.

eternal iptv on Kodi step 2

  • Step 3: Keep pressing Back until you are back at the System page.

eternal iptv on Kodi step 3

  • Step 4: Open Fire Manager and select “Add Source”, first select “None” then enter the following path and select “OK”: –

Or any links that work.

eternal iptv on Kodi step 4

eternal iptv on Kodi step 5

  • Step 5: Enter a name for the playlist you just selected then go back to the main screen of KODI

eternal iptv on Kodi step 5

eternal iptv on Kodi step 7

  • Step 6: Select Add-ons, select the “open box” icon in the upper left corner, under “Add-ons” to install.

eternal iptv on Kodi step 8

  • Step 7: Select Install from a zip file, and click on the file name you just assigned to the source link that was entered in steps 4-5.

eternal iptv on Kodi step 9

  • Step 8: Select the file, wait until the message MisFit Mods Repo appears on the screen.

eternal iptv on Kodi step 10

  • Step 9: Now you just need to choose Install from Repository and choose the Misfit Mods: Repository

eternal iptv on Kodi step 11

  • Step 10: Continue to choose Add-ons and click on Eternal TV. So, you have successfully installed KODI Add-ons to use Eternal IPTV’s service to stream all your favorite content. Click on SEREN and download and install that.

eternal iptv on Kodi step 12

  • Step 11: Click on Yes, choose language and region to get started.

eternal iptv on Kodi step 13

  • Step 12: Go back to the main screen choose addons to start. Click on Eternal IPTV or SEREN to see the channel lists.

5.2 Installation on Firestick, Fire TV, and Android TV Box

To install the Eternal app on Android-based smart TV devices, TVs, you need to perform the following steps:

  • Step 1: On the main screen of the smart TV device, select Settings – if it is an Android TV Box you need to select Settings Option

  • Step 2: Select Device Option, if it is Android TV Box, select Security
  • Step 3: Select Developer Options

  • Step 4: Allow apps from unknown sources by switching on to Enable installation of Apps from Unknown Sources
  • Step 5: Go to the home screen of the device, search for, and install Downloader application from the Amazon App store.

  • Step 6: Install Downloader and run the application.

  • Step 7: After opening Downloader, enter the link below and select “GO” to download the Eternal IPTV application:

  • Step 8: After waiting for the file to download, choose Install to have the app installed on your device, when the installation is complete, open the app and enter the login information.

If you do not have login information, please buy a subscription package of Eternal IPTV, then get the login information sent to your email to start using the Eternal IPTV service.

5.3 Instructions to retrieve password of your Eternal IPTV account

Reset online account password

To use Eternal IPTV service you need 2 passwords.

The first password: the password for your Eternal online account. Before you want to purchase a subscription, you need to create an account on Eternal’s online site. To retrieve this password in case you forget, follow these steps:

  • Step1: Use your device’s browser and go to the main Eternal website at the following link
  • Step 2: Select Forgot Password link
  • Step3: Enter the email you used to sign up for the account
  • Step 4: Check your email for the reset link. Click on the link to be taken to the change password page. Enter your new password.

You can now use your new password and email to log into your Eternal online site, you will need to use this account when you want to view or renew your subscription.

Reset/view your streaming password for app/addon

The second password: password of Eternal account on your application and add-ons. This is the password you will receive with your username to use the app and add-ons to stream. You need this password to login to stream any type of content. Here are the steps to reset the password in case you forget.

  • Step 1: Sign in to your online account at the following link with email and password as mentioned above.
  • Step 2: In the navigation bar in the header, select Services => My Services
  • Step3: Select Active at the subscription package you have purchased
  • Step 4: Select IPTV Service Details to view detailed information about your service package
  • Step5: Select Show to see the password of the application account and add-ons, you can also set a new password in that field. Use this password to login to your application account and add-ons for streaming your favorite content.

6. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

6.1 Can I record my favorite shows to watch later?

Unfortunately, but this feature is in development and not yet available in current versions of Eternal IPTV.

6.2 How is the legality of Eternal IPTV?

Eternal IPTV claims that they have the legal right to broadcast programs in their list of channels, but using a VPN is still useful for the safety of your online activities.

6.3 Is Eternal’s IPTV service free?

Eternal offers premium quality services from 8.5 dollars a month.

6.4 Why can I not register for Eternal IPTV service?

Eternal wants to provide the best service to users so sometimes the number of subscriptions will be limited. Or you experience this, check back the next day.


Eternal IPTV has proven its popularity and convenience for streaming entertainment TV content. This provider has received very positive reviews on IPTV review pages regarding page load time and quality of service. You definitely get the premium quality and worth the money you spend on Eternal IPTV service

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