Epic IPTV: The advice from many tech experts

Users who are interested in IPTV solutions can often get overwhelmed by the amount of information they encounter. As a tech guy, I want to help out and hope my sharing with MOIPTV can shed some technology-related light on Epic IPTV and is worth your money. Let’s find out.

1. What you need to know about Epic IPTV?

IPTV is a way of transferring and broadcasting television content over the Internet protocol. Providers transmit TV channels over the Internet thereby removing the limitations and boundaries of cable and satellite TV. Epic IPTV is a leading provider in the streaming market and has gained a reputation as a well-known source for live TV and on-demand content. It allows users to have up to 6400 and more streams of the most popular online television channels. The number of VODs is upto 27000, including the most favorite movies, TV series, matches, reality TV shows, and so on.

1. What you need to know about Epic IPTV?

Live TV channels are broadcast from major networks from the UK, US, Canada, and Portugal. As far as I know, Epic IPTV is one of the providers that uses Real-Time Encryption (RTE) in their broadcast service. This will be very beneficial for the user as well as the provider because they are almost guaranteed to be absolutely safe from piracy and spamming.

1.1 Let’s learn about Real-Time Coding Technology

Epic IPTV has adopted a new streaming video technology for its users. In plain and easy language, it is a traffic management system, a server for both video streams and user traffic. This technology allows the system to work as a communication center in which its input and output data are both encrypted and therefore much more secure than other systems such as firewalls.

However, if the provider uses this technology, it can not allow an unlimited number of users. There has to be a certain threshold. That’s because its servers need to process a relatively large amount of information, encrypted data in and out. This provider has many different registration packages and servers to divert the traffic as well as customize the most suitable options for users. So as I have said they limit a certain number of users for a server to ensure the best quality.

1.2 Epic IPTV servers

Users have the right to choose different servers when signing up with Epic IPTV. Thanks to real-time streaming technology, the settings, and preferences, that the user is proceeding with, are instantly synchronized and saved in the user’s personal account.

The system provides users with a full-view control panel. Thus, they can manually configure preferences, videos, and channel feeds, as well as maximize user privacy.

2. Best features of Epic IPTV

2.1 Security Technology Simple Sign-On (SSL)

I will not try to confuse you with technical terms. Simple Sign-On (SSL), simply, allows the user to log in and then remember their login information so that they no longer need to enter their login credentials the next time. But that’s no different from normal applications, right? Interestingly, you can use fingerprint recognition for one-time sign-in. So it is very convenient. And very few apps support this feature. Thanks to Simple Sign-On, you know that your account is safe in any case.

2.2 Solid server & work the best for low internet connection

As you know, with HD or ultra-HD image formats, 4K quality, users need to ensure an internet connection speed of at least 30mbps. And I also encourage users to upgrade their bandwidth plan when using the IPTV service. However, with Epic IPTV, it will help you minimize the disruptions when streaming. That’s thanks to anti-buffering technology. Furthermore, when your connection is unstable, Epic will also do its best to maintain a seamless stream and picture quality so that there is no lagging or freezing. The system automatically reconnects when the Internet drops so your program will immediately resume back to live to stream.

Solid server & work the best for low internet connection on Epic IPTV

2.3 Variety of IPTV content sources

Users have a large number of live TV streams from all over the world. Recently, time-shifted channels have been added with a considerable number of selections. Video on demand is available on servers so that users can access and watch anytime, anywhere. It is also worth mentioning the source of the audio files on Epic IPTV, the audio streams are songs, podcasts, audio shows, radios… all encoded in real-time technology as described above.

I can download some favorite audios then play them offline during commuting to work. And have I mentioned a huge source of sports channels with premium programs and world-class matches from all over the world? Tech guys like sporty channels, I think most of the users also do. Now sports channels can watch time-shifted too. Thus, users can rest their legs up on the chair and catch up on all their favorite content and programs when they have free time, after working hours, or on the weekend.

Variety of IPTV content sources on Epic IPTV

2.4 Fully customized IPTV services

Users can choose a suitable server to register for an IPTV subscription. Moreover, they also have complete control of the stream quality and customize down to SD format when the network is unstable to ensure continuity of service. Epic IPTV service is completely wireless and perfectly compatible with any display device.

Security technology helps ensure your connection is fast and reliable so the streaming experience is safe and accessible from anywhere in the world. The service also received recommendations from international users because it supports many languages ​​without the need to install other applications. Users can easily change the language setting in the settings.

3. Packages of Epic IPTV subscription

Users can choose 1 out of 20 available packages of Epic IPTV. The number of options is varied and so it can get a bit confusing, does it? So how are these packages different?

In general, you have the following plans: Crystal Server, Epic FHD Server, Platinum UHD Server, Ruby Server, Special Promo 2 for 1

Different servers have a different number of channels and image quality. With each Server, you will have 4 plans with active services periods such as 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months.

  • Crystal Server.
  • Epic FHD Server.
  • Platinum UHD Server.
  • Ruby Server.
  • Special Promo 2 for 1.

Users should note that the number of accounts per server is limited to ensure that users receive the best quality of service. Therefore, some subscription packages like Crystal and Platinum may not receive new account registration (these 2 packages have HD streaming quality or higher and have new time-shifted channels added). So users should consider switching to a different subscription, or check back with your IPTV resellers if they can make arrangements to help get you the package you want.

Or simply enough, you can choose Special Promo to get two servers at a very good price. Most users would go for it. So did I, I chose a special promo to have Platinum and FHD. I use FHD for my flatscreen TV in the living room for family use, and I also got the Platinum with more than 6500 channels for my portable devices so I can stream on the go.

Packages of Epic IPTV subscription

3.1 Epic IPTV subscriptions prices

Currently, the prices of respective Epic packages are as follows:

  • Plan 1: Epic Crystal Server 1 Month – $25
  • Plan 2: 3 Month Crystal Server – $60 
  • Plan3: 6 Month Crystal Server – $85 
  • Plan 4: 12 Month Crystal Server – $110 
  • Plan5: Epic FHD Server 1-Month plan – $20
  • Plan 6: Epic FHD Server 3-Month plan – $40 
  • Plan7: Epic FHD Server 6-Month plan – $70 
  • Plan 8: Epic FHD Server 12-Month plan – $100 
  • Plan9: Epic Platinum UHD Server 1-Month – $25 
  • Plan 10: Platinum UHD Server 3-Month – $60 
  • Plan11: Platinum UHD Server 6 Month – $85 
  • Plan 12: Platinum UHD Server 12 Month – $110 
  • Plan13: Epic IPTV Ruby Server 1 Month – $25
  • Plan 14: Ruby Server 3-Month – $60 
  • Plan15: Ruby Server 6-Month – $85 
  • Plan 16: Ruby Server 12-Month – $110 
  • Plan17: Special Promo 2 for 1 (1-month IPTV subscription) – $30 
  • Plan 18: Special Promo 2 for 1 (1-month IPTV subscription) – $80 
  • Plan19: Special Promo 2 for 1 (1-month IPTV subscription) – $150 
  • Plan 20: Special Promo 2 for 1 (1-month IPTV subscription) – $220 

Crystal, FHD, Platinum, and Ruby plans, users get 1 connection when registering for an IPTV subscription and the price starts from 20 US dollars a month. With the special promo package, users will have 2 simultaneous connections to install on different devices. Special promo packages for users have many outstanding benefits. They can choose 2 IPTV subscriptions and only pay the price for one package.

3.2. Features of Epic IPTV subscriptions

Epic FHD Server has HD picture quality and good features of IPTV streaming, but it does not offer adult content. If adult content is one of the factors you need to have when choosing the server, then you should consider choosing other plans that start at $25 a month like Ruby or Platinum. The quality of these packages is also very good when the picture quality offers Ultra-HD resolution, 4K streaming.

With Promo 2 for 1 package, users can choose from 2 of the following packages:

  • Epic FHD server: Fast and HD resolution quality, including over 2500 live TV channels + and over 6000 content on demand (no adult content)
  • Platinum UHD server: Ultra-HD quality and it has more than 4600 high-quality live TV channels, more than 27,000 videos on demand (adult channels available)
  • Sapphire HD server: It has 2600 channels with HD picture quality and over 20,000 content on demand.

Users will choose 2 services and register their devices’ information with their IPTV resellers. After the IPTV resellers confirm that payment for the service has been successfully made, the activation will take place within 48 hours to the user. Since the number of users is huge on many servers, users will need to wait and be a bit patient.

4. Buy an Epic IPTV subscription plan

To buy a package from Epic IPTV, users only need to perform the following simple steps:

  • Step 1: Access Epic IPTV’s website on your device’s browser
  • Step 2: Select IPTV service on the main toolbar
  • Step 3: Choose the package that best suits your needs
  • Step 4: Select Purchase to continue
  • Step 5: Here users need to enter information about their display device, for example, their phones, TVs with what MAC address is (at this step you should chat with your IPTV resellers for them to guide you through, or make sure you add all the needed information such as device type, which operating system is running, the MAC address of your device)

  • Step 6: After completing the filling in the necessary information, the user checks out
  • Step 7: Enter personal information such as name, email address, billing address … and billing information to continue
  • Step 8: Completion of payment, the system would send you a successful transaction notification. Then, the user checks email to receive login information and details of their IPTV subscription service package. Users use this information to log in and use the service.

5. Set up Epic IPTV stream on Android device

Currently, Epic IPTV can be installed on many Android mobile devices or using an APK file (apk – android package kit) and an emulator like BlueStack to run the Epic application on Windows computers. I will give the following very easy steps for users to use Epic on Android smartphones and tablets below:

  • Step 1: On your device’s browser, go to the following link http://bit.ly/2HTIZFK.
  • Step 2: Download the apk installation file in the link.
  • Step 3: Run the downloaded installation file.
  • Step 4: After the installation is complete, the user will run the application and note that the users need to write down the MAC address displayed on the main screen. They need to write the correct MAC address to activate successfully.
  • Step 5: Then users send the address to their IPTV reseller or Epic provider for them to activate the service.
  • Step 6: After the provider activates the service, users enter their login information and use the service.

6. Set up Epic IPTV stream on FireStick device

If you have a large flat-screen TV and want to use Epic’s services, it can be done quickly through the following steps. These steps do not require you to have any prior knowledge of IPTV, nor do you need to be a technology developer like me to do it. Because it is very simple as follows:

  • Step 1: Plug the Firestick device into your TV, go to Settings => My fire TV => developer options => enable Download from unknown sources and ADB Debugging.
  • Step 2: Go to Amazon Store, find and install the Downloader App, which allows side-loading apps from third-party developers.
  • Step 3: Open the Downloader application, enter the following link in the URL field: apk.epiciptv.com/EpicV1.apk, then select GO.
  • Step 4: The page is redirected to an APK file, users click to download and install this version.
  • Step 5: After successful download and installation. Users delete the installation file and then open the application.
  • Step 6: In this step, users need to have login information, if you have not purchased the subscription package to start, go back to the instructions on how to buy the IPTV subscription package with Epic as above-mentioned. After having login information, users enter the login image and use the service.

7. Final Thoughts

Some users are still concerned about the security and legality of the IPTV streaming service, but with the timely encryption of big data technology, Epic IPTV will put an end to your worries and concerns. As a techy engineer, I really appreciate the features and efforts to adopt encryption and security in Epic IPTV’s IPTV service. Users are protected about privacy and are exempt from copyright liability. With various server registration packages, hopefully, you will choose a solution that suits your needs. My friendly advice to all MOIPTV’s readers is Special Promo, let’s have a chat with your IPTV resellers to ask for what’s in each package before you make the payment.

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