Get Channels and Stunning EPG via Double Agent IPTV service

Check out Double Agent IPTV from the prime experts of MOIPTV, the absolute best IPTV provider for US, Canada, and Latino with an amazing TV guide and full HD image quality across all channels.

1. Some information about Double Agent IPTV

1.1 Double Agent IPTV Availability

You no longer need to pay expensive cable TV fees when you have Double Agent. With this provider, you can watch your favorite TV channels on any browser and smart devices. Focusing on streaming quality and customer experience, Double Agent receives recommendations and trust from the majority of customers.

Especially for sports fans, Double Agent is considered as the first choice. Users can watch the most prestigious premium sports channels at cheap prices.

double agent iptv - image 1

Double Agent IPTV is compatible with all platforms. You can use Double Agent IPTV on Android, iOS devices. Double Agent also runs on any browser whether it is Windows or Apple products.

Currently, users can purchase 1 to 4 connections with Double Agent IPTV. All connections are subject to IP lockout. This means you can use Double Agent anywhere in the world. You can also use a VPN to change the IP address without being prevented from accessing the service.

1.2 Double Agent IPTV compatibility

You have a lot of options to use Double Agent. Current the provider offers:

  • 4 versions of the application that compatible with different types of devices.
  • Use Double Agent IPTV on any web browser.
  • Use Media Players which can stream from M3U link eg Tivimate, The Perfect Player, …
  • Use any applications, media players, other platforms with the streaming function using the M3U link.

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1.3 Double Agent IPTV Prices

Double Agent sell their service plans by monthly billing, Double Agent offers two options:

  • 1 month – 1 connection – $8: Users can use all functions and view all content, however they are not allowed to use the multiscreen function.
  • 1 month – 4 connections – $20: Users are allowed to use all functions and view all content, including multi-screen functions.

double agent iptv - image 3

With each package, you will have the following benefits

  • HD picture quality.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Access to catch up channels.
  • Your own online accounts, 24/7/265 support.

Also if you have any questions, you can quickly contact Double Agent IPTV. To contact Double Agent IPTV, you need to sign in to your account. Select Open a new ticket. Enter the text of the question or problem you are having with Double Agent IPTV. Submit your ticket. You will receive a response within 24 hours. You can check tickets for status, updates, and responses.

1.4 Best features of Double Agent IPTV

Double Agent IPTV focuses on quality content. First of all, image quality is always good. Audiences feel happy and satisfied because they have an uninterrupted streaming experience. Buffering is hardly happening in the system.

The interface of the application is relatively simple with only 2 parts: Live TV and TV Guide.

Double Agent IPTV will perfectly replace today’s expensive cable TV service. Now let’s see what features make Double Agent IPTV one of the best providers.

Users can watch more than 1000 TV channels in HD quality. Double Agent IPTV’s content comes from the most prestigious broadcasters, including channels from the US, Canada, and Latino.

Double Agent’s list of channels is also tempting. In addition to basic channels, Double Agent IPTV provides premium channels with many outstanding contents such as pay-per-view channels; Premium sports channels, such as Live PPV sports events, NLB league pass, NFL Sunday tickets, MLB Extra Innings, NHL Center Ice, movies, and TV series, entertainment channels.

double agent iptv - image 4

double agent iptv - image 5

2. How to use Double Agent IPTV

2.1 Use Live TV

When selecting Live TV, you will see channels guides on the left-hand side. You use the up and down navigation buttons to switch between channels categories. When pointing to any category, the content channels will automatically appear next to them. I will list some channels categories that Double Agent IPTV currently has:

Favorites: channels that users add to favorites to quickly access and view the shows they want.

To add a channel to favorites, at the channels list page, long press and hold the select button. The system displays an option for you to add this channel to favorites.

double agent iptv - image 6

  • Recent search: Channels that have been searched for recently.
  • USA: Channels from the US.
  • Canada: TV channels from Canada.
  • Local: Local channels.
  • Kids: TV channels with children’s content.
  • Sports packages: Sports packages, users will subscribe to this package separately to access sports content.
  • PPV: Content and pay-per-view channels.
  • NFL: Broadcast channels related to the National Football League.
  • NBA: Every game and channel of the National Basketball Association.
  • MLB: Baseball fans can’t ignore Major League Baseball matches.
  • NHL: The professional hockey league in North America National Hockey League is fully broadcast.
  • Music: The most amazing channels in the music world.
  • XXX: Adult channels and content. If you are looking for this content, Double Agent provides HD quality right here. Users can manage this content by locking access. This is done using the parent control function in the settings.

double agent iptv - image 7

The quality of Live TV channels is very good. Users will feel satisfied with the experience on Double Agent IPTV. Lagging and buffering is minimal or never happens during your streaming.

The user selects each channel to view detailed information. You’ll see an introduction to channels and programs, airtime, a preview of the currently-running program, schedule of upcoming shows. Click again to enter the full-screen mode of the channel you want to watch.

One highlight and convenience of Double Agent IPTV is that it provides subtitles for Live TV channels.

2.2 TV Guide

The channel categories are displayed in the Top menu. You use the control’s navigation buttons to move between different categories. While doing so, the corresponding TV guide for categories will be displayed right below.

The user uses the control’s navigation buttons to move around and check the time and programs to be aired. You can preview the broadcast schedule of programs for 24hours in advance.

Users click to see the preview and information of the program, click again to view the channel in full-screen mode.

2.3 How to watch multiview with Double Agent IPTV

It’s easy to view multiple screens at once with Double Agent IPTV. If you don’t want to miss out on your favorite Live TV show, as well as your kids want to watch their fun animated show. To view multiple screens simultaneously, you select multi-screen mode at the main screen of Double Agent as shown below.

You can view up to 4 screens at the same time.

  • Step 1: Select multi-screen mode

  • Step 2: At screen number 1, click on the first button, (+) plus button to add a channel.

  • Step 3: If you want to change the layout, select the 2nd button, choose the layout with 2-3-4 screens

  • Step 4: Use the navigation button on the remote to move to the 2nd screen. Click on (+) plus button again to add a channel.

  • Step 5: To choose to mute/unmute in channels, select the mute/unmute icon as shown below.

For those who like live events or live sports matches, the multiple screen function is extremely useful. You will not worry about missing any matches even if they happen concurrently.

3. Get started with Double Agent IPTV

3.1 Buy your subscription

  • Step 1: Enter the link below on your web browser:

  • Step 2: Choose to buy a subscription.
  • Step 3: You will have 2 packages to register as mentioned above, choose the one that suits you, click on Order Now
  • Step 4: Review the package information. select Continue to go to the payment step
  • Step 5: Enter a coupon code if any, select Checkout.
  • Step 6: Enter personal information and payment information. Agree to the terms of service and choose Complete Order.

After a few minutes, you will receive the login information, M3U link to start using the service.

3.2 Use Double Agent with Media Player

To use Double Agent with Media Player is very easy. Most users have a media player on their device. I will show you how to use Double Agent with IPTV Smarters – a popular IPTV player. it is downloaded and used the most by users.

  • Step 1: Open your media player, log in with login information and password.

  • Step 2: Select Live TV to start

  • Step 3: Use the navigation buttons to move between the channels. Select a button icon with three horizontal bars to open the channel categories.

You can see a preview of the program being projected in a large corner of the screen. Right below that is the broadcast schedule. Click the channel to watch it in the big screen mode.

3.3 Use apk files or Double Agent Apps

  • Step 1: Using a web browser, visit the Double Agent homepage at the following link
  • Step 2: Select Manage Account

double agent iptv - step 2

  • Step 3: Enter your login information. Username is your email address. The password is the code you have set.

double agent iptv - step 3

  • Step 4: When you log in successfully. Select Login Detail

double agent iptv - step 4

  • Step 5: The system displays information about your account status. You must make sure your account is active. If it’s not active, then chances are you haven’t paid for the service yet. You pay or purchase the subscription and then return to this step.

double agent iptv - step 5

  • Step 6: Double click on Active

double agent iptv - step 6

  • Step 7: Scroll down the page. You can perform some tasks such as viewing IPTV service detail, requesting a cancellation, and viewing the setup guide.

double agent iptv - step 7

Select IPTV Service detail to view login information, you will use this login information to log in to the Double Agent IPTV application that you install on your device. There are currently 4 versions of the application. You select the version compatible with your device and then download and install it. Once installed successfully. You use the above credentials to log in and use the service.

4. Conclusion

Double Agent is an excellent provider of US, Canadian, and Latino TV channels. All customers will be satisfied with a large number of live TV channels and EPG works effectively. Currently, IPTV Double Agent IPTV does not support the free trial. However, this is a provider well worth sticking with. Sports fans can’t miss Double Agent. This provider has all the premium games and sports for a very cheap price. You are sure of enjoying quality Full HD on all channels. Through this article, I hope you have a detailed look at Double Agent IPTV. I’m very much affirmative that this service is right for you.


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