Dark Media IPTV Reviews: Subscription and Guide to Install

Dark Media IPTV offers thousands of channels along with many other things. Is it really as money-worth as people have believed? To know more about this IPTV provider, we will discuss about subscription and installation in this article of MOIPTV

By collecting feedback from real users as well as testers, we have already done a summary of the Dark Media IPTV review. The IPTV service focuses on offering live premium channels. So, if you are a fan of sports, movies, TV shows, and news, the Dark Media IPTV is exactly what you need.

introduce Dark Media IPTV

There are two highlights that we cannot ignore when discussing the Dark Media IPTV. One is the low cost. In comparison with the traditional cable or satellite TV, it can help you to have a huge cost savings. And the other is that this IPTV service does not require the set-top box.

Besides these two, many more highlights to cover in our reviews. So, why don’t we take them one by one right away?

1. What is the Dark Media IPTV?

The Dark Media IPTV is an IPTV service with no set-top box, cable, or antenna needed for installation. Its main product is a wide range of live premium channels displayed via compatible devices like the Amazon FireStick. Plus, you do not have to pay any fee for contract and cancellation. And the case of blackouts rarely happens.

In terms of the Dark Media IPTV sign up, the process gets quite simple. You only need to prepare an Internet connection with the download speed of at least 25 Mbps. Honestly, the higher the speed is, the better the app download can perform.

2. How does the Dark Media IPTV work?

As we mentioned above, it is never a big challenge to sign up for the Dark Media IPTV.

  • Step 1

When visiting the website, you will see two buttons including “One-week Trial” and “Choose A Plan”. We suggest clicking on the former. You always should test the IPTV service before choosing a monthly or yearly package so that no money will be wasted.

  • Step 2

You enter your personal information and do the next steps. At the time when both signup and payment get completed, the IPTV provider will send you an email. If you do not see them in your Inbox, try to check your Spam or Junk Mail.

The email includes a detailed instruction along with links for you to download the Dark Media to the compatible devices. The app can work well with the Fire TV, iOS, and Android operating system. Also, you will find the username and password to log into the app to enjoy TV online.

In case that you watch the IPTV with HDTV or smart TV, the Amazon TV or FireStick will be in need.

  • Step 3

After signing into the Dark Media IPTV app, thousands of channels are waiting for you to choose and enjoy. Which one is your favorite: IPTV Sports, movies, news, TV, or kid networks? With just one click in the EPG, you can watch everything available with those categories.

Note: Besides, we have a note for you. Sometimes, names of TV programs do not appear along with TV network names when you click on a category.

How does the Dark Media IPTV work

For a solution, you go back to the list of 18 categories on the previous screen. Next, you find the three-dotted icon and click there. Once a popup appears, you click on the “Refresh VOD & EPG”. Then, in time slots, you can see all of the TV program names and choose your favorites.

3. Who can use the Dark Media IPTV?

It doesn’t matter who you are and where you live, the Dark Media channels are available all the time. In addition to the streaming contents for US, UK, and Latin, the IPTV provider offers the ones for many other places, too. There is no limitation for regions when you choose this IPTV product for sure.

Undoubtedly, users all over the world also consider the Dark Media as one of the best IPTVs for ages. It provides contents for adults (adult IPTV), children, or fans of sports, fanatics, movies, and TV series.

4. Content & performance of Dark Media

In the next section, we will take a detailed look into content and performance of the Dark Media IPTV.

4.1 The content of Dark Media

As for the Dark Media IPTV channel list, there are five categories in total. However, you cannot know what they are until you register for the Dark Media IPTV free trial as well as other Dark Media IPTV subscriptions.

On the main screen when signing up, the five categories include Live TV, On-Demand, Series, EPG, and Account. Only the Live TV offers the streaming content while the others do not. Besides, there is no movie or TV show for you to watch online with the Dark Media. And in the Live TV category, you get a package of 18 different categories, namely, Sports Center, HD Premium Movies, and so forth.

So, what can you enjoy with the contents of Live Sports, Movies, News, Kids & TV Channels, and Local TV?

4.1.1 Live Sports

As a big fan of live sports, you should never miss the Dark Media IPTV. Subscribing this service allows you to access the local, national, and international sports contents. Additionally, the package also includes the regional sports channels for the US residents. And the same is for both European and UK sports but PPV events.

4.1.2 Movies, News, Kids & TV Channels

The Dark Media IPTV should not be a disappointment for these types of contents as well. We find contents for all members of our family in this IPTV. But with the free trial, the Dark Media IPTV support is mainly for kids. If you want to have more experience with the Dark Media adult, the higher subscription will be a must.

4.1.3 Local TV

With a channel, you can choose one city from the list to watch it. Besides, the Search tool also does its function well in that case. For example, you are now in Philadelphia. You click on the hourglass icon to search it and locate your favorite channels there.

4.2 The performance of Dark Media

The Dark Media IPTV can perform well as long as you prepare a good Internet connection which is at least 15 Mbps for the download speed. Because of streaming contents, the higher the download speed is, the better this app can perform. Some delay only happens when you click on a channel and wait for it to play.

5. Interface of the Dark Media

Generally, we do not find much delay with the Dark Media IPTV download. However, in comparison with other IPTV services, this one may be slower a little bit. It often takes a minute to load and play the channels.

6. Compatible devices for the Dark Media

Amazon FireStick, Android Boxes, Computers, smart TVs, and smartphones are compatible devices for the Dark Media.

Compatible devices for the Dark Media IPTV

But we have notes for you to bear in mind about the case of Samsung smart TV. It is impossible to find things like Dark Media, Dark Media app, or Dark Media Pro in the TV app of this brand. To connect with these devices, you have to use an HDTV with the FireStick connected. In terms of computers, we highly recommend Windows and Mac, but not Linux.

7. Dark Media subscription & user support

In the past, the Dark Media IPTV offered a free trial within one week for new users. But it costs some money at present. You have to pay $7.5 for a seven-day trial. Despite a credit card required, it is not an auto-pay process.

For more detail, after one week, the subscription will not continue and charge you some fee automatically. If you are satisfied with the IPTV service after seven days of trying, you choose one in three packages and make a payment, then.

The followings are three different packages of the official Dark Media IPTV:

Dark Media Basic allows only one device connection and costs $14.99 monthly or $69.00 yearly.

  • Dark Media Pro: It allows three device connections and costs $24.99 monthly or $98.99 yearly.
  • Dark Media Elite: It allows five device connections and costs $24.99 monthly or $124.99 yearly.

These IPTV subscriptions do not bear different contents and features. Their difference is the number of device connections. The Dark Media IPTV subscription provides more than 1,000 live channels. But the “Adult Upon Request” is only available for fee-charged packages.

It is up to you to cancel the Dark Media subscription whenever you want. However, the service says NO with the money back guarantee. Due to no refund accepted, you had better try the cheap trial week first.

8. Pros and cons of the Dark Media IPTV

Every IPTV service has pros and cons of its own. And the Dark Media IPTV is not an exception.

8.1 The Pros of Dark Media

  • A range of more than 1,000 live premium channels.
  • Various contents including sports, movies, news and TV shows.
  • Many compatible devices.
  • No geo-limitation.
  • Contents for users at any age.

8.2 The Cons of Dark Media

  • Issues with some specific channels (no audio, sub-par picture quality).
  • A few local TV.
  • No on-demand movies or TV series.

9. Final Thoughts

Does the Dark Media IPTV perform as well as it promises?

Well, it does from our point of view. However, you may have different reviews sometimes. We only can know whether an IPTV reseller or provider is good or bad only when we try it for real. So, if you care about this service, nothing is more ideal than trying a one-week trial package. And, do not forget to share your experience with us later!

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