Crystal Clear IPTV Reviews: A service to enjoy over 35,000 channels

You are looking for an IPTV service with millions of channels. Plus, you expect the seamless watching experience or more than that. So, why don’t you try Crystal Clear IPTV?

Like many other IPTV providers, the Crystal Clear IPTV comes to the market when there is a strong increase in demand for IPTV services. The app offers users a wide range of channels to watch tons of favourite shows and movies. Not only that, but it also can ensure the high quality of streaming live TV.

And there are more things to know about the app. So, it is time to take a look into the Crystal Clear IPTV reviews to see what we can get. This article of MOIPTV helps you get the latest information of Crystal Clear IPTV.

Crystal Clear IPTV

1. An overview of Crystal Clear IPTV

The Crystal Clear IPTV is in the top list for one of the most powerful IPTV providers all over the word nowadays.

1.1 Stability and fastness

Current popularity of the Crystal Clear IPTV is a typical result by an application of the latest technologies and top servers. It is the reason why you can always enjoy services on this app with an optimal quality.

There will be no issue like freezing and stuttering while you are watching channels. You do not need to waste much time looking for other sides and grabbing your edition for sure. Especially, this IPTV service is ready with 4K, SD, and FHD quality. Hence, the display will be exactly amazingly detailed and beautiful.

1.2 Channels

With the Crystal Clear IPTV sign up, you have a group of more than 35,000 channels to enjoy regardless of your time and location. They focus on Live Sports, TV shows, movies, music news and so many more. The more expensive the package you choose is, the higher number of channels the service will offer.

According to the Crystal Clear IPTV review, this provider gets its streaming network available in over 44 countries. It means that there are more reasons for you to choose the Crystal Clear IPTV when considering the location. In fact, many other IPTV providers only offer their service in one or two countries.

1.3 Compatibility

The supported device is another thing that customers often care when searching for the best IPTV providers. And honestly, many providers in the market have to witness a decrease in user volume because of their low compatibility. However, it is not a big problem in the case of the Crystal Clear IPTV.

Fortunately, the Crystal Clear IPTV is compatible with all applications which can read any M3U playlist. Or if you have the Xtream-Codes API, the connection still runs well. Some examples for compatibility include Smart IPTV, STBEmu, IPTV Smarters, VLC, Kodi, SS IPTV, Perfect Player, GSE Smart IPTV, Box Enigma2 (Vu+, Dreambox, Zgemma…), MAG, and so forth.

Moreover, the Crystal Clear IPTV allows its users to install in a wide range of supported devices. They are iPad, iPhone, Android devices, Window operating system, Mac OS X, LG Smart TVs, Samsung Smart TVs, and MAG 250.

One more thing about this IPTV service is the great support. The system provides users with 24/7 accessible live chat and customer support. Plus, a Money Back Guarantee is always ready in case that you get troubles with the service.

1.4 Subscription

The Crystal Clear IPTV divides its subscription into three categories. One is IPTV Standard. Another is IPTV Pro. And the other is IPTV Premium Plus.

1.4.1 IPTV Standard

As for an economical category, there are four different packages based on the number of months. Unfortunately, the provider does not offer the package for a single one month using.

These IPTV packages come with more than 26,000 channels along with VOD and XXX Adult via an instant delivery. Besides, one of the biggest advantages that the IPTV Standard owns is the high-quality display of 4K, FHD, or HD. Plus, thanks to the AntiFreeze technology, producing fantastic streaming hours is a piece of cake for the Crystal Clear Standard.

Another point to mention is that for the IPTV Standard package, the provider still allows VPN. It means that your ID is always safe from risks such as hackers and viruses. If there is any problem, a 7/7 technical assistance is always ready to help.

In terms of fee, the longer you use the IPTV subscription, the cheaper the package will be. For instance, a 3-month subscription costs €10.99 while you only have to pay €18.99 for six months using. Thus, you can save €2.99. And the savings will increase for a 12-month and a 24-month package which cost only €29.99 and €45.99, respectively.

However, the cheap fee is not a good deal all the time. Many users tend not to trust the IPTV provider at the beginning. Hence, if you are a new IPTV user, we suggest choosing a 3-month subscription. And then, you can pay money for the long-term package when you see that the service can satisfy your expectation well.

1.4.2 IPTV Pro

It has a higher number of channels. And it offers more options for the high-quality display. They are undoubtedly outstanding features which we love to mention about the Crystal Clear IPTV Pro package.

In addition to the same strengths as IPTV Standard, IPTV Pro is superior to its competitors by the number of channels available. Over 40,000 is the total of channels you can watch via the IPTV Pro package. Plus, not only three options for display including 4K, FHD, and HD; IPTV Pro is also available for FULL HD, 1080p, and 720p M3U IPTV.

Unlike IPTV Standard, IPTV Pro can get ready on your device based on the fee from 1 month. It will cost €09.00. And, of course, registering for the longer-term IPTV subscription will be our recommendation due to the low fee. For more detail, the fee will be €16.00, €25.00, and €45.00 for a 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month package respectively.

1.4.3 IPTV Premium Plus

As the most expensive package offered by the Crystal Clear, the IPTV Premium Plus costs €55.00. With this fee, the subscription will last 12 months with more than 120,000 channels available.

2. Crystal Clear IPTV reseller

When being a Crystal Clear IPTV user, you can enjoy tons of favorite channels with the high-quality display. But, in the role of an IPTV reseller, you can earn extra money besides streaming TV watching experience.

The great service will never make you disappointed because of its streaming server. The Crystal Clear IPTV applies a type of media management streaming system named Xtream-Codes. The advance enables IPTV resellers to add, manage, activate, and extend the IPTV subscriptions more easily and effectively.

For more convenient support, you can use your smartphones, Whatsapp, or emails to communicate or get the training on the use of our management interface.

2.1 Benefits from Crystal Clear IPTV

The Crystal Clear IPTV reseller plan offers a set of accounts. In fact, this number may change based on how much you pay for the subscription. Also, more than 35,000 is the quantity of movies and series with different qualities including 4K, FHD and HD that you and your customers can enjoy.

Additionally, the service also includes EPG, Time-shift and instant delivery. And when you find it challenging to understand and use the service, the 7/7 technical assistance will help.

2.2 Subscription of Crystal Clear IPTV

5 service packages are equivalent to 5 levels of fees for every Crystal Clear reseller.

At the price of €250, you get the panel of 10 credits (or 10 accounts) available during 12 months with all benefits mentioned above. For the higher budget of €450, the number of accounts allowed will be 20. Also, you can own 10 additional accounts for 1 year if you pay €650. And, the highest level of €1,000, 50 accounts for the Crystal Clear IPTV legal accounts will be in your hand.

With a quick calculation, you can see an amazing earning by becoming a Crystal Clear IPTV reseller. Assuming that you are a user with deep understanding about the IPTV service. Besides, you can realise the potential of this service type. Finally, there is an increase in demand for IPTV around your place. If all of those things are your case, do not miss this opportunity.

3. Final Thoughts

It does matter if you love to become a user or a reseller of the Crystal Clear IPTV, the service is worth trying at least once. In addition to a wide range of channels, you can also enjoy your favorite movies or shows on the high-quality display. It is the main reason why this IPTV provider gets its own position in the current market.

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