Blerd Vision IPTV Reviews: The IPTV provider at 5$ and How to install it

Blerd Vision IPTV offers you a huge selection of live TV channels for as low as $5. How good is Blerd Vision IPTV service, what devices can it work on, FAQs and get all answers in this article of MOIPTV

Blerd Vision IPTV can be used on mobile devices and larger screens. This is the TV box with the best customer service. Besides, Blerd Vision comes with a large number of channels and an attractive monthly fee.

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1. Blerd Vision IPTV overview

Blerd Vision IPTV allows users to conveniently manage their streaming and viewing. With its low price which is an obvious advantage from just $5 a month, Blerd Vision IPTV is the essential solution for TV enthusiasts around the world. Blerd Vision IPTV’s current plug and play technology makes the streaming experience easier than ever.

You can watch your favorite shows on the go. Blerd Vision IPTV is suitable for all devices. In terms of registration and installation, they are simple, moreover, the user always has the professional support of the customer service team.

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With Blerd Vision IPTV, you will have many plans with different connections to choose from. It does not require you to stick to any long-term commitment, you can decide to pay monthly. Users are also completely assured of the confidentiality of personal data and payment information. Blerd Vision IPTV is one of the most reputable, trustworthy suppliers.

In addition to the money-saving service subscription fee, users do not have to pay any additional fees, no activation or cancellation fees. To get started, you can try its limited version out completely free of charge. Blerd Vision IPTV offers 2 days of free standard usage without premium sports channels. The full version is available for official subscription plans.

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1.1 Blerd Vision IPTV Plans

As mentioned above, Blerd Vision IPTV’s 2-day trial package is completely free. However, the user will not be able to access all content. Exclusive sports programs are not included in the trial. To sign up for the trial you can click here. Then you just need to provide your name, email information to get the trial account information. As simple as it can be.

After testing the service, and make sure you familiarize yourself. It’s time for you to get on board with Blerd Vision IPTV, you will have a lot of subscription plans to cater to the different needs of users. You have a package of one month, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months with the different numbers of connections from 1 to 3. Consider and select the most suitable package:

  • 1 Month with 1 connection: $5
  • 1 Month with 2 connections: $8
  • 1 Month with 3 connections: $10
  • 3 Months with 1 connection: $15
  • 3 Months with 2 connections: $24
  • 3 Months with 3 connections: $30
  • 6 Months with 1 connection: $30
  • 6 Months with 2 connections: $48
  • 6 Months with 3 connections: $60
  • 12 Months with 1 connection: $61
  • 12 Months with 2 connections: $97
  • 12 Months with 3 connections: $121

1.2 Features of Blerd Vision IPTV

Excellent features included in your subscription:

  • All most-streamed TV channels.
  • Broadcast live from the most popular UK / US / Canada and Latino cable TV channels.
  • Entertaining content for children.
  • Newly added music channels, automatically updated weekly.
  • Includes movies, sports, and news channels from around the world.
  • PPV events had a full presence.
  • 24/7 channels.
  • A substantial amount of adult content and channels.
  • Videos, series, and movies on demand.
  • Blerd Vision IPTV is the best budget streaming platform.

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1.3 Blerd Vision IPTV compatibility

Users can count on the compatibility and performance of Blerd Vision IPTV. The IPTV provider makes sure their solution runs without buffering on all the most popular devices.

  • Android Phones and Tablet.
  • All Web Browsers.
  • iPhones, iPads, and devices using iOS.
  • Amazon Firestick/Android TV Box.

In particular, Blerd Vision IPTV integrates well with Android devices. It is compatible with Android box 6 and the above. Blerd Vision IPTV provides a smooth streaming experience on both phones, tablets, and big-screen TVs. Blerd Vision TV’s picture quality also ensures up to Full HD and HD. Users can get the best image displayed on Amazon FireBox & Fire Stick, Shield Nvidia, computers, and some smart TVs like Sony, Phillips & Sharps.


2. Installation Guides for Blerd Vision IPTV

If you are using Android devices, you can find the latest version suitable for installing IPTV on your device. 

To install the application on the devices that Blerd Vision IPTV supports, users firstly need to have a subscription package. They can have that by easily performing the three steps below.

  • Step 1: Users register/login to your Blerd Vision IPTV live account. You can sign up. Make sure that you successfully pay for the package that suits your needs before proceeding to the next steps.
  • Step 2: In your account, the user will have access to a list of URLs to download the necessary installation files to get the system running on your device.
  • Step 3: For Android and firestick devices, users will need to use the FireLinked app to install Blerd Vision. Hence, Blerd Vision IPTV will give you a code for using Firelinked to perform that.

Here I will guide you step by step on the easiest way to install Blerd Vision-Hosting and streaming Blerd Vision Hosting and streaming on android devices.

Step 1: Using the Firestick remote control, users will want to go to the Settings section.

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Step 2: Go to My Fire TV => developer options

Step 3: when users direct to Developer Options, users need to switch ABD Debugging and Apps from Unknown Sources from off to on to enable the download and installation of third-party apps.

Step 4: Confirm by pressing turn on, the system will ask for confirmation at the first time you switch Apps from Unknown Sources on.

Step 5: Now you will need to exit Settings, go back to the main screen. The next step is to use the search tool and find the Downloader app. You will need this app to sideload apps from third-party developers. Download and install Download. After installing Downloader, you can delete the installation file, because you won’t need to use it anymore.

Step 6: After the installation is completed. Launch Downloader. If they ask to allow the app to access Media on your device, you want to click on yes. Go down to the Settings section of Downloader and make sure to check all the options as shown below.

Step 7: At the main screen of Downloader, now you need to get Firelinked, enter

Download Filelinked and install this app.

 Blerd Vision IPTV image 10

 Blerd Vision IPTV image 9

Step 8: After installing the application successfully. Do not open it right away. Just hit DONE, then delete Filelinked’s installation file.

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Step 9: Go back to the main screen, in the Apps and Channels section, navigate to the bottom of the page, and open Filelinked

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Step 10: Open Firelinked and enter the code. This code will be emailed to you when you sign up for Blerd Vision’s plan. Now you can use Blerd Vision to stream from thousands of live TV channels.

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The above are the simple steps for Android device users to get started with Blerd Vision. The application can also be easily installed and run smoothly with other different devices, if encountering any troubles, you can request assistance via Blerd Vision instant messaging on the homepage. The customer care team will answer and guide you through the complete information for you to get on board.

3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

3.1 Parent control

Users can block certain types of content. This can be done using the Parents’ control function. To do this, go to the Configure or Settings section of your device. We will set a code for these channels which require users to have the right code to open.

3.2 Number of connections

Currently, Blerd Vision IPTV offers many subscription packages corresponding to 1,2, and 3 connections. Customers who want to buy from forth connections can contact via ticket contact or live chat. The technical support team will quickly give you instructions for getting more connections.

3.3 Refund policy

The subscription policy of Blerd Vision IPTV is prepaid. Therefore, we do not apply a refund policy to purchased packages. Users can subscribe to the package per month, so that if they need to change or upgrade they can do it easily. By registering for our plans, the user agrees to Blerd Vision IPTV’s policy and terms. Furthermore, users have a 48-hour free trial to test the service in and out and see if the service meets their long-term needs.  

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4. Final Thoughts

Blerd Vision IPTV has been developed since 2018, through its development, it has become a reputable television service provider that win the trust of users from all over the world.  Furthermore, this solution is very affordable in comparison with others. The budget solution is suitable for families and individual use. You can watch thousands of live TV channels as long as you have an internet connection. Users will also not have trouble with compatibility since Blerd Vision can work well with almost modern devices. Users will not have to pay any hidden monthly fees, no long-term contracts.

Blerd Vision IPTV focuses on simplicity, you are connected to the world of entertainment in just a few easy steps of setting up the service. Blerd Vision IPTV provides premium channels, news, sports, … which cater to the needs of children, and adults alike. Besides, it also has a great repository of on-demand content. You should try Blerd Vision IPTV now, the world of entertainment is just a click away.

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