Blast Off IPTV: Best budget streaming services for customers

Well-informed customers have gradually turned to IPTV, and one of the most budget-friendly options is Blast Off IPTV. MOIPTV will provide a review and setup guide for this IPTV provider.

1. Blast Off IPTV review

Conventional television is losing its appeal, the main reasons are cable TV’s fees are too expensive while the number of channels is poor. Satellite TV comes with expensive transceivers and its prices are discouraging too. Moreover, the competition comes from IPTV with attractive, low-priced IPTV subscription packages, outstanding channel numbers, and fruitful premium on-demand content. Blast Off IPTV gives customers exactly the above advantages.

Blast Off IPTV review

Before learning about Blast, please take a look at IPTV in general, so that you have a basic background on IPTV and how it works.

2. An overview of IPTV

IPTV stands for internet protocol television. This modern television method uses the Internet protocol to transmit information packets, so users only need an Internet connection to be able to stream content from IPTV. This means users don’t need cables, transceivers, decoders, or any other external devices, which makes cable and satellite TV more costly to set up in the first place. It’s great. That is also one of the reasons that IPTV can cut the IPTV subscription fee to the lowest.

Blast Off IPTV image

When transmitting content over Internet protocol, users need a stable internet connection. The high bandwidth is recommended and it shouldn’t be IP-restricted or location-limited in order to ensure accessibility and the highest image quality. Many IPTV providers have been able to upgrade picture quality to Ultra HD 4K, Full HD, and most live broadcast channels to 1080 Mbps.

Due to the cheap price, quality and the number of channels are increasingly upgraded and become superior. What are you waiting for without making a switch to IPTV right now?

2.1 IPTV Content 

The main attraction of IPTV comes from its content variety. Let’s see how diverse the streaming IPTV experience will be.

  • Live TV channels

This type of content is similar to what you get from traditional cable TV. These are live channels. Please note that cable usually only offers local live channels, while IPTV will also broadcast local live channels and international channels from around the world. The number of channels depends on your IPTV resellers or providers. There will also be premium packages for customers to choose from such as Sports, Adult Channels. Blast Off IPTV has very strong sports content. The TV shows include top sporting events, live matches from soccer, basketball, ice hockey, hockey, rugby, volleyball, golf…

live channels of Blast Off IPTV

  • Catch-up Media

Also known as time-shifted media, catch-up channels allow viewers to play previously aired programs. Cable TV won’t let you have this function. This feature is especially useful when you don’t have free time to watch your favorite shows, you can delay and watch again later. And so you don’t need to worry about missing out on your favorite shows anymore.

2.2 On-demand content

The requested content offers variety and richness, which really appeal to viewers. Blast Off IPTV offers an on-demand content repository that can satisfy the needs of any demanding user. They can find episodes, the newest seasons of their favorites TV series, films, sports… This content does not have the broadcast schedule, on-demand content will always be available in the library for users to watch whenever they want.

on-demand content of Blast Off IPTV

3. Blast Off IPTV

Blast Off IPTV has built up a good reputation and a solid customer base. It has been around long enough to give certainty and gain trust from the users. Users also express their good reviews about Blast Off IPTV. On Google Play Store and some web-based app stores, it ranks among the most installed IPTV-streaming platform and receives very positive ratings from downloaders.

3.1 Channel lists

It’s impressive that Blast Off IPTV offers more than 4500 live channels. That’s a huge amount compared to the few dozen cable TV channels that users traditionally subscribe to. What a great deal. Live channels come from all over the world, with the most precious jewels from UK, USA, Canada. Blast Off IPTV’s channel offers diverse categories, which caters to the needs of all family members with sports, entertainment, kids, news, feature films, religion, documentaries, comedy, and more.

channel lists of Blast Off IPTV

Foreign language, multilingual content with English subtitles will also attract a large audience regardless of geographic areas. In particular, the Latino content will be a great attraction with an increasing number of audiences. Channels from Europe, Asia, Africa, the Arab Emirates are also broadcast on Blast Off IPTV, viewers have all categories from news, sports, children, adult channel … Blast Off IPTV is competing very well with local providers. Thanks to this abundance of content local users have also switched to an IPTV solution at a much cheaper price. Blast Off IPTV is gaining popularity and becomes dominant in many places.

3.2 Blast Off IPTV Best Features

  • Image quality and service stability

Blast Off IPTV provides good picture quality with all channels broadcasting with HD and SD standards. Although it does not have the most modern technology like UltraHD, 4K resolution, Blast Off IPTV displays very sharp and clear on large screens. The services hardly ever buffering and will give users a smooth streaming experience on all display devices and screens.

  • Prices and IPTV subscriptions

As one of the most budget-friendly providers, Blast Off IPTV starts at as low as $ 6 a month, which is too good to have 3 simultaneous connections for this price. Currently, Blast Off IPTV does not have a trial period. But what do you have to lose? At this low price, users can stick with the monthly plan and carry on with that. Anyway, it’s a real bargain.

To subscribe to Blast Off IPTV’s package, users need to install the app version and select in-app purchases to be able to register a paid account. Once the payment is completed, the login and password for users to access the premium account will be provided via email.

  • Blast Off IPTV compatibility

It is highly compatible. Blast Off IPTV provides an M3U link for users to use. Through 1 Media Player users can connect to more than 4500 attractive TV channels. Customers can stream on multiple platforms such as TVs, including Smart TVs, the most popular TV Boxes such as Amazon TV Box, NVidia Shield, Fire TV, FireStick, Android TVs, Android TV Boxes. Blast Off IPTV is also made for Android phones and tablets, iOS devices (iPhones, iPads), and web-based versions that can be used and accessed from any computer or browser. Blast Off IPTV supports all devices very well, and with three simultaneous connections, many users prefer and choose Blast Off IPTV as their main and best IPTV provider.

4. Set up Blast Off IPTV on Firestick

Blast Off installation process is very easy to do. First, users need to download Filelinked, to do so let change some settings

  • Step 1: Users need to allow the device to download and install third-party apps, go to Settings => My Fire TV => Developer Options => Enable Apps from Unknown Sources and Abd Debugging.
  • Step 2: Next, users need Downloader, which can be installed easily from the Amazon Store.
  • Step 3: Open Downloader, download and install Filelinked, enter the link below in the URL field:
  • Step 4: After installing Filelinked, users open the application and enter the following code: 25132964, PIN code: 2019
  • Step 5: Click Continue.
  • Step 6: In this step, you need to purchase the package and pay for it to get the password and username.
  • Step 7: Using the credentials from your IPTV subscription and log in to your account, start your streaming experience with Blast Off IPTV.

Take note: 

One piece of advice when using IPTV in general and streaming online content in particular, you should ensure the project of your activities and identity thanks to the use of a virtual private network. Legality issues for some IPTV providers remain debatable in some countries. Therefore, users need to have one more step of protection with the virtual private network.

The nature of virtual private networks helps you to hide your IP address. Users will become anonymous online, you do not risk disclosing your data, or revealing your geographic location, and related confidential information. This way, users are exempt from liability and negative risks in virtual environments.

Some of the providers we recommend are IPVanish, ExpressVPN, Surfshark, NordVPN. The above virtual private network providers are paid providers. Besides, there are a few free solutions available that users can search on their browsers.

5. Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a budget IPTV option then Blast Off IPTV deserves to be on the top list with a large number of channels and the stability of service which is very difficult for other IPTV providers or any IPTV resellers to provide.

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