Best paid IPTV for Firestick 2021 – IPTV installation guides

In this article, we discuss the latest updated list of the best paid IPTV providers for Firestick. Users can choose from MOIPTV suggestions and run them smoothly on a Firestick device.

1. Firestick and how to use it?

1.1 What is Firestick?

Before talking about IPTV service providers, let’s find out what is firestick?

We are talking about Amazon Fire TV Stick, known as the firestick. This is a streaming media device, allowing streaming content including music, videos, TV shows, and other multimedia, it is also a tool to install applications for your TV. Firestick runs on the Android platform. With the firestick, your television will be able to perform smart functions, becoming a platform for playing games, streaming music, and streaming IPTV content.

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1.2 How to use firestick?

Firestick is like a USB, users can easily plug it into their TV. Firestick uses an HDMI connection, so your TV needs to have an HDMI port to be able to use this device. However, it is a prevalent type of connection available on almost any TV. Users plug their firestick into the HDMI port on the TV.

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The device is charged via the micro-USB port and comes with a separate remote control. To use firestick, you need to first perform the following steps:

  • Use the power adapter to supply power to the firestick device.
  • Plug the firestick into the HDMI port on the TV.
  • Use firestick’s controls to install, connect the device to the wifi network.

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Now the initial initialization steps have been completed, the user is now ready to use firestick for streaming online television programs.

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2. Firestick’s benefits

There are many reasons to say “yes” to firesticks. It is a huge step forward in technology from transitioning from satellite TV, cable TV to IPTV. TV service over Internet protocol does not require a cable or wire, satellite receiver… You can watch the program, TV content you love as long as there is an Internet connection.

IPTV surpasses traditional forms because of its diversified content, simple connection, low cost, and convenience.

IPTV service includes live TV channels, you will get the same content as offered from the cable package, however, IPTV subscription plans have more variety, and the number of channels will be updated and added new regularly from IPTV providers. Traditional television does not have content on demand. In contrast, users can stream thousands of programs, shows, series available from IPTV servers.

Another benefit of the IPTV service is time-shifted media. That is, users can rewatch the programs that have been broadcast from 2 days ago, even a week ago. IPTV servers will store the content on the online platform, users can catch up with these channels when they have free time. Besides, users can also pause, go-backward, fast-forward programs when they stream live TV channels.

3. Get started with IPTV

3.1 IPTV subscription

To use the firestick for streaming IPTV services, users will need applications and content from IPTV providers. First of all, users need to register for an IPTV package from the provider. Each package will have different content and TV channels, their prices are also quite varied, but will be much cheaper than cable TV. We will come up with options at different costs and segments so that users find it easier to make up their minds.

3.2 IPTV Apps & streaming media players

After purchasing an IPTV package, you have the content, a playlist of thousands of channels, and programs on demand. Then, you will need a platform to stream those content. There are two easiest ways, these two platforms will help you watch, stream, and download your favorite content:

  • IPTV application: Native apps developed by IPTV providers themselves to specifically stream content in the IPTV subscription package that you have purchased.
  • Streaming media player: Apps like VLC media player, TVMate, Perfect Player IPTV… IPTV providers will have M3U links for users to use on these media players to download content. Many providers do not develop their own streaming software, developing a streaming app is expensive and unnecessary because most people already have media players on their devices to play music, play videos, play slideshows … Providers only need to give users a link to access the IPTV playlist they have registered, users paste this link into the media players to successfully connect and see what they subscribe to. It’s immediate and straightforward. That’s why you need media players.

Some of the providers listed below have native apps, some will only provide M3U links and EPG (electric program guide) links. If the provider has an application integrated with Firestick, MOIPTV will guide you on how to install and use it. As for providers with only M3U links, how to stream IPTV playlists to Media players will be covered.

4. Best apps and IPTV providers for firestick

4.1 Nitro TV IPTV

4.1.1 IPTV provider’s best features

The Nitro IPTV offers over 6000 live TV channels and most streaming options in HD quality. It has both its own app and playlists M3U and EPG links for streaming across media players. The provider also offers the following great benefits:

  • Multiview mode for simultaneous viewing on multiple devices by different users
  • Perfect integration with Firestick devices
  • The PPV (pay-per-view) content is a plus
  • User-friendly interface

4.1.2 IPTV subscription plans and prices

Nitro TV IPTV offers many packages to satisfy the needs of users. For single users, you should subscribe to a plan with two simultaneous connections. Two connections allow users to use the service on two different devices, your phone and TV, you can stream on two devices at the same time. For users with multiple electronic devices or family users who will need more connections, the Nitro TV IPTV extends packages with 4 connections, 8 connections, and unlimited connections. Costs of IPTV subscriptions options are as follows:

  • 1-month plan: 20 US dollars – 2 connections
  • 1-month plan: 35 US dollars – 4 connections
  • 1 month plan – 50 US dollars – 8 connections
  • For unlimited connections in a month – 60 US dollars
  • 3-month plan – 60 US dollars (users get 2 simultaneous connections AND 1 extra month for free)
  • 6-month plan – 100 US dollars (users get 2 simultaneous connections AND 2 extra months for free)
  • 9-month plan – 180 US dollars (users get 2 simultaneous connections AND 3 extra months for free)

4.1.3 How to install

a) Use native application

Nitro TV has its own app to install on Firestick devices. Here are the steps to install. I break it down for you.

  1. Change settings on the Firestick device

To install IPTV applications, users need to change settings on Firestick devices and allow installation from unknown sources. To do

  • Step 1: Open Firestick and select Settings, select My Fire TV
  • Step 2: Scroll down and select Developer Options
  • Step 3: Find Applications from unknown sources and Choose Enable. You also need to enable ADB debugging
  • Step 4: Select Turn on to confirm the above settings
  1. Download and install the Downloader application

Users need Downloader App to sideload and install IPTV apps. Downloader is the official app and available on the Amazon App Store.

  • Step 1: Open search on the firestick device, find the keyword Downloader
  • Step 2: Download and install Downloader
  1. Download and install Nitro TV and other IPTV apps

With other IPTV apps, users also use the same steps as described here to install.

  • Step 1: Open the Downloader application, at the main screen of the application, users enter the link to download the installation file of Nitro TV as follows: Then select GO
  • Step 2: The installation file download process is done automatically, wait a moment and don’t select Cancel while the file is being downloaded.
  • Step 3: After the Nitro TV file has finished downloading, choose Install
  • Step 4: The installation is quick to complete
  • Step 5: Delete the installation file of Nitro to spare space for the Firestick device, as you already know that Firestick’s internal memory is limited to only 8GB, it will quickly fill up with applications and files, please seize any space and delete all unnecessary files.
  • Step 6: Confirm the file removal, choose Delete again
  • Step 7: Return to the main screen of Firestick
  • Step 8: On the Firestick remote, navigate to My Apps and Channels, scroll until you see SEE ALL, select to view all installed apps.
  • Step 9: Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the newly installed Nitro TV app, choose to open it
  • Step 10: Select “ALLOW” to allow Nitro to access the images and videos on the device
  • Step 11: Enter your account information from your IPTV subscription plan, you successfully login into the application
  • Step 12: Wait for the system to set up the initial settings, download TV Guide … If there are installation instructions and note pop-ups, choose Do not show again, to avoid them popping up next time you log in to the app.
  • Step 13: Nitro TV is ready for you to stream all the TV channels and content you like.

b) Use a media player

There are many media players with streaming IPTV content functions. They are almost the same. I will list out the big names like IPTV Smarters, VLC media player, TVMate, GSE Smart IPTV, Perfect Player IPTV… Check out this link for the best media players with reviews, usage guide, and download from MOIPTV.  

4.2 Sapphire Secure IPTV

4.2.1 IPTV provider’s best features

Starting at 5 dollars, Sapphire Secure IPTV does things that will amaze you. A huge number of direct channels 13700 live TV channels. And another surprise is the 22900 On-Demand Content Inventory consisting of TV series, blockbuster movies, sports, reality TV seasons, and so many more.

  • Users can view 4 multiple screen mode on the same device
  • Premium pay-per-view- sports events
  • Don’t block VPN, don’t block IP address
  • Many flexible plans, Plus packages with adult content
  • Provide M3U link for use on multiple devices thanks to Media Player
  • Provide internal memory space to download save favorite programs

4.2.2 IPTV subscription plans and prices

  • Silver IPTV subscription plan: 5 US dollars / month, 20 GB internal disk space and 1 connection
  • Gold IPTV subscription plan: 8 US dollars / month, 20 GB internal disk space and 3 connections
  • Platinum IPTV subscription plan: 10 US dollars / month, 50 GB internal disk space and 5 connections
  • Silver Plus IPTV subscription plan: 5 US dollars / month, 30 GB internal disk space and 1 connection
  • Gold Plus IPTV subscription plan: 8 US dollars/month, 30 GB internal disk space, and 3 connections
  • Platinum Plus IPTV subscription plan: 10 US dollars / month, 80 GB internal disk space and 5 connections
  • Plus plans have adult content and more internal storage than the basic plans.

4.2.3 How to install

To buy an IPTV package from this provider, users go to the services provided.

a) Use native application

This provider has not developed its own application for firestick devices so users will use M3U links to stream on the media player.

b) Use a media player

After registering the IPTV package from Sapphire Secure, users will receive M3U links to use. Check out the guide to install Sapphire Secure IPTV using the FireStick device (using Media Player: iptv Smarters). 

4.3 The Players Klub IPTV

4.3.1 IPTV provider’s best features

Player Klub IPTV has the advantage of excellent compatibility with all devices and rich content sources with over 3500 live TV channels. The contents include the largest television networks in the world. Users also get 15,000 attractive movies and more than 1000 TV series, the substantial on-demand media also attracts large and continuous subscribers. Your experience with IPTV service will be greatly enhanced when it comes to The Players Klub IPTV. Besides, users also have 24/7 support, maximum EPG, and so many PPV events. Moreover, within 7 days of registering the IPTV package, if not satisfied with the service quality the user gets a refund.

4.3.2 IPTV subscription plans and prices

Users can purchase packages of 1, 2, or 3 concurrent connections. Monthly, 3-month, 6-month, and one-year plans are also available to subscribers. I personally recommend the 1-month IPTV subscription plan.

  • 1 connection for a 1-month plan: 9.9 US dollars
  • 2 connections for a 1-month plan: 17 US dollars
  • 3 connections for a 1-month plan: 24 US dollars

4.3.3  How to install

a) Use native application

There are app versions for multiple devices such as Amazon Fire TV, Smart TVs (Samsung, LG), Windows and MAC books, iOS devices, and all set-top boxes (Enigma2, DreamBox, MAG Box 250-250…) Users will find installation instructions on each device.

b) Use a media player

The Players Klub IPTV is easily popular among media players and is popular with KODI thanks to its add-ons. See how to use the KODI addon to stream from The Players Klub IPTV.

4.4 Sling TV

4.4.1 IPTV provider’s best features

Sling TV is a hand-picked IPTV solution with a slogan that quality exceeds quantity. With plans with most premium channels, Sling TV has proven its principle to be right, seeing impressive growth in the number of users. Sling TV’s service is a completely legal form of IPTV streaming.

Provide users with top-notch television services with Full HD picture quality on all live channels. In addition to the main packages, Orange, Blue, Orange & Blue, users can purchase premium channels on demand such as Showtime, Starz, NBA league… to customize with maximum preferences.

4.4.2 IPTV subscription plans and prices

The three main IPTV subscriptions are as follows:

  • Sling Orange: 30 US dollars per month for over 30 channels.
  • Sling Blue: 30 US dollars for a monthly plan for over 40 channels.
  • Orange & Blue: 45 US dollars for this third package for over 50 channels.

Besides, users have extra options according to preferences such as Premium channels, Extras, Spanish channels, Sports channels… Additional packages are sold on-demand with an average price of about 5 USD per extra package.

4.4.3 How to install

Sling TV has an official app that integrates seamlessly with every user’s device. Learn about how to install Sling TV via MOIPTV.  

Final Thoughts

Among the many IPTV representatives, we find the above options the most representative and ready to meet all of the user’s streaming needs. MOIPTV will always keep you updated with suggestions for the best paid IPTV providers.

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