Beast IPTV Review: Features, How to Install and FAQs

What is Beast IPTV? Beast IPTV features? How to install and use beast IPTV? Answer FAQs about beast IPTV? Here comes the best review for beast IPTV from MOIPTV.

1. What is Beast IPTV? 

For only $15/month you can enjoy ultimate entertainment with 2500 TV channels provided by Beast IPTV. This efficient and economical supplier provides mostly HD channels and also traditional SD channels. Beast IPTV is best suited for Android devices, and can be also installed easily with support on other platforms such as iOS, Kodi, and desktops, … Beast is among one of the best IPTV providers out there.

2. Why Choose Beast TV?

It is not difficult to mention the benefits that explain the Beast’s superiority. Starting with a variety of service packages and tailored to the needs of the user. Next, pay attention to the following competitive advantages:

  • Excellent functions and attractive interface.

  • Simple, easy to use and stable.

  • Provides the best Latino and English speaking TV channels.

  • Features live and popular PPV sports leagues and tournaments.

  • There are no spam channels.

  • Use Salient for great web experience.

3. Best features of Beast TV IPTV

The following features help Beast stand out from the crowd. The most prominent characteristics are:

  • Unlimited international IPTV service with over 2500 special channels, selected from countries such as the UK, USA, Canada, and around the world.

  • Each package allows up to 4 devices to connect and stream at the same time, an advantage over other providers.

  • EPG/TV Guide fee is included in the package, you do not have to pay any extras.

  • Experience watching IPTV TV anytime, anywhere, any channel.

  • Packages for sports fans are available.

  • Integrated remote control app for FireStick.

  • Compatible with almost any platform, with apps for FireStick, Android TV Boxes, Smart TVs, Android TVs, and Androids smartphones.

  • MAG devices are also fully supported.

  • Use Web Player to browse and stream well on the computer.

  • EPG and Playlist link available for Kodi and IPTV Players. iOS devices and other platforms are supported via extending features.

4. Beast TV IPTV packages

Beast TV offers many packages to meet the needs of customers. You will be provided with the service right after registering and successfully paying the fee without having to wait. Each purchased package includes four connections over 2 IP addresses.

Beast has 4 basic packages as follows:

  • 1 month package – $15

  • 3-month package – $40

  • 6-month package – $70

  • 1-year package – $130.

Most commonly, users often go for the 1-month plan. And if you want to experience a trial of the service before buying the long-term plans, Beast has a 48-hour trial plan that costs just $3.

5. Beast TV IPTV services

5.1 Diverse TV channels

The quality of TV channels constitutes the prestige of Beast IPTV service, rich contents are provided to meet all diverse entertainment needs of viewers. Enjoying smooth streaming without any interruptions and the premium HD quality of most channels. You can watch 24/7 over 150 Canadian TV channels, over 400 US TV channels, PPV, Premium Movies, Premium Sports and much more.

5.2 Top live sports tournaments

At the price of just $15 a month, you won’t be able to find a better solution for watching sports online than Beast. Besides, the content programs and appropriate packages allow you to watch live most of the sports tournaments around the world. Image quality opts for the best sports streaming experience with crystal-clear HD @ 60 fps, sports matches more vivid and appealing than ever.

5.3 Detailed TV guidance

For the convenience of customers, Beast has a friendly and easy-to-use interface that comes with detailed instructions on how to watch live shows. Customers will be instructed on how to get the most from Beast.

5.4 Multi-platform support

Customer experience is enhanced by comprehensive support across multiple platforms. Beast’s application is perfectly integrated and can be installed on all types of devices including AndroidBeast TV application, Internet Browser, Mobile, Tablet and even your personal computer. Moreover, devices like Formuler/Dreamlink, MAG, STB EMU, BUZZ TV, GSE, Amazon Firestick, Perfect Player, Fire TV also work well with Beast to deliver great streaming experiences.

6. How to Install Beast TV IPTV on Firestick

6.1 Install tutorial

Section 1: Register and purchase the service package at Beast

To use the service, first of all you need to have an account and purchase the Beast’s service package

Step 1:  Go to the Beast’s homepage by following the link or

See some introductory information and scroll down to the service packages section. There are basically the following options:

  • 15 dollars a month

  • 40 dollars for a three-month package

  • 70 dollars for a six-month package

  • 130 dollars for a year package

Each package offers the same features and services, only with different lengths of time. For each package, you already have 4 connections available. You will save a bit more if you choose the longer-term plans, but the monthly plan is still the most popular.

Step 2: Select the package that suits your needs and click Sign-up

Step 3: To Sign-up you choose a username and password. This information is necessary to log into apps and APK files, so you need absolute security. Retrieving login information via online accounts will be relatively troublesome. Once you have your username and password, proceed with the Continue button.

Step 4: In the cart, check the payment information you just entered, add a promotional code if any. Then select Check out

Step 5: On the Checkout information page, you need to fill in the fields for Personal Information and Billing Address. Fill in your name, email address, phone number and address correctly. Scrolling down you will see the Additional Required Information.

Note that, in Account Security, you need to create a password for the account. This is the account you created with the email address and password to log into the Beast online page (, it is different from the account created in step 3 used to log into the APK file and Beast application.

Check the other required fields, choose a valid form of payment and choose to Complete Order

With the above 5 steps, you have completed the purchase of the Beast’s service pack. For instructions on installing and operating to stream on your device, please continue to the following section.

Section 2: On your device, enable Apps from Unknown Sources and install Downloader App

Step 1: On your device, select Settings, scroll and find the My Fire TV

Set up beast iptv with select scroll and find the My Fire TV

Step 2: After selecting My Fire TV, find Developer Options

After selecting My Fire TV, find Developer Options to setup beast iptv

Step 3: Make sure you turn ON ADB debugging, and Apps from Unknown Sources

Make sure you turn ON ADB debugging, and Apps from Unknown Sources with beast iptv

Step 4: Press Home button, in the search bar type the keyword “Downloader” to download and install this application

Press Home button to setup beast iptv

Now you have everything to install Beast.

Section 3: On FireStick, install file Beast TV APK and use Beast to stream

Step 1: Use the Downloader to download and install Beast. In the downloader’s search box, enter the following link and click Go

Use the Downloader to download and install Beast. In the downloader's search box, enter the following link

Step 2: Wait for the file to download. Beast Application size is about 100MB, so it will take almost 1 minute depending on download speed. Once downloaded, the app will install automatically, if not, press Install button to start the process.

Wait for the file to download

Step 3: After being installed, launch Beast application on your device, at the login page, fill in the Username and Password, this is the information you created in Section 1_Step 3

After being installed, launch Beast application on your device

With just a few simple steps, you will be connected to the entertainment world of 2500 TV channels through Beast TV.

6.2 Use Beast on FireStick to stream content

a) Accessing Beast TV on FireStick

On the FireStick home page, scroll down and select YOUR APPS AND CHANNELS. In this section, use the navigation buttons to navigate to the Beast IPTV application icon and press Enter to select.

b) Logging in Beast TV app

Once you’ve selected the Beast app on FireStick, you’ll be taken to the app’s login page. If you have saved your login information you will see it in the List Accounts. If you have not saved the information, go to ADD NEW ACCOUNT and enter the following fields:

  • Name: A name you like

  • Username: The name you use when Signing up to buy Beast’s service pack,

  • Password: The password you create when signing-up for Beast app

6.3 Use Beast TV IPTV on other platforms

Beast integrates best for Android-based platforms, however, if you own other platforms, Beast still has a way to meet your needs. Here are some of the other most popular platforms that Beast works well with.

  • iOS Devices (Devices running on iOS operating systems such as iPhone, iPad and Macbook)

  • Desktops and laptops (runs on multiple platforms such as Windows, macOS, Linux)

  • Kodi (It is the most popular media player available today. Kodi is a platform that allows you to stream content through add-ons. Hence, Kodi is also very convenient for streaming IPTV services. Customers can subscribe to Beast with Kodi, thanks to the ULR EPG playlist support)

  • MAC Devices (Media Access Control (MAC) is a device whose address is assigned by the manufacturer for use with Ethernet or Wi-Fi. Usually your device will have 2 MAC addresses, but some devices will have only 1.)

For other platforms, you will need a Playlist and EPG links below, save it for your use.

  • For Playlist use the following URL: & password = PASSWORD & type = m3u_plus & output = ts

  • For EPG use the following URL:

Replace the USERNAME and PASSWORD (capital letters) in the above URLs with the Username and Password you sign-up to when purchasing Beast’s app package.

7. FAQ for Beast TV IPTV

7.1 How long does it take for my account to be activated?

As soon as you buy the Beast’s package, your account is activated and used immediately without having to wait. To view login details on the dashboard, perform the following steps: select Services – Active – IPTV Service details. You will receive an email with detailed instructions on how to login. If you do not see the email in the main mailbox, check the advertising boxes, forums or junk mail.

7.2 What devices does Beast support?

Beast is a service provider that supports multiple platforms, such as Fire TV & FireStick, iOS-based devices, Android-based devices, Internet browsers, Xbox One, MAG Devices, STB Emulator, Samsung, Formuler Devices, Perfect Player, Kodi, nVidia Shield, any other M3U apps.

7.3 Do I need a VPN?

Beast is very safe to use, unlike other IPTV platforms. Almost everywhere you don’t need a VPN, only if your ISP is blocked you will need one (especially clients in the UK).

7.4 How many devices can I use streaming on?

For each service pack of Beast you will have 4 connections via 2 IP addresses, if you want more than 4 connections, just buy more packages, it does not limit the number of packages that a customer can buy.

7.5 How do I install and use Beast on my device?

Read part 2 of this article, you will find detailed instructions on how to install and use Beast IPTV.

7.6 Does Beast provide adult content?

Beast is not a content provider. Beast is the platform for you to stream content channels, and currently, out of the 2,500 channels that Beast provides, there are channels of adult content. The management of children’s usage needs supervision from their parents, you should also keep an eye on and supervise your kids’ use of media.

7.7 The speed needed to use Beast IPTV smoothly?

It is recommended that the faster the speed will give the better the experience, a minimum of 15 Mbps is required to stream without any interruptions.

7.8 What are the high quality HD TV channels that Beast provides?

Beast always updates its library of content so that customers have an optimal experience, the number of HD channels is on the rise.

  • More than 350 US TV channels.

  • 200 TV channels in other regions of the US.

  • More than 180 Canadian TV channels.

  • About 100 Latino TV channels.

  • More than 100 TV channels broadcast 24/7.

  • Premium sports packages.

  • And so much more.

7.9 Can I add a MAC address?

Adding a MAC address is very easy, go to Client Dashboard, select Active, then choose IPTV Service Details.

Now add the MAC address and save it. That’s all the steps you need.

Wrapping Up

Beast gives users a very comfortable experience when enjoying TV channels from the most famous and engaging broadcasters in the world at an economical cost. Especially with each service package, customers are allowed to use Beast IPTV on 4 devices, so you can conveniently install it on TVs, laptops, desktops, smartphones, … this will be very useful. Beast also features built-in playlists and EPG URLs, allowing you to instantly view your favorite channels without spending time on searching. Recommended as the best IPTV service solution at an effective price, you should definitely give Beast IPTV a go.

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