How to set up 247 IPTV streaming for your iOS, Android phones & PCs

The article provides an insight into 247 IPTV and how to install it on users’ devices. MOIPTV also mentions other IPTV services and solutions as alternatives for users to compare. Let’s dive in.

1. What is an IPTV provider?

First of all, let’s find out about IPTV. As you know, information is transmitted over the Internet via packets. IPTV uses the Internet protocol to carry out the reception and transmission of these TV broadcast packets. In essence, when you watch a live stream on Youtube or any social media, it is IPTV. The IPTV provider, in addition to streaming videos, provides streaming of TV content from live channels around the world.

The advantage of IPTV is that it does not need receivers and transmitters, decoders because the information is simply transmitted over the IP address and it is just like watching an online video. Moreover, with the rapid development of technology, IPTV solutions have achieved high integration, in other words, IPTV can be installed on all portable devices such as smartphones, tablets, as well as laptop computers, desktops, and smart TVs. Therefore, IPTV is growing and making up the biggest share in the television service market.

2. Best features of IPTV

IPTV ensures users have access to a larger and larger variety of sources of entertainment, news, and movie content. It should also be noted that it is much more affordable than traditional TV services.

Looking at the content it offers, IPTV will have three main types:

2.1 Types of IPTV

  • Live TV Channels

Channels streamed directly from local and national broadcasters. These channels are the same as included in subscription plans of cable or satellite TV. So what makes IPTV any better? In addition to providing domestic live channels, IPTV has a solid and diverse selection of overseas live channels. For example, you live in the UK, you absolutely can watch an American live channel like NBC, CBS, VOA, FOX when signing up for an IPTV subscription. Even many IPTV providers have up to 8000 live channels, covering almost what is going on all over the world.

  • Time-shifted media

Also known as Catch-up TV, the name comes from the fact that if you miss a show at its broadcast time, you can catch up later. Catch-up channels after being streamed will be stored on IPTV servers for a certain period. However, the server cannot store too much data because they will not have enough memory space, and this will affect the time it takes to process and transmit information, so users can usually catch-up on the programs within 2-7 days.

  • On-demand content

Content added to an IPTV subscription plan to accommodate a variety of users’ needs. It is great to know that such content is always available, users can view them at any time. This is an online library with all kinds of types and categories for users to explore. IPTV providers will regularly update their libraries with newly released movies, episodes, and seasons of exciting TV series and shows from economic, scientific, artistic, and lifestyle series… Everything a user wants for a perfect TV experience.

Types of 247 IPTV

2.2 Outstanding compatibility

No longer limited to a fixed location, IPTV enables on-the-go streaming. Entertainment is now accessible anytime and from all geographic locations and devices. TV used to be the dominant source of broadcast programs, entertainment, news, which is ancient compared to online streaming. Now that IPTV is being developed into simple and easy-to-use applications installed on mobile devices, as well versions for deployment on TV are also improving in functionality and simplicity. IPTV resellers often provide solutions that integrate multiple platforms and multiple simultaneous connections so that users can use IPTV on any device they have.

2.3 Enhanced image quality

One downside of streaming is that the picture quality depends on the Internet connection. This was one of the problems during the past two decades. It requires a stable internet connection in order to become a platform for broadcasting television content. However, up to the present time, the technology has allowed Full HD images to transmit amazingly at internet speeds of 20 Mbps. Even UltraHD 4K content is transmitted without buffers and displays excellent performance when using streams speed as low as 25 Mbps. Indeed, the competitive advantages are in favor of IPTV.

3. The overview of 247 IPTV

You should note that 247 IPTV is a player that allows you to stream IPTV content from a service provider. So when you’re registering the package, you will get an active account with a username and password to use the IPTV service. But most of the time your provider doesn’t have a standalone app for Android, iOS, or TV devices. By that I mean, when using iPhones or PCs, you are required to install a Media Player such as the 247 IPTV service.

The overview of 247 IPTV

In order for the content to be displayed on these devices such as iOS phones, tablets, TVs, users need to install a 247 IPTV as a display platform to broadcast the information in your IPTV subscription plan. The good news is that 247 IPTV is compatible and works well with 100% display devices.

So when using 247 IPTV, remember to buy your IPTV subscription plan from another IPTV reseller or provider. 247 IPTV is only a shell if not provided with the content.

3.1 The benefits of 247 IPTV

It is apparent to users that the highlights of 247 IPTV come from its simplicity and compatibility. 247 IPTV offers the following irrefutable benefits:

  • Support streaming all IPTV categories: Live TV channels, movies, and series for on-demand content, strong catch-up categories.
  • Only requires a network speed as low as 5mbs, video is guaranteed at HD quality.
  • The EPG is updated automatically.
  • Parental controls working on each category, so you can lock adult channels or programs with appropriate content that is not suitable for your kids.
  • Strongly supported recording function, fully integrated with external players.
  • The interface is fine-designed and easy to use.
  • App language is English and supports switching to multi-languages.

The benefits of 247 IPTV

3.2 The drawbacks of 247 IPTV

The application has several rooms for improvement. Customers sometimes give feedback about the EPG not automatically updating.

Need fine-touch modification to both versions for iOS and PCs. Other media players are more popular such as Tivimate, Perfect Player… For computers, users need to use Android Emulator, which means some more steps of installation to do.

The functions are very much similar compared to other providers, nothing so special to win customers over.

4. Some alternatives for 247 IPTV

I will give you some great suggestions, some alternative solutions for 247 IPTV so that you can consider them.

4.1 Pluto IPTV

An app that will win the hearts of Android and iOS users. It has content and channels of its own. So basically, Pluto IPTV is an IPTV content provider. There are so many things great about this provider. First, it has standalone and mainstream apps officially available on the Apple Store and Google Play Store for immediate installation. Besides, this IPTV provider also makes versions compatible with large screens.

Second, it’s completely free. Users have access to live TV channels, on-demand content repository, without playing anything fee. It doesn’t stop there. Users are even more thrilled when enjoying the sharp, high-quality picture resolution.

Pluto IPTV does not require you to subscribe to the IPTV service package, simply because it is free. However, the number of 250 live channels seems to be limited compared to other providers. But it is highly recommended than 247 IPTV for its quality, stabilitvidery, and zero-cost policy.

4.2 Apollo IPTV provider

This is a recommended premium provider, it was also one of the best IPTV providers for the past year. Besides the perfect integration with any device. I would also like to draw your attention to the very competitive pricing of Apollo. It’s as low as $ 15 a month, but what’s even more attractive is that users have up to 5 simultaneous connections. This means that with an IPTV subscription, users will be able to stream on 5 devices at the same time.

This is great for modern users, as they typically have more than 2 devices. Users need more connections for their two smart TVs at home and smartphones, besides, users want to watch them on laptops and tablets… Apollo IPTV will be even more attractive when there is also a choice of more than 1000 live channels, well outnumber what 247 IPTV is offering. All of the above benefits are only $15, what an excellent price.

So you have 2 alternatives. Free and paid solutions to consider in case 247 IPTV does not seem to be the answer you are looking for. MOIPTV has a few other suggestions and is also very impressive. Find out more here.

5. How to install 247 IPTV on many devices

5.1 Install 247 IPTV on Android devices

The app is available on the Google Play Store here.

The application integrates well with devices running Android 5.0 and above and it is only 69MB in size, very portable, and does not take up a lot of memory cards.

5.2 Install 247 IPTV on iOS devices

The application can be downloaded and installed quickly and for free at Apple Store at the following link.

All iPhones, iPod touch, or iPads running iOS 9.0 or above can use this player.

  • Step 1: After installing as follow, open the app and enter login information.

Install 247 IPTV on iOS devices

  • Step 2: Make sure you enter correctly, confirm and choose save for the system to transfer you to the main screen of the 247 IPTV Player app.

Install 247 IPTV on iOS devices step 2

  • Step 3: Users can see the following categories: Live TV, On-demand, Series, Catchup… 

Install 247 IPTV on iOS devices step 3

  • Step 4: You can use the Parental control function with all the folders you want.

Install 247 IPTV on iOS devices step 4

  • Step 5: Download EPG, then the user can use the app to stream his IPTV package

  • Step 6: Some other settings can be done here

5.3 Install 247 IPTV on PCs (Windows laptops & PCs)

247 IPTV can run on a Windows computer using the apk installer file.

  • First of all, users need to download the APK file.
  • After that, users still cannot directly install the APK file, because the apk is Android Package Kit and it cannot run on Windows Operation System. Therefore, users need to use Android App Players such as Nox or BlueStacks. These applications will create an emulator environment and this environment allows the APK file to run and be installed. I will show you the steps to install 247 IPTV with BlueStacks, it is the most popular emulator for Windows computers.

Install 247 IPTV Player using BlueStacks

  • Step 1: User needs to download and install BlueStacks on their Windows device.
  • Step 2: After successful installation, you launch BlueStacks.
  • Step 3: Then double-click on the APK file of 247 IPTV to install. The installation will automatically carry out. If double click doesn’t work, go to step 4.
  • Step 4: Go to BlueStacks and browse to the location of the 247 IPTV APK file, choose to open the file to install. If the above operation is still not open, the user can drag and drop the APK file to the main BlueStacks screen, and the installation is initiated.
  • Step 5: The installation is complete, users start using 247 IPTV Player on the PC.

6. Final Thoughts

Mobile device users can use 247 IPTV as a media player to stream content from their favorite providers or IPTV reseller. With large screen devices, this is probably not the right answer. You can consider alternatives recommended by MOIPTV above. We hope the support is clear and effective to make your streaming experience more enjoyable!

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